Content Security

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a provider of Web-document and collaboration technology, has announced today that SealedMedia, Inc., a developer of document-level security solutions is working with IGC to deliver an integrated EDRM solution.

Posted Jul 29, 2005

Cut and paste culture might be all the rage on the creative side of the entertainment business but is often an anathema to the business side. While the latter will gladly pocket Gorillaz’ green, a team of lawyers probably frets over every echo of another artist’s work. At this year’s Entertainment Technology Alliance conference, I moderated a session called “Can Content Remain King?” in which—as usual—DRM surfaced as the highest hurdle for widespread entertainment digital content delivery.

Posted Jul 25, 2005

eMeta Corporation, a provider of access control, subscription management, and ecommerce software, has announced that it is expanding its partner program to include companies that offer Software as a Service (SaaS) enablement solutions, as well as other managed service providers.

Posted Jul 01, 2005

Liquid Machines, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, has released the Liquid Machines Enterprise Rights Management solution for Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for Windows Server 2003.

Posted Jun 07, 2005

Copyright Clearance Center, a provider of copyright licensing and compliance solutions, has unveiled CopyRight Plus--a desktop solution indented to simplify the process of complying with copyright law.

Posted Jun 07, 2005

The Compliance Consortium, an international membership organization formed in June 2004 to promote effective governance, risk, and compliance management (GRC), has published its operational approach for managing GRC requirements within the enterprise.

Posted May 20, 2005

DataPower, a provider of application-oriented networking hardware, has announced the availability of its firmware release v3.2 for its DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway. Shipping for over two-and-a-half years, firmware release v3.2 for the XS40 XML Security Gateway represents further security and ease of use advancements for this product, including: WS-Trust support, government-grade XML threat protection, service level management, and certified SAML 2.0 support.

Posted May 20, 2005

For more than a decade, European reliance on SmartCards—to secure financial transactions, authenticate cell phones, and more recently, to launch the ePassports initiative—has grown steadily. A SmartCard is essentially a little computer that, when put on a banking card, mobile phone, or other device, acts as a gatekeeper between the stored content and the outside world. Unlike the magnetic strips of credit cards that passively spit out data as they’re swiped, “the SmartCard chip plays a much more active part in the transaction,” says Chris Caruk, chief technologist and VP of marketing for Aspects Software. Today, as a result of work done by Aspects, SmartCards are poised to play a much bigger role in enabling the secure transfer of content in all its glorious forms.

Posted May 10, 2005

eMeta Corporation, a provider of access control, subscription management, and commerce software, has announced an enhancement to eRightsWEB, eMeta's managed software suite deigned to provide software and media companies with the tools to monetize their digital assets.

Posted Apr 29, 2005

SealedMedia has secured $8.5 million of new equity and has announced Sealed Email for Blackberry devices. SealedMedia's new equity will be used to finance its market and product development in 2005 and beyond.

Posted Apr 26, 2005

As content management systems add functionality to serve the enterprise, one of the more important capabilities is digital rights management (DRM). For Web publishers with large content databases, how and whether they restrict access may be a life-or-death decision. If a company charges for content, its revenue stream is threatened by anyone duplicating its information.

Posted Apr 20, 2005

An international forum aimed at standardizing digital media and copy protection technologies is set to achieve a major milestone in its drive toward creating interoperable Digital Rights Management. This month, the International Digital Media Project (DMP)—which brings together more than 25 member companies across the digital content and device industries including Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Telecom Italia, and the BBC—is expected to release the industry’s first DRM technology specifications for Portable Audio and Video devices (PAVs).

Posted Apr 20, 2005

Liquid Machines, Inc., a provider of enterprise rights management (ERM) solutions, has announced a new Solutions Provider program that is designed to enable Value Added Resellers (VARs), Independent Software Vendors (ISV), and System Integrators to leverage Liquid Machines ERM solutions.

Posted Apr 15, 2005

IBM has unveiled a solution specifically designed to provide businesses with support for information requirements of the Basel II Accord. The new offering, The IBM Risk and Compliance - Basel II Information Management Offering, is integrated with Fair Isaac’s TRIAD adaptive control system, allowing businesses to make strategic decisions regarding customer and account management, scoring, collections, credit line management, and marketing communications.

Posted Apr 12, 2005

Panels at the second annual New York McGraw–Hill Media Summit, held February 9 and 10, 2005, tackled topics ranging from mobile content to maintaining a loyal customer base to VC funding for entertainment and technology. One of the more lively panels faced the issue of DRM head-on, covering the changes in DRM over the past year, the state of DRM today, and an informed peek at the future of DRM.

Posted Apr 11, 2005

Purveyors of digital content continue to seek the best ways to market and sell their materials while ensuring that only authorized parties access content. The trick is to find an end-to-end solution that lets customers use content in the ways they feel they should be allowed and at the same time, protect the rights of content providers.

Posted Apr 11, 2005

Data Depth Corporation, a/k/a:, has announced that its free toolbar for the browser has been upgraded to include a host of new content services. In addition to facilitating enterprise site licenses, single-use licenses, and permissions requests, the toolbar now adds additional content services. Toolbar

Posted Apr 08, 2005

The Board of the GSM Association (GSMA), a global trade association for the GSM operator community, has called for an immediate review of the current licensing program proposed by MPEG LA and the companies involved in this patent pool, for use of the Open Mobile Alliance’s (OMA) Digital Rights Management (DRM) 1.0 standard.

Posted Apr 05, 2005

FaceTime has announced the immediate availability of FaceTime Enterprise Edition for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server and support for Microsoft Corp.'s Public IM Connectivity (PIC) with Live Communications Server 2005.

Posted Mar 15, 2005

Macrovision Corporation, a supplier of content and software value management solutions, has launched a licensing program for its VeriBIT patent family covering solutions embedded onto current and next-generation optical discs used to deliver software and multimedia content to PCs, media centers, game consoles, and network-connected digital appliances.

Posted Mar 11, 2005

Authentica, Inc., a provider of enterprise rights management (ERM) solutions, has extended its Active Rights Management (ARM) platform with support for the newly released Adobe Acrobat 7.0 for Windows. Additionally, Authentica will support Acrobat 5.0 for Sun Solaris and digital certificate authentication with Sun Solaris workstations.

Posted Mar 08, 2005

T-Systems, a European provider of information and communications technology (ICT), and British DRM technology provider AegisDRM have announced a joint project to integrate AegisDRM's DRM technologies with existing T-Systems solutions.

Posted Feb 25, 2005

DigitalContainers Inc. and ePage International have teamed to provide a secure electronic publishing solution called SWIFT Reader that is intended to enable publishers to generate incremental revenue from archived material. The publishing solution is designed to duplicate the experience of reading print material online and also protect digital content regardless of the source.

Posted Feb 25, 2005

SignetX, Inc. has entered into a business and technology partnership with SealedMedia, a developer of document-level security solutions. The SignetX software-as-a-service business model is intended to allow individuals, departments, and enterprises to provide persistent protection to sensitive documents and intellectual property in the form of electronic files.

Posted Feb 25, 2005

PixAlert, a software supplier that aims to protect firms' PCs from inappropriate and illegal images originating from any source, has announced the North American introduction of its flagship product, PixAlert Enterprise. The PixAlert Enterprise software suite delivers a multi-source image detection and analysis solution that is designed to provide comprehensive protection against inappropriate and illegal images originating from network entry points and PC add-ons.

Posted Feb 22, 2005