Content Distribution

Zipidee announced the public beta release of the Prosumer Generated Content (PGC) marketplace for digital goods.

Posted Oct 19, 2007

Swets announced that it recently signed agreements with seven publishers to make their journals available via SwetsWise Online Content--Swets' ejournal gateway.

Posted Oct 09, 2007

News Technologies, LLC announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent to the company.

Posted Oct 05, 2007

A distributor of market intelligence, announced a business partnership with Amadee+Company.

Posted Oct 02, 2007

Belo Corp. and Mochila, Inc. announced a strategic partnership whereby Belo will become a premier content syndication partner in the Mochila marketplace.

Posted Sep 25, 2007

Screen Digest released research and forecasts on the business of online distribution from its broadband media analyst team, covering music, TV, and movies.

Posted Sep 25, 2007

Attributor Corporation, provider of web-wide content monitoring and analysis platform, announced that Reuters has chosen Attributor technology to enhance Reuters' next-generation news and information delivery.

Posted Sep 18, 2007

Mainstream Data has entered into an agreement with Portugal Telecom (PT) and Lusa (Portugal's national press agency) to distribute news stories and photographs to Lusa's newspaper and media customers in Europe and Africa via Mainstream's satellite and MediasNet (internet) networks.

Posted Sep 07, 2007

Highwinds Network Group, Inc., a provider of content distribution solutions, entered into a network agreement with Global Crossing, a global IP solutions provider.

Posted Sep 07, 2007 and, both news and information web sites, have announced a content-sharing partnership for coverage of the 2008 Presidential campaigns.

Posted Aug 31, 2007

Akamai Technologies, Inc., a global service provider of content and applications online, announced that high-definition video is now possible online via its global content distribution network.

Posted Aug 28, 2007

PureWellness and EBSCO Publishing have joined forces for access to health information and the tools.

Posted Aug 03, 2007

MusicNet has announced that it will make more than one million DRM-free tracks available to its partners in the third quarter.

Posted Jul 31, 2007

ClipSyndicateSM has announced a partnership with Agence France-Presse to syndicate its video service, AFPTV, to thousands of vertical websites in the ClipSyndicate network.

Posted Jul 27, 2007

While some speculate that the web unearths more news sources than ever before, research into the actual sources of online news point to a virtual duopoly of wire agency news sources, which some media analysts find alarming. Is the marked decline in original reporting a threat to the business model of online news sites or a necessary part of their financial survival?

Posted Jul 27, 2007

ProQuest has signed an agreement with Cambridge University Press intended to offer more than 200 Cambridge Journals titles in selected ProQuest platform products.

Posted Jul 24, 2007 has announced a business partnership with Valid Results Incorporated that allows for the marketing and distribution of Valid Results’ proprietary market analyses through the website.

Posted Jul 24, 2007

thePlatform, a broadband video application service provider, has announced that BBC Global News will use thePlatform's media management and publishing system to distribute short-form video content to YouTube.

Posted Jul 03, 2007, a distributor of market intelligence, has announced a business partnership with Servio Retail Group, designed to allow for the marketing and distribution of Servio’s proprietary market analyses through the website.

Posted Jun 22, 2007

I have been in and around content syndication since 1983. Just writing that sentence makes me feel like an old-timer, yet I remember as if it were yesterday how bond prices and news were the fuel of the bond-trading work I did right after college. Young men bellowed into multiple telephones—buying and selling as a result of the syndicated prices and news that appeared on the Reuters and Dow Jones Telerate screens.

Posted Jun 08, 2007

Attributor, a privately held technology company, has announced that its technology will be used to fingerprint AP copy and to identify and document its display wherever it appears across the internet.

Posted Jun 01, 2007

Voxant, a Viral Syndication Network (VSN), has partnered with Dow Jones Online to make videos from The Wall Street Journal Online,, and Barron's Online available through VSN's TheNewsRoom.

Posted May 29, 2007

Joost, an internet television service, has signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a talent and literary agency.

Posted May 29, 2007

Voxant, the Viral Syndication Network (VSN), has announced that it will offer select content from The Huffington Post.

Posted May 22, 2007

Endavo, a provider of digital media management and distribution solutions, has released its new Digital Broadcast Network and media management ecosystem.

Posted May 18, 2007