Localization & Globalization

Localization is on the minds of every global enterprise. In fact, according to a new study from SDL and Forrester Research, 68% of companies are running 10 or more sites. And 70% of enterprises support five or more languages. SDL's VP of Technology Solutions, Alberto Andrade, talked to Gilbane Digital Content Conference's audiences about the results of the study and the struggles that these companies face.

Posted Nov 30, 2016

While delivering content across multiple channels has been a requirement for years, we must now appreciate that customers move across channels and cannot be missed in any of them at any time. Therefore there is no surprise that omnichannel goals are embedded in digital globalization plans, and have become another facet of processes and practices to create global content, and deliver on local experiences.

Posted Nov 23, 2016

SDL announced the release of SDL Trados Studio 2017, the latest version of its computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. With the rise in content creation, the translation industry continues to grow - jumping nearly 6% in 2016 to over $40 billion USD, according to the Common Sense Advisory. SDL's own research recently revealed that of nearly 3,000 translators surveyed, 72% believe they would lose competitive advantage without translation productivity tools. SDL says it recognized this industry growth and need, delivering SDL Trados Studio CAT solutions.

Posted Nov 21, 2016

SDL announced a new solution to address the adaptation, management, and delivery of global omnichannel content. SDL Marketing Solutions includes services for Transcreation and Copywriting, Web Content Managed Services, and Content Production Services.

Posted Nov 17, 2016

SDL, a provider of global content management and language translation software and services, announced the sale of its Campaigns business to Alterian Holdings LLC and its subsidiary undertakings, an acquisition vehicle owned by affiliates of Allomer Capital Group LLC. Additionally, SDL announced two solutions for managing the complete global content lifecycle from creation through translation and delivery.

Posted Nov 14, 2016

Customer centricity is the name of the game if you want to expand across diverse and evolving markets. This can be achieved only if organizations embrace digital globalization when and how it should be—and if leaders understand the value it creates and adds to their business. In other words, operational globalization facets are critical to ensure that great execution inside globalizing organizations reflects on customer experiences around the world.

Posted Nov 02, 2016

Many marketers are working with digital agencies to create effective global marketing programs. While creative agencies can help to design campaigns that reach customers across a wide array of digital and traditional channels, they often lack localization and translation expertise to ensure that campaigns resonate from region to region. But savvy digital marketing agencies are partnering with language service providers and localization experts to further expand their capabilities.

Posted Oct 26, 2016

Globalizing content, and localizing it at scale, play crucial roles in the continued expansion of ecommerce across a number of markets and are therefore considered reliable business performance indicators. Here is a brief overview of a few globalization best practices powering international ecommerce.

Posted Oct 25, 2016

Gilbane 2016 presenter Bruno Herrmann gave us a preview of the many lessons he will be sharing in his workshop on content globalization. You can now sign-in to see the webinar on-demand.

Posted Oct 10, 2016

Digital globalization has plenty of challenges and pitfalls ahead. Logically, simplification surfaces as an immediate concern. Therefore, it is crucial to gauge and prioritize efforts to keep digital globalization under control by simplifying costs and time for the sake of audiences around the world.

Posted Oct 04, 2016

Spurred by an entrepreneurial drive and the prospect of higher profits, many American content-creating companies look beyond their borders for fertile terrain and attempt to map out a plan for success. Some make it-others don't. But the ones that stand the best chance of surviving and thriving typically scout the territory carefully and recognize both the opportunities and the challenges of operating abroad.

Posted Oct 03, 2016

If you want your localization project to run smoothly, you have to plan ahead. Here are some tips for making sure your project is efficient and transparent.

Posted Sep 22, 2016

"Bite the Wax Tadpole" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue as a memorable moniker for a company. Yet, that's how the brand name for Coca-Cola was interpreted by many when the beverage firm first initiated marketing efforts in China. Worse, Pepsi's former catchphrase, "Pepsi brings you back to life," was translated among the Chinese as "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave." Corporate giants like the cola kings can survive such embarrassing faux pas, but not every brand has the resilience and resources to recover from a major marketing blunder.

Posted Aug 24, 2016

Executing content globalization is about dealing with a variety of details. Performance and success depend on how successful such details are addressed. Content creators sometimes consider terminology to be a low-level task or detail. They should never do so. One wrongly used term can damage the effectiveness of content for some time. While it is quite easy for anyone to spot a terminology mistake as far as spelling or meaning, it actually goes deeper and further than an obvious glitch and spoils critical touch points in the digital experience.

Posted Aug 22, 2016

Lingotek, a translation network, announced that release of the Lingotek - Inside HubSpot Connector. The connector gives HubSpot users access to the Lingotek Translation Network, a cloud-based translation management system that will help them to connect all of their global content in one place. The Lingotek - Inside HubSpot Connector gives users the ability to translate content -- emails, blog posts, website pages, and forms--within HubSpot's native environment.

Posted Aug 16, 2016

As Olympic athletes and spectators unite, representing more than 200 countries and speaking 180+ languages, the games become more than an athletic competition--they are a celebration of the world's cultures and heritages. This can create challenges for Olympic brands and marketers alike who must create and distribute content that resonates equally with an incredibly diverse audience. As a result, brands are looking to translation strategies and solutions to help facilitate unity at the summer games and create camaraderie and shared experiences around this special event.

Posted Aug 12, 2016

If you have a piece of content marketing that worked wonders on audiences in the U.S., you might think it can also be effective with international decision makers. You figure translating it is the next step, but is it the last step? Not likely. Truly localizing content generally requires significant attention to cultural nuances, brand consistencies, and the unique demands of audiences. Effective collaboration among cross-border content specialists is another piece of the puzzle.

Posted Aug 01, 2016

Capturing what matters and measuring what counts: This is a global leadership imperative. And it is the best--if not the only--way to showcase that managing digital globalization and delivering international experiences effectively pay off. It is all about effectiveness and starts with the early steps in the global content value chain. A number of criteria and indicators should be on the radar screen of anyone willing to define, analyze, and leverage effectiveness holistically. Productivity may not always be at the top of the list in terms of localization benefits although it definitely drives time and cost savings, while enabling to better allocate resources and optimize timeframes. It may come up as a secondary factor or be diluted in other prominent indicators such as content accuracy or consistency.

Posted Jul 25, 2016

By doing some quick math, it becomes clear that by speaking just one language, organizations are only reaching about a quarter of online users. To expand reach and engage with a wider audience, global businesses must adopt multilingual communications. Otherwise, they risk abandoning potential customers who will instead turn to competitors who communicate with them on a local level.

Posted Jul 22, 2016

Our world is increasingly connected, and the impact of globalization reaches organizations in all market sectors. It's easier than ever for companies across industries to operate in any country throughout the world, opening up new market opportunities and chances for high returns. But organizations face a significant barrier to entry when expanding into new markets: language. Today's global economy does not operate under a single language, and organizations must be able to translate content and key materials with efficiency to comply with global regulations and effectively engage with local customers in new markets.

Posted Jul 21, 2016

The Translation Network announced that Lingotek and MindTouch have teamed up to improve multilingual capabilities for MindTouch users. Lingotek's cloud-based translation and localization network and MindTouch have developed a solution within MindTouch that simplifies the process of translating content.

Posted Jul 12, 2016

Editage, a provider of English-language editing and publication, has partnered with Knowledge E, a provider of research and publishing services, to provide manuscript preparation support to authors throughout the Middle East. Researchers will now have access to a range of services including English-language editing, translation, plagiarism check, peer-review support and technical review.

Posted Jul 07, 2016

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of Lionbridge onDemand for WordPress. By connecting Lionbridge's onDemand translation platform with WordPress, organizations are able to create and manage multi-lingual websites and blogs with ease from within their working environment, while maintaining global brand consistency.

Posted Jun 23, 2016