Content Security

eMeta, a division of Macrovision Corporation, has announced that the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), an energy industry professional organization, has selected RightAccess, the access control product within eRights Suite, to secure and license digital content, including service-delivered applications, at its Web site.

Posted May 02, 2006

Liquid Machines, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, has announced the Liquid Machines Google Mini Gateway--a solution that enables organizations using the Google Mini enterprise search appliance to index and search rights-managed content.

Posted May 02, 2006

Maven Networks, Inc., a provider of high-resolution video delivered via the Internet to PCs, TVs and portable devices, and thePlatform, a provider of digital video publishing solutions, are partnering to provide Internet TV solutions.

Posted Apr 28, 2006

The French minister of culture, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, has a growing controversy on his hands: the DADVSI law on copyright in the digital age. The most contentious aspect of the DADVSI law is the attempt to curb illegal downloading of music and movies via P2P programs through the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM). This has caused uproar amo486ng the Internet-using public and divided the governing political party representatives in the national assembly.

Posted Apr 25, 2006

SealedMedia Inc., an Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM) market provider, has introduced SealedMedia Express, a suite of software modules that enable organizations and executives to address specific business applications that can be handled electronically yet require strict information control, at all times, regardless of where the information is sent.

Posted Apr 21, 2006

SealedMedia Inc. has launched Version 5.0 of its flagship enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) platform.

Posted Apr 14, 2006

The opening of the 2006 Winter Olympics was a picture of postmodernism. The athletes pointed still, phone, and video cameras back at the world watching them. It is interesting so many chose to be chroniclers of the moment rather than simply experience the fact they are living history. Yet, as each Olympics offers a time-lapse look at how humans push the boundaries of physical achievement forward—for me embodied in the women’s halfpipe snowboarding competitors, who only four years ago barely met TV cameras head on and now soar high above them—they provide similar insight into the way technology and the coverage of the events changes as well.

Posted Apr 12, 2006

Vimio, a provider of media distribution solutions and content to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), has announced the availability of JukeBox, an application to deliver Live TV, full track music, video, karaoke, ringtones, true tones, Java games, audio books, and other mobile content over 2.5G, EDGE, and 3G networks using one common platform.

Posted Apr 11, 2006

Code Green Networks, a provider of the identification and protection of enterprise content, has announced the release of its content protection solution to mitigate the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.

Posted Apr 07, 2006

NTT Comware will launch PHISHCUT, an anti-phishing solution that utilizes digital watermarking technology.

Posted Apr 07, 2006

Jupiterimages, a division of Jupitermedia Corporation and a provider of rights-managed, royalty-free, and subscription photography, has announced that it has acquired the assets of The Beauty Archive.

Posted Feb 24, 2006

The international Digital Media Project (DMP) concluded its ninth general assembly this month, approving the Interoperable Digital Rights Management (DRM) Platform, Phase II (IDP-2) specification for release and publication in April 2006, following the editorial phase.

Posted Feb 21, 2006

Click and Buy LLC, an ePayment and storefront management provider for digital content and services, has announced that it will integrate its secure eCommerce platform into NDS’s mVideoGuard DRM solution.

Posted Feb 17, 2006

SealedMedia, an Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM) market provider, has announced that its Sealing Service for Documentum has received EMC Designed for Documentum accreditation and logo designation.

Posted Jan 27, 2006

Cadmus Communications Corporation has announced that it has released a new version of its digital rights management (DRM) solution, RapidRights, to support the Windows mobile operating system.

Posted Jan 27, 2006

The question facing digital entertainment companies seems to have changed from Can we implement effective DRM? to Should we even try? The shift seemed inevitable to some as one digital or audio DRM scheme after the next was swiftly circumvented. However, while some software distributors began to view pass-along as an inevitable fact of the digital distribution universe—developing DRM models to enable and monetize file sharing—the entertainment industry has been slow to follow.

Posted Jan 11, 2006

Centennial Software, an IT asset management and endpoint security vendor, has announced the launch of DeviceWall 3.2, the latest security solution designed to prevent the unauthorized transfer of data to and from company PCs using removable media devices.

Posted Dec 20, 2005

Swets has announced that, working as part of the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI), it has successfully completed integration tests of its Electronic Resource Management statistics with two ILS vendors, Innovative Interfaces and Ex Libris.

Posted Nov 29, 2005

CoreMedia, a provider of digital rights management (DRM), has announced the launch of its new CoreMedia DRM 2005 platform and OEM components.

Posted Nov 29, 2005

Innovative Interfaces has announced that Electronic Resource Management Release 2006, the third major release of its product, will offer libraries the ability to more easily access vendor statistics on eresource usage by library patrons.

Posted Nov 29, 2005

Authentica Inc., a provider of Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, has announced Authentica Secure Mobile Mail for BlackBerry.

Posted Nov 22, 2005

Liquid Machines, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, has announced it has shipped its Liquid Machines BlackBerry Gateway for Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for Windows Server 2003.

Posted Nov 11, 2005

Navio Systems, Inc., a provider of rights-based commerce solutions, has announced that it has completed a $25.4 million Series B round of equity funding led by WK Technology Fund, a VC firm in Taiwan, and joined by VantagePoint Venture Partners, with participation by existing investor Add Partners.

Posted Nov 11, 2005

CoreMedia, a provider of digital rights management (DRM), has announced it is going to incorporate the CMLA specifications in its OMA DRM 2.0 technology.

Posted Nov 04, 2005

Trying to download the same song to your PC, MP3 player, and cell phone usually means downloading three different files from three different sources, thanks to the brand-exclusive DRMs that come with each individual digital content player. Sun Microsystems is trying to find a way to simplify that process with its Open Media Commons initiative, a cross-industry, open source project aimed at developing a royalty-free rights management standard for digital content.

Posted Nov 01, 2005