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Mailjet and Boomtrain announced a partnership that they say will "turn you into Netflix or Amazon." Boomtrain is a marketing recommendation engine that uses artificial intelligence technology, to turn end user's behavior into insights, and action. Now, Mailjet users have access to these capabilities.

Posted May 03, 2016

Liferay, Inc., which makes software for enterprises, announced the Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP), designed to help companies create and manage experiences that support the end-to-end customer relationship. With Liferay DXP, digital innovation leaders can enable every business unit in the enterprise to serve the customer consistently, by integrating deeply with business operations and building an understanding of the customer.

Posted May 03, 2016

Did you know that One Direction star Harry Styles is the happiest celebrity on Twitter? I have to confess that was news to me too. Data scientists at the semantics analytics firm Adoreboard used the text analysis methodology Toneapi ?to detect and interpret emotions in tweets from 100 celebrities, highlighting feelings such as joy, anger, surprise, trust, and annoyance. It found that Styles was the most chipper during an 8-month period.

Posted May 03, 2016

Posted May 02, 2016

Publishers are making the investment in native ads and sponsored content because the engagement metrics show a favorable reader experience. While the signs point to native ads being here to stay, publishers still have a lot of room to improve and optimize the native ad experience before it has long-lasting appeal. One opportunity that publishers can take to enhance their native ad program is by delivering a custom site search experience that helps advertisers reach their target audience while also showing fast and relevant results to readers. Here are three ways to successfully incorporate native ads into your reader's search experience.

Posted Apr 29, 2016

Qubit, a pioneer in delivering data-first customer experiences, has launched a comprehensive upgrade to its premium digital experience management platform that promises to mark a major evolution in the way marketers understand, segment, and target online customers. In a challenging ecommerce landscape where customers expect increasingly better experiences, exceeding expectations has become business-critical. Qubit says its updated Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform will enable companies in any industry to put customer insights to work faster and more effectively.

Posted Apr 28, 2016

PushSpring, an independent app-based mobile audience platform, announced a partnership with MediaMath to make PushSpring's proprietary, mobile app data actionable on one of the industry's largest programmatic Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). The MediaMath partnership expands the availability PushSpring's mobile originated data assets for activation, in addition to recent partnership announcements with LiveRamp, Google's DoubleClick, Lotame, and Centro.

Posted Apr 28, 2016

In today's shifting consumer landscape, emerging technologies and mobile and web applications are rapidly changing the way brands reach their customers. The industry has evolved from a pre-internet world of attracting customers with aesthetically pleasing, well-organized storefronts in the right location, to a whole new strategy. Consumers are now available every second they are looking at a screen. The new, "always-on" user has forced brands to refocus their strategies to cater to the new digital experience age.

Posted Apr 27, 2016

LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, announced a partnership with DigitasLBi, a global marketing and technology agency, to fuel smarter media planning decisions using connected data. DigitasLBi will leverage LiveRamp's data connectivity services to link data from multiple first and third party data sources within DigitasLBi's IDIOM platform, an insight tool to generate better media decisions and smarter content and creative strategy.

Posted Apr 26, 2016

Retailer Web Services (RWS) announced the release of WebFronts Level 4, the latest version of RWS's proprietary digital marketing software developed exclusively for independent durable goods retailers. WebFronts Level 4 says it combines the compelling web design and robust e-commerce functionality RWS retailer customers have come to expect with enhanced end-to-end security, prospect and customer profiling, and sophisticated marketing automation features.

Posted Apr 26, 2016

JUICE Mobile announced the launch of Nectar Futures, which it says is the industry's first futures market designed for mobile advertising. The goal is to allow advertisers to secure premium, guaranteed mobile inventory for the future. With Nectar Futures, advertisers are guaranteed premium mobile inventory across multiple formats, and publishers gain new revenue from upfront buys and control over their sales. Nectar Futures complements Real Time Buying (RTB), individual guaranteed Programmatic Direct (PD) buys (available through Nectar Direct) and traditional Direct Sales. JUICE Mobile says Nectar allows buyers to minimize cost, delivery and quality risks inherent in the real-time exchanges.

Posted Apr 26, 2016

At a recent Demandbase event, an audience member defined account-based marketing as "marketing... if sales was in charge." As I thought about this statement, it dawned on me just how true it is. Traditionally, marketing's purpose was to generate high-level awareness of a company and its products or services. With aircover by marketing, the thought was that sales could be more effective and close deals faster. Today, with many B2B companies focused on their top thousand or so accounts, marketing is becoming a closer sales ally, able to work in lock-step to drive the accounts to close--all the way from awareness to purchase.

Posted Apr 20, 2016

HookLogic, a provider of performance marketing for brands, announced that it received an investment from LUMA Capital Partners, the recently formed venture capital fund of LUMA Partners, an investment bank known for its strategic industry maps known as LUMAscapes. HookLogic is one of the first investments of the fund.

Posted Apr 19, 2016

Do you have an ad blocker installed on your web browser? According to the 2015 report, "The Cost of Ad Blocking," from Adobe and PageFair, there are "198 million active adblock users around the world." In the U.S., ad blocking grew by 48% last year. At this point, though, only 16% of ad block traffic is mobile. That may sound as if it's good news, but it could also mean that there is a lot of room for mobile ad blocking growth.

Posted Apr 19, 2016

The automotive industry has staked a strong claim on innovative marketing tactics--and the proof is in the sales. High consideration purchases like a vehicle often require different strategies than smaller, one-off purchases, but the trends seen in automotive are starting to turn up in other industries. With that in mind, it's important to understand what automotive marketing is doing that's keeping it ahead of the curve (and keeping other industries in a hurry to catch up).

Posted Apr 15, 2016

Adoption of people-based advertising among North American brands and media buyers is rising quickly as they experience superior return on ad spend from addressable media campaigns. This is among the key findings of the first-ever North American survey on the topic of addressable media. The survey was conducted by Econsultancy and Signal, a provider of real-time, people-based marketing.

Posted Apr 14, 2016

Digital experience management (DXM) refers to the combination of strategy, technology, and processes to provide highly engaging and satisfying digital services to customers. In the private sector, DXM is seen as a competitive differentiator that results in high customer loyalty and higher revenues. In the government sector, the DXM goals are a bit different. The desired outcomes are better service delivery, increased efficiency, and greater inclusiveness.

Posted Apr 13, 2016

SparkPost and Boomtrain have teamed up to offer users a best-of-breed experience by delivering 1:1 personalized emails. Boomtrain's machine intelligence supercharges efforts to connect with the right customers, at the right time, using the content most likely to engage each individual.

Posted Apr 12, 2016

IgnitionOne, a global marketing cloud provider, released its Q1 2016 Digital Marketing Report, demonstrating both steady trends and surprising changes in digital advertising metrics. Q1 marked a drop in U.S. paid search spend for the first time in six years, down 5% year over year (YoY). Mobile continues to be the star of search, demonstrating the largest jump in impressions in several years at 19% year over year. Programmatic display is up 10% YoY, with Facebook dominating Google in growth, up 51%.

Posted Apr 12, 2016

In January, the global ad automation firm Kiosked released early insights from research that suggests that brands are pulling their programmatic and creative agency expertise inside. This is with an aim toward assuming more control of what's happening with this increasingly important element of their branding and marketing efforts.

Posted Apr 11, 2016

According to new research published by Dimension Data in the 19th edition of its annual Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, organizations are unclear about who owns, oversees, and manages the digital channels in their contact centres. That's because there's a lack of management focus which impacts the effectiveness of the design of their digital solutions, and by consequence, how customers engage with their businesses.

Posted Apr 07, 2016

CoreMedia, a digital experience (DX) company, announced the official validation of its integration with the IBM Marketing Cloud, a cloud-based digital marketing platform that provides email marketing, lead management, and mobile engagement solutions. This integration builds on the capabilities of its existing CoreMedia LiveContext solution, which augments IBM-powered web stores with content and digital asset management capabilities-and extends it to support omni-channel digital marketing.

Posted Apr 07, 2016

This past weekend, I found myself in a Barnes and Noble in midtown Manhattan, strolling up and down the Self-Help aisle, browsing through hundreds of book titles. No, I wasn't looking for myself (although some of the books seemed really quite interesting), I was doing trend research for my day job (book publishing), trying to pinpoint which titles were attracting shoppers and which were getting overlooked. As you can imagine, the Self-Help shelf is a mix of topics ranging from relationships to mental health to inspiration. But there was one word that stuck out time and again, no matter the subject matter: mindfulness.

Posted Apr 07, 2016

As a provider of pet health insurance, Petplan possesses "a lot of data and a lot of different data points," says Gerry McGoldrick, chief digital officer of Petplan. The challenge, he says, was, "How do we leverage all that data and really begin to have a one-on-one conversation with our prospects?" In other words, Petplan wanted to provide a more personalized experience for its site visitors.

Posted Apr 06, 2016

In advance of the 2016 TV Upfronts, AOL announced the launch of self-serve programmatic TV buying to give marketers a clearer view of valuable audience buying opportunities, and to better plan, purchase, and measure their TV ad investments. This self-serve module extends AOL's ONE by AOL: TV managed module, which launched in 2014, and is part of the company's open, unified programmatic platform ONE by AOL, which launched in April 2015.

Posted Apr 05, 2016