Content Distribution

Digital Fountain, provider of data-delivery solutions, has announced that Sumitomo Electric Networks, a Japanese provider of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and Fiber Optic network equipment, is licensing Digital Fountain's Meta-Content technology.

Posted May 16, 2003

Seattle Book Company is launching Version 2.0 of its Express ePublishing System as an integrated conversion and distribution system.

Posted May 16, 2003

The Sacramento Bee, serving the capital of California and surrounding regions, will now offer readers digital copies of the printed editions on a desktop or laptop without being connected to the Internet.

Posted May 13, 2003

The Wall Street Journal Online will make news summaries and stock quotes available to users of America Online's Instant Messenger services, including members of AOL, AOL Instant Messenger service, and Enterprise AIM services.

Posted May 13, 2003

In the wake of Napster and other such fallen heroes to the fans of freebies, a new leader has emerged—Kazaa. Kazaa has done a lot right: It is free, it offers a wide variety of entertainment for download, and it has strategically based itself in geographically remote locations that left it untouchable legally—or so it seemed.

Posted Apr 30, 2003

Meredith Interactive, the division of Meredith Corporation responsible for its Web sites, and AT&T Corp. have announced a content distribution agreement where Meredith Interactive will license select online content to AT&T Corp.

Posted Apr 29, 2003

FinancialContent, Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with the San Francisco Chronicle, a Northern California newspaper publisher. The San Francisco Chronicle will license FinancialContent's Studio 3.0 to power the financial channel of

Posted Mar 21, 2003

PEPC Worldwide, a European company based in The Netherlands, has begun digitally distributing The Washington Post to its network of interactive newspaper vending machines.

Posted Mar 21, 2003

Kiplinger has begun providing selected content to the CNBC on MSN Money Website.

Posted Mar 18, 2003

T-Systems, part of the Deutsche Telekom group, Convera, and Marco Polo Archive have announced the launch of FootageBox, an Internet platform that enables people in the media industry to search film archives, view materials online, and order and obtain footage electronically.

Posted Mar 18, 2003

Infotrieve has signed article distribution agreements with six publishers in the scientific, technical, and medical (STM) fields.

Posted Mar 14, 2003

WAM!NET Government Services has been selected by CSC to complete a number of network management specific task orders totaling several million dollars through 2008 on the CSC-led Groundbreaker IT contract for the National Security Agency (NSA).

Posted Mar 14, 2003, a software consulting firm specializing in libraries, has signed a distribution agreement with Antarctica Systems for their Visual Net software.

Posted Mar 11, 2003

Variety magazine, a Reed Business Information publication, has entered into a partnership with AP Digital, a division of The Associated Press that distributes news and information to interactive applications, to further the magazine's presence in the online business-to-business, commercial, and media markets.

Posted Mar 11, 2003 and La Opinion Digital, the online division of the La Opinion Spanish-language newspaper, have entered into a content sharing agreement that incorporates Spanish language local news content into the affiliate network of Web sites.

Posted Mar 07, 2003

InStranet, Inc., a provider of content-based applications for the enterprise, has announced that Orange France has selected InStranet's recently released Channels In-Line application to automate the distribution process of sales and marketing information to its network of distributors and resellers.

Posted Mar 04, 2003

Interwoven Inc., a provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, has released a universal code and content distribution solution powered by a new version of Interwoven OpenDeploy, a content distribution product.

Posted Feb 25, 2003

AP Digital and Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive (WPNI), publisher of and, have announced that AP Digital will now distribute online technology content from five Washington Post Company publications to the Internet and wireless markets.

Posted Feb 18, 2003

DMOD, Inc., a provider of secure workflow and distribution solutions, has introduced DMOD WorkNet, a hosted service that allows music, video, and film production teams to share, track, and review digital media via the public Internet.

Posted Feb 18, 2003

TDNet, a supplier of electronic journals and electronic contents management solutions, has reached an agreement with JournalWebCite to take over service for all JournalWebCite subscriber libraries.

Posted Feb 18, 2003

One evolving channel for digital content distribution, the digital magazine format, got serious in 2002, as users surprised even the digimag technology providers with their hunger for downloadable versions of print products.

Posted Feb 01, 2003

Best Buy Co., Inc., Hastings Entertainment, Inc., Tower Records, Trans World Entertainment Corporation operator of FYE Stores (For Your Entertainment), Virgin Entertainment Group, and Wherehouse Music have announced the formation of Echo a retailer-driven digital music consortium committed to bridging the gap between brick and mortar and digital music distribution.

Posted Jan 28, 2003

ebrary, a provider of information distribution and retrieval services, has announced the availability of database collections which combine over 20,000 books and other documents from more than 150 academic, trade, and professional publishers.

Posted Jan 21, 2003