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OneSpot announced the launch of a new integrated solution purpose-built for delivering cross-channel personalization of branded editorial content. The proprietary Content Sequencing platform, which helps brands build content-driven one-to-one relationships by personalizing and sequencing content to individuals no matter where they are in the digital journey, now extends engagement across website, e-mail, mobile, social, and paid digital channels.

Posted Oct 29, 2015

Canto, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, announced it has aligned with inMotionNow, a provider of workflow automation solutions for marketing and creative departments. As part of the alliance, Canto has integrated its Cumulus enterprise DAM software with inMotionNow's creative work management (CWM) offering, inMotion.

Posted Oct 27, 2015

A new study by Retention Science has uncovered the attributes that make up the perfect marketing email and the content that drives conversion. The data was derived from an analysis of more than 1 billion emails resulting in 60 million orders from brands such as Diamond Candles, Dollar Shave Club, and The Honest Company over the past two years.

Posted Oct 27, 2015

Proven sales pitches and promotional tactics that register with Baby Boomers and Gen Xers can bomb when directed toward 18-34 year olds. That's because, whether it's due to intrinsic fickleness, innate skepticism, or vexing demographic complexity, Millennials can be downright difficult to market to. But if you can speak their language and attract their eyeballs, you stand a better chance of engaging this increasingly populous and powerful consumer segment.

Posted Oct 26, 2015

Retale, a location-based mobile platform, announced the results of a commissioned study examining the actions and preferences of millennials using push notifications on location-based apps. The study, fielded online between September 23-24, 2015, polled 500 millennial adult men and women (18-34 years old) across the U.S.

Posted Oct 22, 2015

Software programs masquerading as humans and controlled by criminals are decaying trust in the ecosystem - and these bad bots are getting smarter by the day. It may sound like a mediocre movie plot, but the drama is all too real for advertisers, publishers, agencies and others in the digital advertising marketplace who are falling victim to bot fraud. Now, combatting the multipronged menace has become a priority for many stakeholders.

Posted Oct 21, 2015

It's pretty obvious that Jerry Seinfeld knows what he is doing when it comes to the entertainment business. After Seinfeld wrapped in 1998, there was not much left to do. TV Guide labeled Seinfeld's collaboration with Larry David "The greatest TV show of all time."

Posted Oct 20, 2015

IgnitionOne, a marketing cloud provider, released its Q3 2015 Digital Marketing Report, highlighting trends and data for digital marketing across search, programmatic display, social, and mobile. The Q3 report demonstrated continuing trends in digital advertising metrics, marking the fourth straight quarter of growth in paid search spend in the U.S, up 12% year-over-year (YoY), as well as a 7% increase in spend for programmatic display.

Posted Oct 15, 2015

Boomtrain announced it has secured $12 million in Series A funding with participation from Sierra Ventures, Cota Capital, and Lerer Ventures. Boomtrain has raised more than $14 million to date, and will use the new funds to further advance its marketing personalization platform. By incorporating machine learning technology, Boomtrain enables marketers to create personalized experiences for each individual customer across email, web, and mobile apps.

Posted Oct 15, 2015

Are you tired of having to leave your Facebook app to buy something? Is shopping on your mobile device a bit of a pain? Well, the social media giant hopes to solve those problems for you. Facebook announced it is working on new features to help sellers make the mobile shopping experience easier.

Posted Oct 13, 2015

Kenshoo, a provider of agile marketing solutions, announced a global partnership with Hootsuite, a widely used platform for managing social media, to help marketers better understand, attribute, and optimize the combined impact of their paid and owned social media marketing.

Posted Oct 13, 2015

In order to compete for ad spend with companies like Google and Facebook, 80% of digital publishers say they need better data-driven capabilities to help advertisers target their customers at scale, according to a report released by Econsultancy and Signal, a provider of real-time people-based marketing. While digital display advertising is growing at about 20% annually, ad revenues for the vast majority of digital publishers aren't keeping pace, and are even stagnant or shrinking for many, the report found.

Posted Oct 13, 2015

This example, though, is just good marketing. It's not really content marketing. It wasn't until I was on the site, a couple of days later, checking out after I received 10% off my order, that I came across a handy little site widget that caught my attention. I'd just fed the site my payment information and address, and it was now thanking me for my order. And in the sidebar, it was also offering me a list of parks near my house where I could go be outdoorsy.

Posted Oct 13, 2015

Native ads--ads that reside seamlessly within content, giving the appearance of editorial material--have become increasingly prevalent as consumer adoption of mobile technology has skyrocketed. These ads can take many forms, and marketers are always in search of the next new thing that will enable them to cut through the clutter to deliver an experience that not only will be different, but also will resonate with their audiences and, ultimately, drive sales.

Posted Oct 12, 2015

The right tools are an integral part of getting any job done. In the world of digital content tools are plentiful, so finding the right one for you can be tricky. That's why we ask the experts what tools they use to get their jobs done. In this month's installment, we talk to Ryan Hadfield of Bridgeline Digital.

Posted Oct 09, 2015

In a blog post on its website, Optimizely announced the general availability of its Optimizely Personalization solution. According to the post, "We built Optimizely Personalization to make it incredibly easy to connect data about your visitors - data such as behavior or information stored in your CRM - and use it to target experiences in real time."

Posted Oct 06, 2015

Yahoo Inc announced key updates to its advertising technology portfolio at Advertising Week in New York. For instance, BrightRoll is Yahoo's new, unified brand for programmatic advertising technology, offering a suite of media-agnostic tools to help advertisers, publishers, and partners connect with consumers across ad formats and devices. Additionally, Yahoo Gemini, the company's proprietary marketplace for search and native advertising across devices, introduces new product features and the Yahoo Preferred Partner Program.

Posted Oct 01, 2015

PushSpring, an independent app-based mobile audience platform, announced the launched of a beta version of the PushSpring Audience Console that allows selected mobile app owners, marketers and agencies to quickly build custom audiences to reach mobile app users at significant scale. PushSpring says its Audience Console provides advertisers and app publishers with mobile app audience data for more than 100 million unique device IDs in the US, and leverages billions of mobile app data signals and industry standard audience segments to develop PushSpring Personas.

Posted Oct 01, 2015

AOL and Publicis Groupe announced a partnership with the purpose of reimagining the mobile experience for users and advertisers. The agreement grants Publicis' agencies and brand clients exclusive advertising inventory on the go90 mobile-first entertainment platform for three months beginning in Q4 2015, and extends non-exclusively to Q3 2016.

Posted Oct 01, 2015

Get Smart Content, a website personalization platform, announced that it has released an integration with the Marketo platform. Through Get Smart Content's connection, B2B marketers can easily support marketing automation efforts by extending the audience's personalized experience to the website.

Posted Oct 01, 2015

If the last 10 years have taught us anything, it's that virtually anybody can be an author, photographer, videographer, voiceover talent, or subject matter expert-thanks to ubiquitous tools like smartphones, blogs, and social media sites that allow everyday people to post and publish text, photos, video, and audio galore. Which begs the question for companies: Why not tap into these public resources more often as a free and valuable source of content for your brands and products?

Posted Sep 30, 2015

Are You A Human, the creator of Verified Human Whitelist, a people-based technology platform that allows anyone serving content, ads, or services on the web to be sure they're addressing a real human, announced that the company is working with industry leading Data Management Platform (DMP) BlueKai and Demand Side Platform (DSP) The Trade Desk to improve campaign performance by optimizing to human audiences only.

Posted Sep 29, 2015

With Apple's public release of the TVOS SDK, adjust announced that its mobile ad analytics and attribution tool has been expanded to support apps for the Apple TV. adjust says this is the first time a dedicated marketing analytics solution has been announced for smart TVs. adjust's offering for the Apple TV will allow app developers to analyze the aggregate behavior of users targeted by ad campaigns, using adjust technology embedded in their Apple TV apps.

Posted Sep 29, 2015

Digital Content Next (DCN), in partnership with White Ops, released "DCN/White Ops Bot Benchmark Report: What Makes a Publisher Premium," a study examining the prevalence of bots in premium advertising traffic, conducted across 32 DCN premium publisher sites. The report offers insights into ways in which the industry can contribute to effective solutions that lower fraud and improve the bottom line for advertisers.

Posted Sep 29, 2015

An intelligent mobile technology that automatically identifies and implements marketing opportunities for small businesses recently launched. Warbler aims to empower smaller brands and retailers with powerful mobile marketing and loyalty tools that up until now have only been attainable by big brand marketers. The platform uses a prescriptive analytics engine, enabling it to automatically guide marketers toward the most efficient route to growing, rewarding, and monetizing their customer base. It then chirps marketing campaign suggestions to the marketers' mobile device for approval and delivery.

Posted Sep 24, 2015