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On Wednesday morning, HBO co-president Eric Kessler told a group of industry wonks that despite the success of digital offerings like HBO GO, it plans to remain true to its cable roots.

Posted Dec 02, 2011

Whereas my personal Los Angeles community of technological early adopters tends to be driven to buy the coolest, most cutting-edge gadgets, we often forget (and I'm the most guilty here) that a huge chunk of the population is driven more by a good value. It could be a function of generation, socioeconomic status, the overall economy, or simply priorities, but while I expected to immediately put digital deals in place with my new film library, I've been forced to recognize that I must first focus on selling this audience entertainment in the way that it wants it right now. That just happens to be on the uber-traditional DVD.

Posted Dec 01, 2011 announced it would provide content from its Twitter feed, homepage, and select content categories over Flipboard, the social magazine app designed specifically for iPad. Flipboard aggregates content from social networks and other publishers. The magazine-style interface will deliver hundreds of lifestyle articles to readers.

Posted Nov 30, 2011

Publishing Technology Plc. has partnered with the China National Publications Import and Export Corporation (CNPIEC) to bring the first digital publishing platform to supply content to Chinese libraries. The new site is expected to launch in China in 2012.

Posted Nov 29, 2011

Paramount Pictures announced that the three Mission: Impossible films would be available to rent from the Mission: Impossible Facebook Page. Facebook users that like the page can rent the entire collection using Facebook Credits: each rental can be purchased for 30 Facebook Credits, or $2.99.

Posted Nov 23, 2011

OverDrive announced Test Drive, a program for libraries to support demonstration and lending of eBook reading devices and tablets to patrons. The program includes device recommendations and guidelines for setup, maintenance and support, as well as best practices for institutions that want to stock and lend eBook readers and tablets to patrons.

Posted Nov 23, 2011

In publishing, small is the new big. An increasing number of publishers are releasing e-singles -- short works published digitally on a variety of platforms -- to generate ancillary revenue, build brand equity, and reach new audiences. Among those joining the e-singles market are Hearst, Rodale, Princeton University Press, and as recently as last week, Penguin.

Posted Nov 21, 2011

Google released Google Music, a new online music store. Google struck deals with three major music companies and allows users to buy music and upload and store up to 20,000 songs for free. Users can share music, including streaming an entire album, with their friends via Google+.

Posted Nov 17, 2011

Netflix struck a deal with MGM to stream newly-released feature films in the U.K. and Ireland upon Netflix's launch in early 2012. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The deal is a multiyear licensing agreement and will cover most of the first-runs for feature films from MGM and its distribution partners in the region.

Posted Nov 07, 2011

Amazon's Kindle Fire, releasing November 15th, is setting more than a little spark in the world of mobile devices. The original Kindle was a dedicated ereader but with Fire, Amazon is moving squarely into tablet territory. And it's a good thing too!

Posted Oct 27, 2011

Netflix released content from its deal with Dreamworks Animation, LLC this week, in the form of a Halloween-themed mini-series called Dreamworks Spooky Stories. According to Gigaom, Netflix acquired content from Dreamworks Animation in a deal announced last month, but the deal wasn't expected to result in new content until 2013.

Posted Oct 26, 2011

Netflix posted third-quarter customer losses that were worse than the company forecasted last month. According to, the number of domestic subscribers fell to 23.8 million as of September 30, from 24.6 million three months earlier. Netflix's share price closed on Monday, October 24, at $118.84.

Posted Oct 25, 2011

Brainshark, Inc. introduced SlideShark, an app tailored to display PowerPoint presentations on the iPad. SlideShark is available for free download from Apple's App Store. The app is designed to preserve animations, fonts, graphics, and colors. Presentations can be downloaded and played locally, without the requirement of an internet connection.

Posted Oct 18, 2011

Mag+, part of Moving Media+, has provided the Apple Newsstand with almost a dozen magazines designed especially for the iPad. Titles from Mag+ include Popular Science+, Popular Photography+, Outside+, and Maxim+. Newsstand is available with iOS5, which was released last Wednesday.

Posted Oct 18, 2011

Who is the mobile magazine reader? Texterity -- a Southborough, MA-based company that provides digital and mobile publishing solutions -- sought to answer that question in its annual readership survey. The 2011 Mobile App Readership Survey (with results certified by BPA Worldwide) was designed to specifically study magazine app users while on their mobile devices.

Posted Oct 17, 2011

NewspaperDirect teamed up with Kooaba AG, a Swiss image-recognition startup, to enhance Kooaba's mobile app, Paperboy. Using the app, available on iPhone and Android, readers can take pictures of articles that interest them in their local printed newspapers and then share the articles as PDFs through Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS.

Posted Oct 13, 2011

Impelsys, provider of digital delivery solutions, released version 3.2 of its iPublishCentral digital publishing platform, which expands support for mobile devices: the platform's Bookstore-as-an-App framework will now support iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. iPublishCentral 3.2 also lets publishers create and price ebooks in multiple formats, such as PDF, EPUB, or MOBI.

Posted Oct 13, 2011

According to the report, usage of downloaded mobile apps grew 3% from the previous three month period, with 41.6% of the respondents using an app. This made it the fastest growing category in mobile phone content usage. App usage now sits only .5% behind browser usage in the results of this survey.

Posted Oct 05, 2011

Amazon introduced an all-new Kindle family: three all-new Kindle e-readers including the Kindle Fire, an Android-based tablet that gives users access to the wide variety of content available through Amazon including over 100,000 movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video, over 17,000,000 songs from Amazon MP3, and over 1,000,000 Kindle books.

Posted Sep 28, 2011

Door Step School of India added a new School on Wheels bus, its seventh, to serve more children in Pune. Door Step School provides education for underprivileged children in both Pune and Mumbai. Each bus is equipped as a classroom, able to accommodate 20 to 25 children. This bus was donated by Springer Science+Business Media.

Posted Sep 27, 2011

Netflix will split into two brands: Netflix for streaming, and Qwikster for DVD rental, according to CEO Reed Hastings. As reported on paidContent, the company announced it would be separating the two services and increasing subscription cost earlier this summer, but was criticized for lack of adequate communication on the matter.

Posted Sep 20, 2011

With 165 million viewers, MBC is constantly striving to provide its audience with the highest quality content and best user experience possible. When MBC found that its content management system (CMS), Vignette, which was acquired by Open Text in 2009, was no longer reliable or scalable enough to handle its media demands, it started looking for a replacement; one that would not only support the group's extensive current requirements, but plans for future improvements.

Posted Sep 16, 2011

According to a recent survey of 600 publishers across the trade, professional, and educational markets, the biggest struggle publishers face is maximizing ebook profits as the industry struggles to go digital. Part of the profit problem will be solved as publishers reduce production expenses by moving to scalable digital workflows, rather than retrofitting existing, outdated and inefficient publishing processes. While saving money by increasing productivity and reducing expenses is an important part of gaining a positive return on investment from ebooks and apps, maximizing profits also requires publishers to find innovative ways of earning revenue and turning those dollars into profit.One such strategy is to sell advertisements in ebooks and apps.Ads in books? Heresy you say! Err, not so fast.

Posted Sep 01, 2011

Tapit Media Pty Ltd., a near field communication (NFC) content delivery startup, closed its seed funding round from Sydney Angels Investors. The round closed 22 days after its pitch, a record for the investment group.

Posted Aug 30, 2011

Tablet devices have become increasingly popular with both adults and children, with about 15 million iPads sold in 2010 and Kindle being, Inc.'s top-selling product. When ebooks began to boom and etextbooks hit the market, HMH didn't want to get left behind its competitors. In May 2010, HMH began to conceptualize its first etextbook project. It needed to figure out a way to appropriately and effectively present traditional paperback textbooks in digital app form so that they would engage users.

Posted Aug 26, 2011