Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

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By 2030, each person will own 15 connected devices and that means unprecedented amounts of data. What marketers and brands do with that data is up to them. But if they choose to not use that data to tell stories, they might as well be walking away from money on the table.

Posted Apr 18, 2019

The enterprise information management landscape is changing rapidly, driven by the need for business agility and scalability in the emerging digital economy. Effective information management is pivotal in properly managing input and output of information on a day-to-day basis.

Posted Apr 17, 2019

Have you been asking your Alexa embarrassing or personal questions thinking that the only one who will know is an AI algorithm on the other end? Bloomberg reports there might be more than just a machine listening.

Posted Apr 16, 2019

Google says it hopes to level the playing field for businesses big and small and make AI available no matter what industry you're in.

Posted Apr 16, 2019

While the steady advance of applied artificial intelligence (AI) technology promises to dramatically increase the value of computers in daily business life—for example, helping business professionals monitor and analyze what their competitors are doing— AI and machine learning in competitive intelligence and customer insights applications are on a collision course with copyright law and the content publishing industry.

Posted Apr 12, 2019

Bid shading solution says it helps programmatic buyers reduce media costs by 15% to 30%.

Posted Apr 11, 2019

Automation and human effort come together to improve localization and effectiveness.

Posted Apr 10, 2019

MadCap Flare expands features for delivering modern web and print-based content with microcontent authoring—an industry first—plus Zendesk plugin, CSS variables, Chinese UI, and more. MadCap Central offers completely redesigned UI.

Posted Apr 04, 2019

Additional investment from strategic partners primes Satisfi Labs for significant growth in 2019.

Posted Apr 02, 2019

AI integrated offering enables marketers to gain actionable insights for account-based marketing (ABM).

Posted Mar 26, 2019

The demands that Millennials have for brands have also changed—and it's reshaping the way consumers experience technology and marketing. Four trends in Millennial marketing and why you should factor them into your marketing strategy for 2019.

Posted Mar 21, 2019

Marketers can now easily utilize the combination of Kenshoo with Google Cloud and Data Studio for immediate migration and unification of all business and marketing data to the cloud; removing barriers to actionable insights and business decisioning.

Posted Mar 19, 2019

From combating the spread of misinformation to expanding awareness of the impact of artificial intelligence on society, seven projects shaping the effects that artificial intelligence has on the field of news and information received $750,000 in funding today.

Posted Mar 14, 2019

Machine learning-powered solution intelligently automates finding correlations between open-ended text feedback and quantitative ratings.

Posted Mar 05, 2019

Right now, there's nothing hotter than storytelling with data. Attention spans are short. If content doesn't captivate us instantly, then we simply don't pay attention. So, what are companies doing to be heard? They're filling their stories with data and expecting results. But that's not enough.

Posted Feb 21, 2019

The changing arena of marketing automation is zeroing in on a more customer-centric approach moving into the new year, with a focus on customer data platforms and gaining insights into first-party data to truly offer the personalization and on-target messaging that automation promises. There are, however, different levels of marketing automation implemented in organizations in terms of capabilities, resources, tools, and internal skills.

Posted Feb 20, 2019

Lexalytics also says it is pioneering new "Micromodels" machine learning approach to Natural Language Processing.

Posted Feb 14, 2019

According to Voicebot's In-Car Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report, voice technology is already used significantly more in the car than in the home. With the integration of various voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri you can easily imagine how important content in the car is going to be.

Posted Feb 14, 2019

Sportradar's powerful data, coupled with Arkadium's expertise in gamification and user engagement, deepens contextual and interactive storytelling for sports fans.

Posted Jan 29, 2019

Alfresco and Tech Mahindra announced the extension of their global partnership and the development of new solution frameworks built on the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

Posted Jan 17, 2019

How can you best connect and engage with human beings? The answer is simple. Keep individual aspirations and personal values at the center of innovation and interaction.

Posted Jan 16, 2019

A new platform designed to improve e-commerce conversion rates using machine learning has been unveiled.

Posted Jan 15, 2019

Ai may be the buzzword du jour of 2019, but it really does have practical applications. AI can help content marketers improve on the three E's: Enrichment, Execution, and Experience. Find out how technology can help you do your job better.

Posted Jan 02, 2019

The sales enablement provider adds video coaching, chatbot support, and enriched adaptive intelligence capabilities to the Bigtincan Hub.

Posted Dec 13, 2018

Discovery models (such as text search, voice search, visual search, chatbots, natural language search, and faceted search) may overlap in some areas of functionality, but also enhance different use cases and appeal to different types of users.

Posted Dec 11, 2018