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In studying a wide variety of Alexa skills I've identified four Alexa skills that are worth studying for how they extend content belonging to publishers.

Posted Oct 17, 2019

Data from ProQuest affiliate Bowker shows a massive increase in ISBNs assigned to self-published titles.

Posted Oct 15, 2019

No more judges. No more categories. This year, the EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry was decided by our readers. From web content management to digital experience tools, from content monetization to translation and globalization, you weighed in to determine the 2019 winners.

Posted Oct 02, 2019

Publishers that don't own their platform are at the mercy of business owners and investors that aren't incentivized to put publishers first.

Posted Sep 30, 2019

New agreement for site hosting and associated services includes close collaboration to drive publishing improvement.

Posted Sep 24, 2019

Libraries are a pillar propping up the publishing ecosystem. So why are some publishers starting to rethink their relationships with these community fixtures?

Posted Sep 12, 2019

People on all sides of the political spectrum see fake news on social media as an issue, and nearly all social media users (97%) are confident they can recognize fake news on these platforms. Experts disagree.

Posted Sep 10, 2019

Insticator's platform provides publishers with enhanced audience and advertising analytics to drive engagement and increase revenue.

Posted Aug 27, 2019

The music industry learned that it is far better to partner with tech-oriented disruptors, and monetize the new situation as best as possible. Publishers should pay attention.??

Posted Aug 20, 2019

Take a look at one of Bradley Metrock's favorite tools for creating digital content that goes beyond text and takes advantage of everything the web experience offers.

Posted Jul 18, 2019

So how can digital marketers create a highly interactive and satisfactory customer experience for their brands? The answer lies in leveraging the best technologies to build immersive, personalized customer journeys across every channel.

Posted Jul 17, 2019

Why publishers should be cautious about the latest self-proclaimed savior of quality journalism.

Posted Jul 15, 2019

The WCAG 2.0 guidelines and the newly-minted 2.1 updates are a useful starting point for digital publishers to make their content more accessible. According to these guidelines, publishing accessible content involves adhering to four key principles. Here are some quick general tips for addressing each of these principles.

Posted Jul 10, 2019

Media organizations with deep pockets have always had an advantage over mom-and-pop shops, but as changes in technology become more and more rapid the gap between the technology haves and have-nots is widening. And the further you fall behind, the harder it is to recover.

Posted Jul 02, 2019

ReadSpeaker introduced the latest version of its webReader online reading solution.

Posted Jun 20, 2019

Wartime novel "A Dangerous Act of Kindness" available as an ebook for two weeks with no waitlist or holds.

Posted Jun 18, 2019

The greatest area of growth in publishing isn't what most would consider publishing at all. It lies within companies of almost every size, operating in all sorts of other sectors from automotive to healthcare to banking and beyond.

Posted Jun 13, 2019

Washington Post's Zeus Platform now open to other publishers, including programmatic ad capabilities.

Posted Jun 04, 2019

BrightTALK, a B2B content and demand marketing platform, announced the findings of a large-scale benchmark report of how professionals engage with online videos and webinars.

Posted May 23, 2019

Originally introduced more than a decade ago as a decentralized, digital ledger supporting bitcoin, blockchain has evolved beyond well beyond supporting digital currencies. In the case of content sharing, blockchain promises unprecedented levels of creative freedom.

Posted May 17, 2019

eyeo's investment in the UK-based AI startup ensures the further development of its news-rating extension "Trusted News."

Posted May 14, 2019

There's plenty of buzz about the growing prevalence of voice. As Alexa and her ilk become more ubiquitous it seems that analysts' predictions about the shift toward a voice-first landscape are becoming a reality. But it's not just about smart speakers. Content is everywhere, and that includes voice content. Although the implications for digital publishers are still coming into focus, those looking to get ahead of the pack may not have much time left to claim their spot on the frontier.

Posted May 06, 2019

In an increasingly competitive quest to rank ever higher in Google SERP (search engine results page), some content marketers may go a bit overboard when it comes to chasing the numbers.

Posted Apr 24, 2019