Localization & Globalization

Ensuring content effectiveness in every country is easier said than done. Yet there are some major best practices to bear in mind to avoid costly and irreversible faux pas.

Posted Nov 13, 2019

Translation management systems include features that enable organizations to optimize the translation process. Not sure if your company is ready to adopt a translation management system? Here are a few signs to look for.

Posted Nov 06, 2019

The following points can give you some ideas of how effective localization can get you out of trouble, whether it relates to your content, products or customers in and outside your company.

Posted Oct 10, 2019

In Part III of this three-part series on "Artificial Intelligence and the Connected World," we examine the role of Linguistic AI in content distribution and how global marketers will deliver more relevant and effective content to engage with people.

Posted Oct 09, 2019

In the digital age, visuals are believed to speak louder (and faster) than words. But that doesn't mean you can neglect the audio components of digital content.

Posted Oct 08, 2019

No more judges. No more categories. This year, the EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry was decided by our readers. From web content management to digital experience tools, from content monetization to translation and globalization, you weighed in to determine the 2019 winners.

Posted Oct 02, 2019

Although globalizers play a critical role in the digital age, a number of them feel invisible in global organizations. Elevating globalization from being a cost driver to a profit driver takes a lot of effort and time.

Posted Sep 18, 2019

Translation software and services company announces new logo acquisition, increases NPS by 11 points. New customer logos include DoorDash, Mars, Peloton, and more.

Posted Sep 17, 2019

In Part II of this three-part series on "Artificial Intelligence and the Connected World," we examine the role of Linguistic AI in content translation and how for global marketers, this means more meaningful, timely and actionable content.

Posted Sep 11, 2019

As it is now powered by AI, language technology mimics the human ability to understand, reason and learn from cross-media content as well as to make customer-centric and data-driven decisions accordingly.

Posted Aug 14, 2019

ConnectiveDX Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Cram discusses three models for organizing around personalization in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.

Posted Aug 09, 2019

The impact, scope, and benefits of agile methodologies are frequent topics at global business conferences. Obvious, yet crucial questions arise for leaders dealing with localization in multinational or globalizing organizations.

Posted Jul 24, 2019

TransPerfect says its expanding its focus in the market research industry vertical by making a strategic investment in G3 Translate.

Posted Jul 02, 2019

New credit facility to reduce annual interest expense by over 40%.

Posted Jun 25, 2019

Wondering what "gisting" is? Get a definition and learn how it fits into your content translation, globalization, and localization plans.

Posted Jun 24, 2019

TransPerfect's Tech Division simplifies multilingual content management for Salesforce users.

Posted Jun 18, 2019

For brands trying to reach an ever-growing multicultural audience, let alone global brands, the merging of machine learning and human optimization can help marketers tackle this huge responsibility.

Posted Jun 17, 2019

Results from Word Error Rate (WER) testing reveal newly launched proprietary speech recognition service outperforms tech giants Google, Amazon and Microsoft in AI Speech-to-Text Accuracy.

Posted Jun 13, 2019

The Barcelona-based language services provider has successfully incorporated the international standard ISO 27001 into its Integrated Management System.

Posted May 30, 2019

TransPerfect's technology division to certify partners based on stringent performance standards.

Posted May 28, 2019

If you are looking for a way to take your B2B company to the next level, chances are that international expansion has crossed your mind once or twice. So, how can you ensure that you are able to not only connect with international customers but truly impress them by standing out from your global competition?

Posted May 22, 2019

Translation software and services company debuts new automation features and interface, increasing translation speed and cost savings.

Posted May 21, 2019

For global content strategists and product leaders, ensuring brand effectiveness across multiple markets has always been a challenge. The impact of branding messages and the overall success of brands have been determined, to a large extent, by how customers perceive and receive them.

Posted May 15, 2019

User-generated content is a good source of data, if you know how to listen. But digital listening on an international scale includes challenges that cannot be ignored, especially in terms of cultural and linguistic effectiveness.

Posted May 14, 2019

At Gilbane's Digital Experience Conference in Washington D.C., Alison Ferch, Executive Director of GALA and Jim Compton from RWS Moravia, tackled the "Alphabet Soup" of global content technology. CAT. CMS. TMS. PIM. And all the associated APIs.

Posted Apr 29, 2019