Content Distribution

News Corporation, NBC Universal and Comcast Corporation have announced a comprehensive distribution agreement in which Comcast's and will serve as key distribution sites for News Corp. and NBCU's recently announced online video venture.

Posted Apr 17, 2007

INTENT MediaWorks, a provider of technology for the distribution of licensed digital media content and advertising via the Internet, has announced it has closed $10 million in Series B funding.

Posted Apr 17, 2007

As digitized content disperses, publishing brands and content wares splinter across countless platforms, devices, feeds, and syndication venues; the business and editorial infrastructure beneath it all, is fragmenting and reassembling just as quickly. The business models, like the content, are flying everywhere and the trick is to keep the overall vision on target, not just cope with content shrapnel.

Posted Mar 23, 2007

Voxant, the Viral Syndication Network (VSN), has officially launched TheNewsRoom, its site for fully licensed content from 165 news organizations.

Posted Mar 20, 2007, a distributor of market intelligence, has announced a business partnership with Country Risk South Africa which allows for the marketing and distribution of Country Risk South Africa’s proprietary market analyses through the website.

Posted Mar 16, 2007

Accenture has acquired Digiplug S.A.S., a Paris-based provider of outsourced mobile-content repurposing and distribution services to the music and communications industries, from Faith Inc. of Kyoto, Japan.

Posted Mar 13, 2007, a distributor of market intelligence, has announced a partnership with Cygnus Business Consulting and Research.

Posted Feb 13, 2007

Rittenhouse Book Distributors has announced the addition of digital resources, available on the R2 Library Platform, to its Core Collection Update Service.

Posted Feb 02, 2007, a distributor of market intelligence, has announced a partnership with Green Knight Research.

Posted Jan 26, 2007, a distributor of market intelligence, has announced a partnership with Entertainment Asia Network.

Posted Jan 12, 2007, a distributor of market intelligence, has announced a partnership with Intelace Research. This relationship allows for the marketing of Intelace Research’s content through Marketers will have the ability to view abstracts and tables of contents.

Posted Dec 29, 2006

NewspaperDirect and EMpact Sales (EMpact), the publisher representation group within the EBSCO Information Services division, have announced a distribution agreement. Under the agreement, EMpact will represent NewspaperDirect’s PressDisplay digital newspaper delivery solution to libraries, corporations and other organizations in parts of Asia, Europe, and Brazil.

Posted Dec 29, 2006

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a copyright licensing solution provider, has announced that Harvard Business Review is included in the list of publications licensed for digital uses inside organizations.

Posted Dec 12, 2006

YBP Library Services, a provider of materials to academic libraries, has announced plans to market a collection of ebooks in partnership with EBL, a division of Ebooks Corporation Limited, an Australian public company.

Posted Dec 05, 2006

Broadband Enterprises, an online video sales and syndication company, has announced an agreement with The HealthCentral Network, an online resource for health and wellness information.

Posted Dec 01, 2006

Protexis, a provider of digital content distribution, has launched RED, a system designed to enable open, efficient, and neutral networks for online digital content distribution.

Posted Nov 21, 2006

iCopyright has announced that its suite of web-based content licensing services will soon be available to Canadian and European publishers through reprint companies located there.

Posted Nov 17, 2006

Reuters, a global information company, and Pluck Corporation, a provider of user-generated content and community tools, have announced that they have formed a strategic alliance to syndicate third-party blog content as part of Reuters news and information service.

Posted Nov 17, 2006

Nine Systems, a provider of solutions for rich media production, publishing, and distribution, has introduced the Nine Systems Channel Sales Program.

Posted Nov 07, 2006

iCopyright, provider of the intelligent copyright licensing system, has launched a new program for publishers that pushes their web content into the email boxes of businesses and consumers who track companies and keywords for breaking news and analysis with Clip&Copy.

Posted Oct 24, 2006

CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corporation and Yahoo! Inc. have announced an exclusive video syndication agreement in which local news video from 16 of CBS’s owned stations will be made available on Yahoo! to an internet audience.

Posted Oct 17, 2006

In June, cable giant Comcast paid a reported $80 million for thePlatform, an online media publishing system. Then in July, EchoStar, owner of the nation’s second largest satellite TV service (the DISH Network), made a sizable investment in CinemaNow, the popular movies-on-demand portal. Add to these big high-profile investment deals the smaller content-sharing deals recently struck between NBC and YouTube and between Viacom and Google, and the picture of a trend comes into focus.

Posted Oct 03, 2006

Voxant, creator of the Viral Syndication Network for online news, has secured $10.5 million in backing for the company's solution for distributing broadcast, print, and other types of news content across the internet.

Posted Sep 26, 2006

Versita, formerly Central European Science Journals, has entered a licensing agreement to partner with MetaPress to provide hosting services to regions of the world where hosting platforms for electronic content were formerly unavailable.

Posted Sep 22, 2006

In a follow-up to their landmark publication The Digital Classroom: How Technology is Changing the Way We Teach and Learn, the Harvard Education School noted that essentially all the K–12 classrooms in the U.S. have been wired (though many still have slow dial-up connections). So here, the “digital divide” is fast disappearing, from a pure technology standpoint. For the world as a whole the picture is not so uniformly bright. Asian countries like Korea and Japan have even greater connectivity than we do, while Africa, the Near East, Latin America, and Caribbean countries lag way behind.

Posted Sep 18, 2006