Content Security

Copyright Clearance Center, a licensing agent for text reproduction rights, has announced that seven scientific, technical, and medical (STM) publishers have chosen Rightslink, its point-of-content licensing solution.

Posted Dec 16, 2003

DigitalContainers Inc. has announced that its solutions are designed to provide ecommerce-enabled digital rights management (DRM) solutions for use in peer-to-peer networks, creating a global market for digital goods.

Posted Dec 12, 2003

Copyright Clearance Center, a licensing agent of text reproduction rights, has provided direct access to its licensing services from applications created by Ex Libris and XanEdu.

Posted Nov 18, 2003

RSiCopyright has announced that AP Digital, a division of The Associated Press that provides news and information to the interactive markets, will now manage licensing requests for AP's online content with RSiCopyright's Clip&Copy and Instant Clearance Service.

Posted Nov 14, 2003

ContentGuard, a provider of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, has launched RightsExpress, a Web-based Rights Editor for MPEG REL, the forthcoming rights expression language developed by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) and currently at Final Draft International Standard status in the ISO process.

Posted Oct 10, 2003

To combat the ebb and flow of inforation from internal corporate computing networks, corporations, institutions, and organizations alike have, until now, protected their digital documents, multimedia, and code with perimeter-based systems, but there are a new crop of IRM tools that strive to ease the burder of manageing secure collaboration and allow for the flexibility that the corporate environment requires.

Posted Oct 07, 2003

DigitalContainers Inc. has purchased patent number 6,389,541 and associated pending patents for the use of symmetric key/token-based encryption and other related technologies from Wachovia Bank.

Posted Sep 26, 2003

ContentGuard and Central Research Laboratories (CRL) Ltd., the technology generation arm of Scipher, have agreed to collaborate on the implementation of MPEG-REL, the forthcoming ISO rights expression language, within the open source project, MPEG Open Security for Embedded Systems (MOSES).

Posted Sep 19, 2003

SyncCast, a content delivery network and digital media technology company, is working with Microsoft as an early solutions provider employing Windows Rights Management Services (RMS).

Posted Sep 19, 2003

Appligent, Inc., a provider of PDF-related software and creator of Redax, a software application designed to remove sensitive and private information from PDF files, has launched Redax Lite 3.5, a streamlined version of Redax geared towards legal, healthcare, and business communities.

Posted Sep 09, 2003

Microsoft has released the first segment of its Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) strategy, originally put forth in February of 2003.

Posted Sep 09, 2003

The Record Pool has launched a music format that allows its subscribers to burn its music files to a CD.

Posted Aug 12, 2003

Fiberlink Communications, a provider of remote access and security solutions, has announced a partnership with Neoteris Inc., an application security gateway vendor, to integrate Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology into Fiberlink's remote access platform.

Posted Aug 05, 2003

Authentica, Inc. has been selected by In-Q-Tel, a private venture group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), to study enhancements for its content security solutions.

Posted Aug 05, 2003

DMOD, Inc., a provider of digital media workflow and distribution solutions, and Activated Content Corporation, provider of watermarking and other audio technology service offerings, announced a strategic relationship to more tightly secure the music production process from pre-release piracy.

Posted Jul 29, 2003

Authentica, Inc., a provider of messaging and document sharing solutions, has introduced PageRecall 3.1, the latest version of its secure document solution.

Posted Jul 25, 2003

EmpireDRM, a provider of Microsoft Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, has announced that MORE Media Group, Inc., will protect the educational and information streaming video content on it's new subscriber-based Web site with EmpireDRM's Dominion software.

Posted Jul 22, 2003

Internet2 has announced the availability of Shibboleth 1.0, a production version of privacy-preserving Web authorization software.

Posted Jul 22, 2003

The security of customer information and customer-facing applications has gotten plently of attention, thanks in part to some spectacular gaffes. But only a few leading-edge enterprises have implemented content security practices within the organization.

Posted Jul 20, 2003

Five publishers have filed a copyright infringement suit against Collegiate Copies, Inc. and its owners, John E. Seeber and Thomas Seeber. HarperCollins Publishers, Pearson Education, Princeton University Press, SAGE Publications, and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. allege that Collegiate Copies has engaged in routine and systematic reproduction of materials from the plaintiffs' publications without seeking permission to reproduce the content either directly or through Copyright Clearance Center.

Posted Jul 11, 2003

C.D.I. Systems, a developer of e-publishing solutions, has announced the signing of an OEM agreement with Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

Posted Jul 08, 2003

Macrovision Corporation, provider of content protection and digital rights management technologies, announced that the company has reorganized into two business units: the Entertainment Technologies Group and the Software Technologies Group.

Posted Jun 20, 2003

While companies need their content locked up tight, they also need those intended to use that content to be able to do so with a minimum of hurdle-jumping. InnerPresence, which officially launched its first product InnerEye in June, has set its sights on doing just that.

Posted Jun 16, 2003

ContentGuard and Objectlab have collaborated to enhance the open source project, OpenIPMP, with support for the forthcoming rights expression language, MPEG-REL.

Posted Jun 06, 2003

Nokia has introduced its Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.0. Among the features of the new toolkit is the incorporation of the content publishing feature of Digital Rights Management version 1.0 from the Open Mobile Alliance.

Posted May 30, 2003