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Amplify Social launched the Virtual Fan Network (VFN), a media content network that allows brands to work directly with athletes to remotely engage with their fan-base in short-term, CPM-based media campaigns. VFN enables brands to integrate their messages into an athlete's social media presence.

Posted Nov 21, 2011

Despite always having a strong consumer following, in 2009, Kirkland's found that the traditional marketing techniques it had always relied on to engage customers were no longer producing the same positive results they once were. Instead of sinking more money into mail flyers and promotional postcards, Kirkland's decided on a new approach, jumping into the social media and e-marketing sphere with hopes of attracting new shoppers, boosting sales, and further strengthening their relationship with their existing customer base.

Posted Nov 18, 2011

Northcliffe Digital launched a suite of online video products designed for small business advertisers across Northcliffe's network of over 400 hyperlocal and regional websites. All ads will be created and produced by Localstars.

Posted Nov 15, 2011

Relevantor LLC is set to launch at the New York ad:tech conference, which starts today and goes through Thursday. The company's new service, of the same name, offers web marketing services that afford site administrators with a variety of ways to regulate content presentation for individual site visitors.

Posted Nov 08, 2011

Ektron, empowering organizations to fully realize websites' marketing and revenue-generating potential, announced the Ektron Digital Experience Hub, at Synergy 2011. The Digital Experience Hub is a new product that connects web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, customer relationship management and web analytics within the Ektron environment, powered by the Ektron ContextBus--a new integration layer that passes content and context between connected marketing applications.

Posted Nov 08, 2011

The cartoonish graphic is clean, colorful and simple: A young girl curls up on a park bench to scan the top headlines on her tablet while an assumedly older, bespectacled man sitting next to her is riveted to the local print newspaper he holds up to his face. Anchored below the art is a commanding headline that is terse, direct, and assured: "Smart is the new sexy," it asserts. And as a closing statement, the motto "The newspaper-get it" floats in the bottom right corner.

Posted Nov 07, 2011

According to a "US Publisher Survey" from BrightRoll, online video ad spending is growing faster than any other digital ad format, and is a common offering from online publishers and ad networks alike. However, brands may be likely to pump dollars into digital video advertising, they concede that certain barriers continue to slow the format's growth

Posted Nov 04, 2011

BuzzLogic, an online media company specializing in emotive-based advertising, announced that it has changed its name to Twelvefold Media. The word "twelvefold" signifies a substantial increase in size, degree or amount and centers upon Spectrum, the company's recently launched online advertising platform.

Posted Nov 03, 2011

The Web Marketing Association called for entries to its 10th annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards for 2012. The industry-based advertising award competition is dedicated solely to online advertising, and covers all forms of online ads in 86 categories, including email, newsletters, mobile apps, websites, video, and social media.

Posted Nov 02, 2011

Adobe Systems, Inc. acquired Auditude, Inc., a provider of video ad management and monetization technology designed for publishers and media companies. The amount of the deal was undisclosed. Adobe plans to integrate Auditude's advertising server platform with Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, and Adobe Pass.

Posted Nov 01, 2011

Flurry introduced a solution designed to boost app traffic beyond initial user acquisition. The AppCircle Re-Engagement tool allows iOS app developers to identify and target campaigns to consumers who have previously downloaded their apps.

Posted Oct 31, 2011

inStream launched an e-receipt tool that allows retailers and advertisers to deliver targeted ads to shoppers via emailed transactional receipts. Advertisers can reach shoppers with targeted ads based on recent purchases in a given location and immediately send third-party offers.

Posted Oct 31, 2011

Schmap released a tool for Twitter users that provides a demographic analysis of their followers. Know Your Twitter Followers offers a free summary or a paid full analysis, available for any individual, company, or brand. The price for the full analysis depends on the number of followers and the type of user.

Posted Oct 31, 2011

Userlytics launched a white label version of its video-in-video market research platform. Research firms and enterprises can integrate the testing and analysis solution with existing in-house research tools, or use it as a stand-alone, private label product. The white label Userlytics solution lets firms work in-house, or outsource some capabilities to Userlytics.

Posted Oct 27, 2011

BuzzLogic, Inc. introduced an online advertising platform called Spectrum. Centered upon emotive-based advertising, Spectrum aims to identify and understand the influence of content at a page level (versus the site or category level). The tool also executes real-time bigs and ad placements based on relevant content to a brand's unique campaign goals.

Posted Oct 18, 2011

I first met Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and organizer of Content Marketing World, at the Niche Magazine Conference in February 2011. He was a featured speaker at the event, and he spoke on a number of topics, mainly social media and content marketing. I enjoyed every session I attended, but his keynote on content marketing was what stuck with me. As the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, you'd expect him to be passionate about content marketing. It was more than that, though. Pulizzi, who's been around the publishing business for a long time, talked about content marketing in a way that "just made sense" for both marketers and publishers.

Posted Oct 18, 2011

People love saving money. Sales and coupons are time-honored advertising traditions for a broad field of retail businesses, from supermarkets to office suppliers. The latest manifestation of human beings' long-running obsession with coupons is the daily deal-websites and mobile apps that deliver a selection of daily coupons and deals to savings-hungry consumers.Companies such as Groupon, Inc. and LivingSocial have made a name for themselves by combining daily coupons, group buying, and local marketing. And the success of these two companies is spawning a thriving ecosystem of businesses, publishers, and deal networks all looking to get a piece of the pie.

Posted Oct 12, 2011

LivingSocial issued $142.9 million in shares to acquire South Korean daily deals provider, TicketMonster, Inc. While the sale was announced as part of a business combination, whether this means a merger, an acquisition, or an exchange offer has not yet been clarified.

Posted Oct 11, 2011

Hulu unveiled a new tool which allows users to swap out an advertisement for one that is relevant to their interests. Ad Swap is customized to each individual user's profile and previous ad-viewing preferences.

Posted Oct 04, 2011

A new report from eMarketer estimates that advertisers will pony up nearly $1.23 billion on U.S. mobile advertising by the end of the year. That is up nearly 75% from 2012. The fastest growing category was video, but it is projected to only represent 4.7% of the market. Messaging-based advertising represents the largest piece of the pie at 36.1 percent of all mobile ad spending.

Posted Oct 04, 2011

According to a recent survey of 600 publishers across the trade, professional, and educational markets, the biggest struggle publishers face is maximizing ebook profits as the industry struggles to go digital. Part of the profit problem will be solved as publishers reduce production expenses by moving to scalable digital workflows, rather than retrofitting existing, outdated and inefficient publishing processes. While saving money by increasing productivity and reducing expenses is an important part of gaining a positive return on investment from ebooks and apps, maximizing profits also requires publishers to find innovative ways of earning revenue and turning those dollars into profit.One such strategy is to sell advertisements in ebooks and apps.Ads in books? Heresy you say! Err, not so fast.

Posted Sep 01, 2011

Despite the worldwide economic slowdown in key markets, mobile spending-as a means to deliver effective marketing messages and campaigns to acquire and retain customers-is unquestionably on the rise. Indeed, from simple display ad campaigns aimed at boosting brand awareness to more ambitious cross-media strategies integrating a mobile call to action, brands and media companies have never been more active in mobile.

Posted Jun 13, 2011

After chairing or otherwise participating in more than 20 conferences and workshops across Europe this year-the vast majority of which focused on hot trends in mobile content-I see a subtle yet seismic shift in the way publishers perceive and promote digital assets.

Posted Nov 24, 2009