Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

According to Voicebot's In-Car Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report, voice technology is already used significantly more in the car than in the home. With the integration of various voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri you can easily imagine how important content in the car is going to be.

Posted Feb 14, 2019

Sportradar's powerful data, coupled with Arkadium's expertise in gamification and user engagement, deepens contextual and interactive storytelling for sports fans.

Posted Jan 29, 2019

Alfresco and Tech Mahindra announced the extension of their global partnership and the development of new solution frameworks built on the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

Posted Jan 17, 2019

How can you best connect and engage with human beings? The answer is simple. Keep individual aspirations and personal values at the center of innovation and interaction.

Posted Jan 16, 2019

A new platform designed to improve e-commerce conversion rates using machine learning has been unveiled.

Posted Jan 15, 2019

Ai may be the buzzword du jour of 2019, but it really does have practical applications. AI can help content marketers improve on the three E's: Enrichment, Execution, and Experience. Find out how technology can help you do your job better.

Posted Jan 02, 2019

The sales enablement provider adds video coaching, chatbot support, and enriched adaptive intelligence capabilities to the Bigtincan Hub.

Posted Dec 13, 2018

Discovery models (such as text search, voice search, visual search, chatbots, natural language search, and faceted search) may overlap in some areas of functionality, but also enhance different use cases and appeal to different types of users.

Posted Dec 11, 2018

A solution that says it enables publishers to respond to Duopoly by transforming any web page into an endless, interactive contextual content feed has launched.

Posted Dec 06, 2018

Join our new Facebook Group, "Ask the EContent Experts." Our columnists and contributors will engage with readers, answer questions, and talk about industry trends.

Posted Dec 04, 2018

Will a Robot Take Your Job?" has become a ubiquitous headline in the news in recent months. It seems that no profession is safe. Content creators are not immune.

Posted Nov 30, 2018

Each year, we receive many more submissions for the EContent 100 list than we can use, and many interesting companies don't make it onto the final list. Here we introduce you to some of the companies that caught our attention during the voting process. We'll be keeping an eye on them during the next year, and you should too.

Posted Nov 28, 2018

Quartz is launching the Quartz AI Studio to help our journalists - and those at other news organizations - use machine learning to report their stories.

Posted Nov 22, 2018

As news about data breaches inundated the public in 2017, WhiteHat Security saw a chance to capitalize on it and build a reputation as a trusted source for security-related topics as people searched for answers. The company decided to create a Knowledge Center to help confused information seekers find the answers they needed, but it had to have help making sure its strategy was sound.

Posted Nov 21, 2018

Marketers have done well by pairing technological advancements with the best AI tools—such as personalization based on browsing history. This trend should continue with the new era of global chatbots. When companies move toward marketing by chat, they need to use this channel wisely or risk damaging their customer relationships. As technology advances, user expectations rise.

Posted Nov 19, 2018

Endowment of the Mindtree Associate Professor Chair on Artificial Intelligence, nurture crucial AI research.

Posted Nov 16, 2018

Global mobile advertising company releases a compliance solution after successful beta period.

Posted Nov 15, 2018

New tech alliance extends RichRelevance Xen AI platform with Clarifai's visual recognition models to advance digital shopping experience.

Posted Nov 06, 2018

New AI technology streamlines process to help national brands and businesses protect their brand, manage sensitive or inaccurate posts faster, improve the customer experience, and drive greater revenue.

Posted Nov 06, 2018

This year's EContent 100 list includes companies that are changing with the times and some that are leading the charge. Find out which 100 companies made this year's list of companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.

Posted Nov 05, 2018

MarketMuse, provider of the AI-powered platform for building content strategies, says it is going to make it even easier for companies to create strategic content plans for building topical authority within their industry.

Posted Nov 01, 2018

New Data Science Workbench provides data scientists with direct access to all the rich data in Evergage, along with analysis, modeling, and visualization tools.

Posted Nov 01, 2018

Automation is everywhere. Whether you're checking out at the grocery store or calling your bank, automating the task is an option. New research from Quark and Information Today, Inc. says as more organizations seek to embrace digital transformation, they are turning to content automation as a way to deliver information quickly and effectively to their customers and employees. We interviewed Gavin Drake, Vice President of Marketing for Quark Software Inc. about the research and what it means for the digital content industry.

Posted Oct 31, 2018

Investors double down on AI-driven results at LoopMe .

Posted Oct 30, 2018