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If it's not your job to pour over your site's Google Analytics results you may not have noticed that the search giant announced, just over a year ago, that it would make SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) search the default for signed-in users - and you definitely wouldn't have realized the effect this has on your company's SEO efforts. Optify recently took a look at what this change has meant for marketers and put its findings into a study dubbed "Google Not Provided On the Rise: The Impact of Google's SSL Enhancement on SEO Data."

Posted Nov 16, 2012

Bizo announced a significant expansion of Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition, a solution that helps small and mid-sized (SMB) marketers reach and nurture their target prospects online. SMB marketers can now use Bizo to manage their B2B social marketing and display ad retargeting campaigns in a single platform.

Posted Nov 15, 2012

Visualead announced the introduction of the Visual QR Code Generator that automatically converts any part of an image into a QR code, enhancing consumer engagement with brands. Visualead's generator enables users to embed QR codes into any image or advertisement in a user-friendly manner without the need for any graphic design skills.

Posted Nov 13, 2012

Maxifier, a programmatic premium optimization provider, announced an investment from WGI Group, a provider of early stage capital for internet entrepreneurs. The investment comes shortly after a strategic investment from Dentsu Digital Holdings, Inc.

Posted Nov 13, 2012

Recognizing the importance of quality content to the success of video advertising, PK4 Media announced a deal to bring more content to its Bishop Video Platform. Video news service Newsy is PK4 Media's newest content partner, now feeding an average of 200 news videos per week to the Bishop content library.

Posted Nov 12, 2012

Mzinga, a provider of enterprise social software solutions and services serving the learning, marketing and customer experience markets, announced the release of OmniSocial Engaged. OmniSocial Engaged is a flexible social business platform that helps enterprises connect with target audiences on a deeper level to drive website traffic, amplify customer and buyer loyalty, and increase customer satisfaction.

Posted Nov 05, 2012

Kenshoo, a provider of premium digital marketing software, announced it has raised $12 million in a late stage financing round led by Tenaya Capital. All existing Kenshoo investors, including Sequoia Capital, Sequoia Growth Fund, and Arts Alliance participated in this latest round.Kenshoo will use the funding to support ongoing double and triple digit annual growth rates within its search marketing and social media business units as well as further penetrate key geographic markets. Kenshoo plants to more aggressively create new opportunities for brands and agencies to address the entire purchase funnel while driving revenue across channels and devices.

Posted Nov 05, 2012

VoloMetrix -- an enterprise SaaS company providing insights to improve organizational responsiveness -- announced the VoloMetrix Sales Module. The analytics application is designed to enable sales teams to better connect with the right people, align with the top business priorities, and respond to the most important customer issues. The sales module further expands VoloMetrix's Social Enterprise Intelligence platform, which analyzes anonymous, real-time email, calendar, instant messaging, and social networking data to allow organizations to better align team resources with business priorities.

Posted Oct 26, 2012

LinkedIn has been introducing a lot of change lately, starting with profile changes earlier this year. Now, the social network aimed at professionals is adding videos ads to its self-service interface. The videos ads are available now, through LinkedIn Ads, the DIY ad platform for marketers of all sizes.

Posted Oct 25, 2012

Demandbase, Inc., a real-time targeting and personalization platform, launched Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising, an advertising solution for company targeting, which enables B2B advertisers to target and personalize display advertising to specific companies or to companies that meet a predetermined list of corporate attributes. Demandbase now gives brands a way to deliver and measure online advertising based on specific target accounts, stage in the sales funnel, or corporate attributes like industry, revenue, size or geography. Prospects can be identified on the web visitor's first visit to a site, without the use of cookies or other tracking mechanisms, and ads are served only to the predetermined company targets.

Posted Oct 18, 2012

Adblade, an ultra-premium ad network, announced the launch of Adblade for Lead Gen, a web-based campaign program designed to help brands and direct marketers reach, engage, and convert prospects online. Adblade for Lead Gen offers streamlined campaign management, CPA automation, attention-grabbing formats, and massive scale.

Posted Oct 16, 2012

Apress, a publisher of technology books, announced the launch of ApressOpen, a program that offers technology companies and professionals the opportunity to publish technical and business content under an open access model. With ApressOpen, content will be freely available through online distribution channels and electronic formats with the goal of disseminating professionally edited and technically reviewed content to the worldwide community.

Posted Oct 09, 2012

Demandbase, Inc., a real-time personalization and targeting platform for marketers, announced the availability of a Real-Time Company Identification Module for Google Analytics. Real-Time Company Identification for Google Analytics provides users with previously unavailable information about the companies visiting a website, giving B2B marketers a new way to view, analyze and segment web traffic, including the ability to report traffic and behavior based on specific companies, industries, company sizes, revenue bands, and even CRM-based account status.

Posted Oct 04, 2012

A while back I entered my dog in GNC's Healthy Pet, Happy Pet Photo Contest on Facebook. I had not previously "liked" GNC, but I did so for the purposes of entering the contest and possibly winning $5,000. I uploaded her picture and filled out a bunch of information. Once I was done, I started sharing the contest with my Facebook friends and family, urging them to vote for Maybelle. This is where the contest went terribly awry. At first, we couldn't actually find my dog. It took about 24 hours before her picture appeared at all. When it finally did show up, I tried sharing the direct link to her profile. But no matter what I did (i.e., grab the link, use the Share button), anyone who clicked on it ended up somewhere other than Maybelle's voting page.

Posted Oct 01, 2012

Kenny Powers is a champion athlete, famous shoe endorser, and thanks to a brilliantly orchestrated hostile takeover, the MFCEO of K-SWISS, Inc. He's bigger than cable television and/or drugs. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, try tuning into the smartest marketing move in the history of mankind.The idea to "hire" Kenny Powers as a spokesman came from Matt Murphy and Glenn Cole of brand agency 72andSunny. I don't know who green-lighted the idea at K-SWISS, but I commend his or her phenomenal cojones.

Posted Sep 25, 2012

If you're considering adding online display advertising to your media mix, your first impressions may be one of confusing three-letter acronyms and an overwhelming number of vendors and technologies. So how do you make sense of this complex market and identify the right approach for your marketing goals?

Posted Sep 19, 2012

Demandbase, a real-time personalization and targeting platform for B2B, announced the availability of a Real-Time Identification API for, a solution that enhances Salesforce with critical details on prospects' engagement with a company's website. With Real-Time Identification for, valuable customer insight from Demandbase's proprietary platform that identifies otherwise anonymous web visitors and key corporate data, is pushed right into the CRM platform.

Posted Sep 18, 2012

With a click, users of can now instantly update data in their accounts, contacts and leads with just-verified information from ZoomInfo's profiles of 65 million businesspeople and six million businesses. With the new ZoomInfo for Salesforce app, a ZoomInfo panel is added to a user's accounts, contacts and leads pages. The panel highlights data available from ZoomInfo that is more recent than - or missing from - the existing record in Additionally, a user can instantly find other contacts at a prospect's company without ever having to leave

Posted Sep 17, 2012

You're probably most familiar with Buzzfeed as the site you visits for adorable pictures of kittens, but according to GigaOm, the company recently purchased Kingfish Labs for an undisclosed amount of money. Kingfish works in the natural language processing field, and aimed to use Facebook profiles to match up users for online dating.

Posted Sep 17, 2012

Adblade, an ultra-premium ad network, announced the launch of Adblade for Mobile, a new mobile program designed to help marketers reach and engage consumers on-the-go. Adblade for Mobile offers attention-grabbing formats, click-assurance, and massive scale across 1,000 premium sites, including NBC News, Fox News and USA Today.

Posted Sep 17, 2012

If you were hiding from Facebook's ads by spending your social media time on Twitter, you will soon have to find a new safe haven. According to Reuters, Twitter will soon allow advertisers to target Tweeters based on information revealed in their Tweets.

Posted Sep 04, 2012

Kenshoo, a digital marketing software provider, released global growth metrics for Facebook advertising relative to paid search marketing during the first half (H1) of 2012.

Posted Aug 23, 2012

If you look at the most successful marketing endeavors brought to life, I would place a big bet that they all started with a creative brief. In case you are not familiar with a creative brief, it is a document produced to help develop creative deliverables such as advertising, websites, visual design, copy, and other marketing outputs. The creative brief consists of a series of simple questions and the answers help the Creative Team generate concepts, ideas, and bring them to life.

Posted Aug 23, 2012

Adblade, a premium-only ad network, announced the launch of a new program that allows small businesses to affordably target local customers by placing ads on top premium sites like NBC News, Fox News, and USA Today. Using Adblade's Small Business Marketing Platform, companies can target customers within its ZIP code.

Posted Aug 22, 2012

Optify, a provider of inbound marketing software for professional B2B marketers, announced the company's Inbound Marketing Software suite will have a Premium Edition. The company says this new edition is designed for power marketers who manage multiple sites or brands, or want unlimited access to Optify's visitor and lead intelligence data.

Posted Aug 17, 2012