Localization & Globalization

Some people argue a video speaks louder and longer than text. While this might not always be true, videos fit nicely in top-notch digital experiences as dynamic and engaging components. Video creators know well they have to tap into several types of expertise to glue multiple layers of content together and define the winning combination of text, visuals, and sound. That challenge is actually replicated as many times as the number of international markets and audiences you want to target. Diversity plays out in such content which is no exception to globalization best practices.

Posted Jun 17, 2016

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., announced that it has signed a partnership with BETSOL, a provider of technology and staffing solutions for contact centers. With the agreement, BETSOL will resell Lionbridge's GeoFluent real-time translation solution to provide clients with omni-lingual support across their self-service, chat and agent-assisted digital channels, including chat. This allows BETSOL customers to increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) using their existing chat platform and without having to hire bi-lingual agents.

Posted Jun 16, 2016

Lingotek, a translation network, announced its latest Lingotek- Inside connecter with Zendesk. Zendesk, a web-based customer service software, is used by over 20,000 companies worldwide as a support ticket and knowledge base system. The Lingotek - Inside Zendesk connector extracts text from Zendesk and sends it to Lingotek for translation over its multilingual API. Once the translation is complete, Lingotek returns the content back into Zendesk, automatically rebuilding the multilingual version of the asset.

Posted Jun 02, 2016

SDL announced the release of its Translation Technology Insights research study, examining the role of technology in the translation industry. With nearly 3,000 respondents across 115 countries and nine languages, the survey findings are comprised of responses from freelance translators, employees of translation agencies and translation-related roles within business - making this the largest and most expansive within the translation industry to date.

Posted May 24, 2016

Smartling announced it has acquired VerbalizeIt to augment its enterprise translation management platform with translation capabilities for audio, video, and other multimedia content. Its second acquisition this year, Smartling continues to expand the breadth of translation management technology offerings within its platform. In addition to technology and people, the acquisition brings hundreds of VerbalizeIt customers to Smartling.

Posted May 24, 2016

A few weeks ago I talked to social media experts and leaders who brought up concerns about how to make the most of content from digital listening channels in general, and social media in particular around the world. Capturing user-generated content effectively is a must in the digital globalization age. Understanding and leveraging it is equally business critical to get the whole value, and often proves to be more challenging than initially expected. To a large extent this content reflects the diversity of people who create it based on their personality and their attitude.

Posted May 20, 2016

Translations.com, a provider of language services and translation-related technologies and a division of TransPerfect,announced a partnership with the digital design and engineering agency Third & Grove, which specializes in CMS integration and e-commerce solutions.

Posted May 10, 2016

Translations.com, a privately held provider of language services and translation-related technologies and a division of TransPerfect, announced an integration with Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service software platform. GlobalLink Connect for Zendesk is designed to streamline the process of providing in-language global customer support by automating tasks related to content export/import and reducing client-side project management.

Posted May 05, 2016

Jahia Solutions Group, a provider of Digital Experience Management (DXM) solutions for chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs), announced a strategic worldwide partnership and integration with Translations.com, a privately held provider of language services and translation-related technologies. With Translations.com, Jahia now offers human translation services to global brands building personalized, one-to-one digital experiences for their global customer communities. In addition, the companies say the alliance speeds time-to-market and effectiveness of new global campaigns for CMOs looking to accelerate customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Posted Apr 26, 2016

Concerns about forced standardization and diluted creativity are frequent pitfalls on the way to executing a global content strategy. On the one hand local or regional stakeholders may be skeptical or reluctant to digest and deploy content that their customers may not consider as actionable within their market. This viewpoint may lead to slow or no acceptance. They may even see digital globalization efforts as the output of a big factory that rolls content out in a number of geographies while focusing the role of content owners on sign-off tasks. On the other hand, global leaders want to ensure a good level of coherence and consistency so the right messages are conveyed to target markets in a way that preserves the value of brands, products or services.

Posted Apr 22, 2016

"The rest of the world" has to become "most of the world" in the mindset and practices of global executives and leaders. Digital is global in nature, not by default. Becoming truly international is what digital globalization is all about. Since content must be seen as a product, it means that global objectives must be translated into engaging experiences locally. Seamless digital experience is common ground for all-as it creates value during mobile, web, and social journeys and feeds the appetite for applications, products, or entertainment online.

Posted Apr 12, 2016

The Atlantic's CityLab has introduced CityLab Latino, a Spanish-language version of the English-language CityLab you've already come to know. It's also the result of a new partnership with Univision Digital. You can find the site, which is also accessible at Univision.com, at citylablatino.com.

Posted Apr 07, 2016

Smartling announced that it has acquired Techstars accelerator alumnus Jargon, a mobile technology company that provides an easy way for global brands to localize their mobile applications. The acquisition augments Smartling's Global Fluency Platform, enabling the company to empower global brands with instant, over-the-air localization of mobile apps and on-device quality assurance (QA) testing. Now the world's most ambitious brands will have the ability to easily capture all the nuance and character of their content in their mobile applications, so they look and feel local to global audiences.

Posted Apr 07, 2016

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., announced a joint solution that combines Lionbridge onDemand, the industry's first Translation as a Service (TaaS) with Transifex, a leading software for continuous translation. The companies say the integrated solution provides agile developers with a streamlined, integrated solution for multilingual web apps, mobile apps, websites, help centers, video subtitles, and other global content.

Posted Mar 29, 2016

We have heard about the perils of technology suites-as opposed to best-of-breed point solutions-from experts for years. Now, SDL is realizing just how hard it is to compete with the big products suites. CMSWire reported that SDL is selling its social intelligence, campaign management, and e-commerce optimization platforms--which the company says have struggled to compete with giants like Adobe and Sitecore.

Posted Mar 22, 2016

Some myths or misconceptions still affect digital globalization and lead to risky decisions or faux pas. One of them is the assumption that it is less important to localize content when it comes to engaging with business-to-business customers and employees internationally. This boils down to stating that they neither need nor deserve the same level of content quality that other valued consumers require. Some decision makers are willing to justify it by claiming that English is the universal language of business. This proves to be an opinion rather than a fact more often than not.

Posted Mar 18, 2016

Data is all around us whether we use it or we are part of it. More than another trend, data is the way to move with agility and make every step and achievement tangible for those who do not see or believe it. One of the most transformational and accelerating factors of digitization is precisely how data is considered, leveraged, valued, and distilled. As data mining is not new it has become more than just a back office type of activity. It is all about turning facts into more than facts, figures into more than figures, and content into more than content.

Posted Feb 19, 2016

Digital content excellence will play out more than ever before and global expansion will remain a major growth enabler for the next 12 months--and likely beyond. In other words digital customer experience across geographies and markets will be there to stay and will keep global business leaders and players busy, sometimes busier than what they planned or expected last year. Having said that we may wonder what is ahead of us this year and how it is going to impact digital globalization practices and objectives.

Posted Jan 20, 2016

El Loco, a start-up based in Emeryville, CA, and founded by long-time Macintosh entrepreneur, Kee Nethery, launched a localization service for IOS developers who want to translate their apps into more than one language without engaging in the time-consuming and highly complex task themselves. Over the past three years, the company has filed numerous patents to simplify key functions of localization so that source code can be continuously and accurately translated for its clients. What El Loco does is localize source code so that translators selected by developers can more easily and accurately translate the app.

Posted Jan 14, 2016

Almost everyone speaks at least one language but that does not make everyone a language expert. It is quite sensible to recognize that fact. In the same vein, all translators are multilingual people but not all multilingual people are professional translators. This may sound obvious for anyone working in or with the language services industry. However, it remains important to point out what makes professional linguists and translators valuable resources and how they power content effectiveness to a large extent. Essentially they all make a difference because they are different - or more different than some people may think - in the way they help walk in the shoes of customers. In other words they help shape the customer experience that must be delivered around the world.

Posted Nov 25, 2015

Smartling, a translation management software company, polled more than 150 marketers at INBOUND 2015 to learn where their organizations stand in terms of targeting prospects and customers who don't speak English as their native language - both in and outside of the U.S.

Posted Nov 05, 2015

SDL announced that its management system, SDL WorldServer, has been granted ISO27001 certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This important designation assures SDL customers that their translation management applications were written and are supported with security in mind, whether their deployment is on premise or SaaS-based.

Posted Nov 03, 2015

"Where should it sit?" is probably one of most frequent questions I hear when it comes to determining where digital globalization makes the largest contribution to the overall business. But this question really goes way beyond finding a place within a global organization. It is actually about positioning digital globalization in the best possible way to create value, generate benefits, drive experiences, and accelerate growth around the world. There are also a few equally important organizational pitfalls or assumptions that should be avoided to turn it into more than just a service and therefore to gain visibility and effectiveness.

Posted Oct 30, 2015

SDL introduced the next evolution of its Language Cloud offering, SDL Language Cloud Managed Translation, a core solution within SDL's Customer Experience Cloud. Using a web interface, organizations of all sizes can now access SDL's industry leading translation technology and services through the cloud to manage translation projects from start to finish and leverage SDL's market leading translation memory and terminology management technology. As language plays a critical role in every customer experience, SDL is making its world leading language solutions more widely accessible to the mid-market through this online self-serve platform.

Posted Sep 17, 2015