Digital Asset Management

Nothing strikes terror into the hearts of digital asset administrators, production designers, marketing managers, or content specialists like incorrect, poorly organized or noncompliant digital assets.

Posted Oct 31, 2019

No more judges. No more categories. This year, the EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry was decided by our readers. From web content management to digital experience tools, from content monetization to translation and globalization, you weighed in to determine the 2019 winners.

Posted Oct 02, 2019

The Webinfinity Storage Connector enables enterprise users to access their files in almost any popular cloud content storage systems.

Posted Jul 16, 2019

Ricoh Company, Ltd., announced a definitive agreement to acquire DocuWare, a leading provider of Content Services software.

Posted Jul 02, 2019

According to new research, Cloud solution and service providers are expected to create significant opportunities for enterprise digital rights management platform vendors in terms of providing budget-effective solutions and services to customers.

Posted Jul 02, 2019

Web content management systems come in all shapes and sizes. Bespoke CMSs, open source platforms, and homemade solutions abound. No matter how good or bad the actual system is, it is the quality of the implementation that made the biggest difference.

Posted Jun 03, 2019

I'd like to explore an unusual perspective on DAM investments—one that digs into the purpose of DAM, the evolutions of brands, and the pace of change in digital marketing. DAM, I will argue, is a technology that guards against erratic, unintended change.

Posted May 03, 2019

New partnership empowers FirstSpirit customers to realize the full value of their digital media assets for experiences that inspire customers to action.

Posted Apr 09, 2019

Company's Dynamic Media Platform makes it easier for online brands and retailers to create and accelerate the delivery of engaging and personalized customer experiences.

Posted Mar 28, 2019

New solution designed for marketers will leverage Bigtincan's AI-driven real-time automation, intelligently delivering Adobe assets to meet the demands of mobile sales teams.

Posted Mar 28, 2019

The digital asset management (DAM) market is hot. According to Transparency Market Research, the global DAM market is estimated to reach $6.33 billion by the end of 2025. For comparison, the market was estimated to be worth about $1.73 billion in 2016. That growth was evident in 2018, as advancements in technology that shaped much of the digital world also transformed DAM.

Posted Feb 25, 2019

Data Management Platforms (DMPs), which in the past were central to a brand's programmatic advertising strategy, are being reconsidered both for usability and cost. Ad-tech has evolved in the last 10 years and so have DMPs, but needs have evolved as well. Given the big budgets that marketers need to operate their DMPs, brands are now asking -- do we even need one?

Posted Dec 19, 2018

As a new year approaches, the need for a hyper-connected content workflow should be top of mind for all enterprises, regardless of industry. Without this, businesses risk being left behind and encountering significant problems.

Posted Dec 12, 2018

Edalex announced the launch of its latest offering, EdalexCloud Essentials, a solution designed for organizations seeking an easy way to manage learning and training resources.

Posted Dec 04, 2018

Company debuts all-new SquishPic for viewing and compressing large images; new releases of digital asset management and font management solutions accelerate workflows and increase ROI of digital assets, fonts, and images.

Posted Nov 16, 2018

Here we define the categories we use to acknowledge the EContent 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.

Posted Nov 05, 2018

This year's EContent 100 list includes companies that are changing with the times and some that are leading the charge. Find out which 100 companies made this year's list of companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.

Posted Nov 05, 2018

Automation is everywhere. Whether you're checking out at the grocery store or calling your bank, automating the task is an option. New research from Quark and Information Today, Inc. says as more organizations seek to embrace digital transformation, they are turning to content automation as a way to deliver information quickly and effectively to their customers and employees. We interviewed Gavin Drake, Vice President of Marketing for Quark Software Inc. about the research and what it means for the digital content industry.

Posted Oct 31, 2018

Global enterprise information archiving leader enables compliant productivity with new Connected Suite Product offerings.

Posted Sep 27, 2018

Using Digitile is as natural as a Google search, but for work files, says the company, reducing clutter and increasing productivity.

Posted Sep 27, 2018

Cloudinary to help commerce cloud customers realize the full potential of their media assets and deliver personalized and optimized shopping experiences.

Posted Aug 30, 2018

Cloudinary announced the availability of its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, an end-to-end DAM developed to help organizations realize the full value of their digital media assets and deliver engaging end-user experiences through on-the-fly asset manipulations and optimization, AI-based search, and efficient workflows.

Posted Jun 26, 2018