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Content marketing has grown wildly popular. In fact, 88% of B2B marketers employ some kind of content strategy. In some ways, this is beneficial; it means we have more data to use in producing more content, and a network of support through publication and syndication. However, it also means a drastic increase in competition.

Posted Jun 08, 2017

Ask any top content marketing team what it wishes it had. The answer may be more leads, sales, clicks, likes, links, or reach, but it always comes back to content. Today's organizations and the marketing teams that support them are being forced to produce more content than ever. But when do we reach the tipping point?

Posted Jun 06, 2017

RedLink announced a pilot of Remarq on several IOP Publishing journals, including the Journal of Optics, the New Journal of Physics, Nanotechnology, and Biofabrication. Remarq is a new tool for the publishing community offering annotation, commenting, article sharing, and collaboration, all on the publisher's site and utilizing the version of record.

Posted Jun 01, 2017

When we consider the type of content that's being created and consumed in today's marketplace, who's really calling the shots? Is it the content creators, the agencies, or the brands? Or is it the silent partner--the audience?

Posted May 31, 2017

Video is an increasingly important part of content strategies. Whether you're the editor of a news site or a content marketer, your audience wants video—and there is no place like Streaming Media East to learn about the business and technology of video. But after a day's worth of sessions, I came away with three tips that any publisher can apply to their content.

Posted May 16, 2017

Altova announced the release of MobileTogether 3.2, its cross-platform mobile development framework. This release introduces over 18 important new features for building data-centric mobile apps.

Posted May 16, 2017

Posted May 01, 2017

Searchmetrics launched an agile content development platform. The Searchmetrics Content Experience is a pathfinding solution that lets writers create content optimized to reach their target group and stand atop search page rankings. Marketers can quickly optimize content production by identifying the right topics to create online content that resonates with current and potential customers.

Posted Apr 27, 2017

VitalSource has announced the release of VitalSource Content Studio 2.0, expanding the EPUB 3 authoring tool's capabilities with legacy content conversion and one-click publishing. The companys says it allows content creators to preview and publish their responsive and accessible EPUB 3 content directly into VitalSource's Bookshelf platform, and makes updates and revisions faster and easier.

Posted Apr 27, 2017

Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL) and the Center for Information Development Management (CIDM), have released the results of the 5th annual "Following the Trends - Is Your Content Ready?" survey, and the results show, among many other insights, that a surprising 51% of those polled responded "No," that their content is not ready - a 21% increase over last year.

Posted Apr 18, 2017

Adobe announced the latest versions of its eLearning authoring tool, Adobe Captivate, and learning management system (LMS), Adobe Captivate Prime. Used in conjunction, as an end-to-end solution, or as standalone offerings, Adobe's powerful eLearning solutions continue to break new ground for specialists in learning and development, training, and corporate HR departments who want to deliver exceptional learning experiences that are personalized and delivered on any device.

Posted Apr 13, 2017

Big Data and journalism are becoming inextricably linked. Currently, we seem to be embarking on the slippery slope of presenting statistics and data analysis as solid evidence, sans clarification or context. Even Nate Silver of the FiveThirtyEight website, after putting Donald Trump's chances of becoming the Republican nominee at 12% to 13%, waited to clarify the rationale behind the prediction. To some, a U.S. presidential election feels life-altering. That is literally the case when data are being run through algorithms and used to make decisions, such as mortgage qualification or university admittance.

Posted Apr 11, 2017

Storyhunter, a talent marketplace of more than 20,000 freelance video producers and journalists across 180 countries, announced $1.3 million funding round; $4.2M total. Draper Associates led this funding round which included Frontier Ventures and, joining previous investors NFX Guild, iAngels, and 500 Startups.

Posted Mar 30, 2017

Wrike, the work management software for high performance teams, announced the release of a new set of tools that allow video producers, editors, and business users to share feedback and collaborate on the development of video assets.

Posted Mar 07, 2017

Arkadium announced the release of Asky, an in-article, interactive content solution. Asky lets publishers create custom quizzes and polls that can easily be embedded on their pages. It is the first of several new in-article content solutions Arkadium will introduce this year.

Posted Feb 23, 2017

Instart Logic announced its Application Services Platform, an integrated set of speed, mobility, and security technologies designed to optimize digital revenue. It also announced a new business model which it says is designed to disrupt the $10 billion content and application delivery markets.

Posted Feb 16, 2017

After six months of work, Workep is announcing its official beta. Google Apps has 10 million companies subscribed to its business suite but they do not have a project manager. Workep was born due to this gap in the Google Business Suite.

Posted Feb 16, 2017

Rainmaker Digital is introducing what it calls an "innovative hybrid solution." StudioPress Sites includes 20 mobile-optimized HTML5 designs, powered by the Genesis Framework.

Posted Feb 09, 2017

There's a fine balance you'll have to find, when you're trying to create content that readers will love, and that will appease the search engines. While it may be tempting to stuff as many keywords as possible into your content to up your rankings in search engine results, if your content isn't of any value to the reader, you'll find that whatever clicks you receive won't be worth much. Here are six vital steps to take when creating well-balanced online content.

Posted Jan 20, 2017

In a blog post on its website, Atlassian announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Trello.

Posted Jan 10, 2017 - a technology provider with digital solutions that enable organizations to quickly create, connect, and scale applications across mobile, web, and IoT - announced Flow On-Prem, a new deployment option and architecture for its award-winning integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Flow.

Posted Dec 20, 2016

John Wiley & Sons Inc. announced the launch of a new Author Services website that streamlines the publishing process for authors publishing with the majority of Wiley's 1600+ journals. Author Services supports users through every stage of the publishing process, from submission and peer review through to acceptance and publication.

Posted Dec 06, 2016

Nventify, Inc., the software company behind Imagizer Media Engine, announced that it is launching a new cloud-based image manipulation platform that removes complexities of dynamically delivering best-sized images to end-user.

Posted Dec 01, 2016

WPS Office Software, an office productivity suite for PC and mobile devices, announced new features in the iOS version of its complete office productivity suite, offering iPhone users capabilities for greater productivity and convenience through advanced file sharing, presenting, and recording features.

Posted Nov 15, 2016