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Cloud-based sales company, SAVO Group, announced the arrival of SAVO TeamsTM, a purpose-built social collaboration app specifically developed for the social behaviors of sellers. The company believes with this new app, companies will be able to accelerate sales cycles and also increase win rates.

Posted Jul 17, 2012

German electronic game investor iVentureCapital announced the launch of TrafficCaptain, an advertising network specializing in mobile and online games. The company says that by using TrafficCaptain, it will offer the gaming industry a tailored distribution network for successful game monetization.

Posted Jul 10, 2012

Optify announced the launch of Optify Digital Marketing Software Suite, a specialized version of its inbound marketing solution designed specifically for digital marketing agencies. To make this new software appeal to agencies, Optify included features such as co-branded reports, client self-service access, and plug-ins to the most popular content management solutions like WordPress and Joomla.

Posted Jun 27, 2012

Kaon Interactive announced new enhancements to its 3D Product Models and 3D Mobile Product App platform. The company believes that with these new features, B2B marketers, and salespeople can more easily differentiate products virtually to prospects and market products more effectively on iPads and smart phones.

Posted Jun 26, 2012

Marketing software company EPiServer announced the launch of Google Analytics for EPiServer, which the company says will enable marketers to track relevant information and examine the data in the context that is most relevant to them. The company believes it will allow businesses to harness the effectiveness of their online presence by improving the user experience on any type of web, e-commerce, mobile or social site, based on analytical proof points.

Posted Jun 25, 2012

Digital marketing company Webtrends and Ensighten, tag management and privacy solutions company, have partnered up in an effort to create a real-time mobile analytics tag management solution for both iOS and Android apps. With this tag management system, digital marketers can update in-app analytic tags immediately without having to re-compile and wait for app store approval.

Posted Jun 13, 2012

In an effort to help small businesses gain a web presence on Facebook, Likable has launched a comprehensive Facebook platform called Likable Local. The company says this new platform will help small businesses build their brand and engage with customers.

Posted Jun 13, 2012

Interactive marketing provider ExactTarget has launched a new app, MobileConnect. The company says this new app will provide marketers with a cloud based application to power SMS alerts and mobile marketing messages worldwide. The company believes this app will provide a new approach to mobile marketing by making it more accessible across email, social media, and the Web.

Posted Jun 13, 2012

What is a "Like" really worth? It isn't quite an age-old question, but digital marketers and brands have been wondering what success really means when it comes to social media marketing. comScore is trying (again) to answer that question with "The Power of a Like 2: How Social Marketing Works" - a collaboration with Facebook.

Posted Jun 13, 2012

Relevvant has announced a new platform, called Amass, designed to use the influence of mobile and social technologies for marketers looking to drive business. Using this new technology, Relevvant can track social media trends, buyer's locations, purchasing data and other big data information to power advanced psychographic targeting for companies looking to market products or services.

Posted Jun 12, 2012

Google has announced what it calls, "the first modern ad platform built for the modern digital world" with its new DoubleClick Digital Marketing. With this new platform, Google believes it will integrate multiple systems for online advertisers facilitating communication. Some of the new features for the upgraded DoubleClick include more responsive campaigns that can learn the channels where consumers interact, enabling a better understanding across channels and formats and a smarter creative that works with your media buy which responds in real time.

Posted Jun 11, 2012

According to a new survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, search ads are out spending display ads by a significant margin in the US and around the world in 2011, according to paidContent. In the report it says that the discrepancy between spending from advertisers is $811 million on search ads and $572 million on display ads in the United States. When it comes to advertisers in Europe and Asia, the difference is much greater.

Posted Jun 07, 2012

It's time to put a stop to the content marketing amateur hour on Facebook. Seriously. It's really embarrassing. Begging people to "like" your Facebook page is not only pathetic, it's a waste of time and money.It's also unprofessional. Who cares if 1,563 people clicked the "like" button on your Facebook page? Seriously. What does that mean, exactly? Come on, I challenge you to translate "likes" into something meaningful -- sales, leads, something tangible.You can't. Can you?

Posted Jun 07, 2012

Marketo has announced a new tool for marketing automation with the launch of its new Marketo Social Marketing. The new product is a suite of easy-to-use products the company says will make every marketing campaign inherently social.

Posted May 24, 2012

Big Data mobile location company Sense Networks announced two new products, AdMatch and AudienceSense, which the company says will allow marketers to reach new audiences and allow publishers to monetize mobile advertising. Sense Networks uses location and prediction to understand users' behavior, which will allow advertisers to target an audience.

Posted May 23, 2012

Adobe has announced a new way for media companies to broadcast channels online and replace ads in the broadcast stream with dynamically inserted ads. This new system, called Primetime Simulcast, is an enhancement to Project Primetime and is supported for iOS, Android and works with browsers across all major desktop platforms. According to Adobe, Primetime Simulcast provides an end-to-end workflow that enables media companies to simultaneously deliver that same content to connected devices while replacing ads in the broadcast stream with dynamically inserted ads.

Posted May 22, 2012

If there is one thing we are used to from Facebook -- or, at least, are used to complaining about -- it is change. The company has a history of introducing new features at will and then abandoning them. Going forward, though, Facebook's willy-nilly changes may be frowned upon as investors from Friday's IPO start putting in their two cents. When the closing bell rang on Friday, Facebook raised about $16 billion, was valued at short of $105 billion. But investors are not the only ones taking on risk; marketers that think Facebook is the Holy Grail also gamble with company money.

Posted May 22, 2012

Online ad technology company Vizu announced the availability of a series of case studies developed to evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches to social media advertising. A survey Vizu conducted says 63% of brands it polled said they planned to increase advertising on social media sites, the company believes these studies will help companies looking to widen a brands' reach.

Posted May 21, 2012

The Martha Stewart Show needed to prepare for an upcoming fall season and wished to reengage viewers lost during the summer season reruns. So, The Martha Stewart Show turned to Facebook to reach out to its existing fans. In addition to reinvigorating and expanding the fan base, it sought to expand its mailing lists to promote the show as well as cross-promote its other diverse offerings. However, the company felt it needed more social marketing expertise and started looking outside of its offices for help.

Posted May 09, 2012

In the past month, online brand marketing has become the subject of a lively debate in the marketing trades, specifically AdExchanger and Advertising Age. Impatient with the slow growth of brand advertising online as well as the persistent absence of a validated method for measuring return on social media marketing investments, marketing services experts are openly questioning the viability of online media as a brand marketing channel.

Posted Apr 26, 2012

In its first acquisition, Marketo, Inc. has bought Crowd Factory, Inc., producer of a social campaign management platform. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Marketo will be putting out a new unified product family.

Posted Apr 18, 2012

Through a new agreement with Google's DART for Publishers (DFP) software, Localstars Ltd. has streamlined the online ad trafficking and delivery process for its publisher clients. DFP serves and manages digital ad campaigns on publishers' sites.

Posted Apr 12, 2012

Kwanzoo, Inc., a provider of multichannel marketing solutions, announced the availability of Smart Banners. This self-service platform includes real-time split A/B testing capabilities designed for display campaigns, to which users can add interactive components.

Posted Mar 22, 2012

Mobile ad networks YOOSE Pte. Ltd. and Mobsta Networks, LLP formed a sales partnership to launch MobGeo, a new hyper-local service that intends to bring location-based mobile consumer targeting to U.K. brands and agencies.

Posted Mar 22, 2012

Do you ever really stop to think about what it means to drive a successful marketing program? Actually, it is pretty simple. If you can change behavior and produce quantifiable results, you have nailed it. But what does this actually mean?

Posted Mar 22, 2012