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Access Innovations Inc., specialists in creating and maintaining databases of digitized research, news, and other content for a wide range of government and business clients, has announced it has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for the underlying database design and maintenance technology that drives its Data Harmony line of software.

Posted Aug 02, 2005

Thomas Technology Solutions helps Northstar Travel Media streamline its production process and unify its systems.

Posted Jul 26, 2005

The BBC recently launched a trial program called BBC Backstage that allows developers to use some BBC content free of charge for non-commercial purposes. The BBC hopes the program encourages creativity and produces interesting ways to use its content in the same spirit in which Google and Amazon (and others) have opened up their application program interfaces (APIs) to developers.

Posted Jul 25, 2005

Simian Systems Inc. has announced the release of SiteMailer 2.

Posted Jul 15, 2005

Cladonia Limited has announced the immediate availability of Exchanger XML Editor.

Posted Jul 08, 2005

Product Development Company (PTC), has announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Arbortext, Inc., an enterprise publishing provider, for $190 million in cash.

Posted Jul 08, 2005

NewsKnowledge GmbH has announced that NewsIsFree, an online newsreader and search engine has released an update of its website.

Posted Jun 21, 2005

Quadralay Corporation, a provider of complete electronic publishing solutions,has announced the immediate availability of WebWorks ePublisher Pro for Word, its software solution for creating online content.

Posted Jun 21, 2005

The open access (OA) landscape is littered with misconceptions and misunderstandings. In fact, the very definition of open access is frequently disputed. There are those who assume that anything free is open access and others who confuse it with kindred spirit open source, but understanding the definition is only to begin to grasp the issues OA raises. Marydee ojala

Posted Jun 14, 2005

When launched this past March, it provided a free space for creators of all types of content—including video, audio, and the written word—to distribute their content. Perhaps more importantly, however, it stepped in to fill an emerging need for a forum in which to discuss the best ways to create, produce, and distribute content.

Posted Jun 09, 2005

Citizen Journalism provides a place for people to celebrate the ordinary victories in their lives, a forum for discussing local political issues, coverage that specifically suits its local readership, and a way to connect people to one another—all things found wanting in a world dominated by big media monopolies. This budding phenomenon supports the community along with a new journalistic business model. Ron miller

Posted Jun 07, 2005

SDL International, a provider of translation services and technology solutions, has announced SDLAuthorAssistant 2005, which is intended to advance the quality and efficiency of global authoring processes.

Posted Jun 03, 2005

Syncro Soft Ltd, the producer of XML Editor, has announced the immediate availability of Version 6.0 of its XML Editor, Schema Editor, and XSLT Debugger.

Posted May 24, 2005

Longwood Software, developer of the TagTeam marketing materials management system, has introduced new capabilities in the service. Web Kits enable TagTeam customers to deliver marketing and sales materials to prospects within a personalized Web page. Instead of simply attaching files to an email, the TagTeam system presents the materials dynamically and visually on the Web.

Posted May 20, 2005

Traction Software Inc. has announced release 3.6 of Traction TeamPage, Traction Communicator, and its new Traction TeamPage Feed Reader. With help from its new partner, B-Spirit of Switzerland, Traction Software has also announced French language localization, in addition to English, German, and Japanese.

Posted May 20, 2005

Xythos Software, a developer of document and file management software, has announced the introduction of three new product suites that are designed to provide both enhanced application functionality and platform flexibility. Xythos now offers market-specific applications designed to address the respective needs of commercial, government, and academic institutions -- as well as a developer platform.

Posted May 20, 2005

TRADOS Inc., a provider of global information solutions, and Arbortext, a provider of enterprise publishing software, have formed an alliance that closely ties the authoring and publishing processes with the entire globalization cycle. As a result, the alliance creates a global enterprise publishing solution that is intended to control and streamline the global content workflow.

Posted May 20, 2005

PubSub has announced the launch of Structured Blogging, a foundation that provides a means to include tags in Web pages and blog postings that identify structured data as rich data, rather than simple text.

Posted May 20, 2005

Five Across, Inc. has extended its technology to enable the creation of multi-page Web sites. Available immediately, the hosted service, Bubbler, provides page navigation that is generated automatically; updates text and pages in real time; provides drag-and-drop photo, audio, and video sharing; and has a group model that provides wiki-like collaboration for authorized users.

Posted May 20, 2005

Cadmus Communications Corporation has announced the release of dPub version 3.0, a new version of its digital edition solution with a focus on enhancing the user interface. dPub was designed to retain the familiar look, feel, and design of the printed publication with added links to external content and embedded audio and video.

Posted May 13, 2005

Quadralay Corporation, a provider of electronic publishing solutions, has announced the launch of WebWorks ePublisher Pro, a solution for creating online content. The new desktop ePublishing software is designed to leverage the power of XML and allow users to create customized content for the Web, intranets, professional online Help systems, portable devices, enterprise-ready XML, or PDFs.

Posted May 13, 2005

Onstream Media Corporation, an online service provider of on-demand, rich media communications, has announced the availability of the Onstream Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP).

Posted May 13, 2005

Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has announced the launch of a new program to digitize back issues of all its journal holdings, dating back to the 1800s, on Wiley InterScience, its online publishing platform. Wiley's digitization of legacy content is an ongoing project designed to improve the research pathway and ensure content discovery is as seamless and time efficient as possible.

Posted May 10, 2005

RealObjects has released version 4.2 of the WYSIWYG XHTML/XML editor edit-on Pro. The editor is designed to complement Web-based content management, knowledge management, and elearning systems and streamline the process of in-browser Web authoring across platforms without installation of client-side software.

Posted May 03, 2005

I don’t know if my art is a dying one, but I do know that the way I have done business is fading like a weathered signpost. No doubt a lot of old-school publishing pros are haunted by similar specters: blogging, community journalism, news-harvesting tools, templated software that will “do the writing for you.” A multitude of new-world media methods are redirecting the flow of information, putting its navigation into hands other than our own.

Posted May 02, 2005