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Visualizer immersive data visualization solution to directly integrate with Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Posted Aug 01, 2019

Infoloom CLO Michael Biezunski discusses computer vs. human error tolerance in this clip from his presentation at Data Summit 2019.

Posted Jul 26, 2019

Ascential receives a 35% equity stake in Jumpshot valued at $60.76 million; the deal brings marketers unparalleled path-to-purchase consumer insights to optimize digital commerce performance.

Posted Jul 23, 2019

Expanded service line through Beanstalk Predictive to drive more informed client-partner business decisions through real-time data-driven by AI and audience intelligence platforms.

Posted Jul 16, 2019

Solution provides capital markets increased visibility and control of market data use and spend.

Posted Jul 09, 2019

True Digital Dossier and TransPerfect team up to create the first integration of blockchain technology with VDRs on a global scale.

Posted Jun 27, 2019

Old ways of identifying your potential customers won't cut it anymore. Now, you need a specific buyer persona in mind to reach the buyers you want.

Posted Jun 26, 2019

New analytics capabilities in Reflektion empower eCommerce retailers with new insights to accelerate revenue growth and elevate personalized customer engagement.

Posted Jun 25, 2019

FDI, a content services consultant and system integrator, announced it has entered into a partnership with MarkLogic.

Posted Jun 18, 2019

Combination to accelerate Salesforce's opportunity in the $1.8 trillion digital transformation space. Tableau will be positioned to further its mission to help the world see and understand data.

Posted Jun 11, 2019

Acquisition will speed Sitecore's growth and augment partner capabilities with additional services, support, and training for Sitecore Experience Commerce and Sitecore Content Hub.

Posted Jun 11, 2019

Twitter announces the acquisition of Fabula AI, points to machine learning and deep graph learning capabilities as strong additions to its research group.

Posted Jun 04, 2019

Veriglif, a "Personal Data Network," has announced its official public launch with 10 network partners and access to over five million consumer datagraphs, as well as achieving significant fundraising milestones.

Posted May 23, 2019

New partnership with Demandbase delivers hyper-personalized, multi-channel ABM programs execution.

Posted May 09, 2019

Spring ‘19 release, co-developed by current customers, showcases new commercial value of customer insights.

Posted Apr 25, 2019

By 2030, each person will own 15 connected devices and that means unprecedented amounts of data. What marketers and brands do with that data is up to them. But if they choose to not use that data to tell stories, they might as well be walking away from money on the table.

Posted Apr 18, 2019

Google says it hopes to level the playing field for businesses big and small and make AI available no matter what industry you're in.

Posted Apr 16, 2019

Looker unveils purpose-built, end-to-end sales analytics application to maximize pipeline and boost conversions releases and a suite of developer tools for building data applications.

Posted Apr 11, 2019

Seamless integration across platforms helps global teams build consistent, automated customer experiences from creative ideation to campaign optimization.

Posted Apr 09, 2019

Marketing is all about delivering the right message at the right time to the right people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of subjective opinions about what "right" means. In order for marketing to be more effective, strategies must be rooted in objective data.

Posted Mar 28, 2019

Developed over the past four months, the research deconstructs the confusion brands are experiencing with Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) by defining the category, outlining use cases and presenting a long-term outlook for the CDP market.

Posted Mar 19, 2019

aqfer, the data-centric marketing architecture for next-generation solutions, announced the launch of aqfer Marketplace. ShareThis and AirDXP join as inaugural partners.

Posted Mar 19, 2019

The Linqia Intelligence Suite includes Dynata, formerly Research Now SSI, for ad creativeimpact, IRI for sales lift, Foursquare and Placed for store visits, and Samba TV for TV.

Posted Mar 14, 2019

A Tealium-commissioned global survey reveals the majority of customer data strategies do not support the achievement of key business objectives.

Posted Mar 12, 2019

New research identifies challenges for current measurement practices, calls for better ways to address "unobservable" factors.

Posted Mar 07, 2019