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The online platform, a major played in the German-language internet publishing and marketing sphere, is expanding into its neighboring European countries and is now also offering its service of Internet-based publishing and marketing of self-written texts, documents, and e-books in English and French.

Posted Oct 01, 2010

VitalSource Technologies released the VitalSource Bookshelf app for Apple's iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch mobile devices. With the addition of the app to VitalSource's line of products and services, faculty and students can now access their content through mobile devices in addition to methods such as integrated downloads.

Posted Sep 28, 2010

Semantico has released an updated control panel for the Semantico Information Publishing Platform (SIPP), a platform which, among other uses, allows to create their own microsites. In addition to featuring improved navigation and updated design aesthetic, the control panel allows existing live sites to be updated with new material in addition to giving users the option to test new code-sets in the live environment but not on the live URL.

Posted Sep 28, 2010

Atypon announced that the New England Journal of Medicine has selected its Literatum platform to power the journal's digital presence. The NEJM's new site will feature all-new design, enhanced navigation, and rich content, along with such additions as 19 specialty pages, education and training tools, and a complete archive of every article published by the journal since its founding in 1812.

Posted Sep 23, 2010

Ingram Content Group Inc. and Macmillan debuted a new distribution services model that takes advantage of Ingram's print on demand and fulfillment capabilities with Macmillan's publishing program. Under the new service, Macmillan will use Ingram's print on demand and physical distribution infrastructure to handle both traditional inventory processes and POD for "long tail" titles.

Posted Sep 23, 2010

Advertising network VideoEgg is planning to acquire blogging and advertising network Six Apart . Following the acquisition, the newly-formed combined company will change its name to SAY Media, which will be headed up by former VideoEgg CEO Matt Sanchez. Chris Alden, CEO of Six Apart, will step down.

Posted Sep 23, 2010

MarkLogic Corporation and Flatirons Solutions, a systems integrator that develops content technology to address critical business issues, today announced that Flatirons has been named the first North American reseller for MarkLogic's database. According to MarkLogic, the agreement signals a move to enlist trusted reseller partners as part of its aggressive growth strategy.

Posted Sep 16, 2010

JustSystems, the largest independent software vendor in Japan and a worldwide developer of XML and information management technologies, announced that XMetaL® Author Enterprise 6.0, the latest version of the company's XML-based software for structured authoring and content collaboration, is available in Japanese. JustSystems is also collaborating with IBM Japan, Antenna House, and Fuji Xerox to establish the DITA Consortium Japan.

Posted Sep 16, 2010

K-NFB Reading Technology announced the release of its free Blio reader. Blio, which is free to download, will be launching Sept. 28 for all Windows-based devices, with applications for iOS and Android operating systems following shortly thereafter. In the coming months, Blio will be rolled out worldwide through device manufacturers, retailers, mobile carriers, and educational institutions, and supported by fully-customized digital media storefronts.

Posted Sep 16, 2010

Mediaspectrum, Inc. introduced Adrenalin, a complete solution for publishers looking to create a customized news-reading application for Apple's iPad and other tablet devices. Adrenalin provides digital news organizations with dynamic content, integrated advertising, and subscription management, while also offering an opportunity to establish a powerful tablet presence.

Posted Sep 16, 2010

Twenty years ago when the web was young, the topic of standards was mainly the purview of computer scientists, engineers, and enterprise technologists. But these days, with the impact of standards on everything from how content displays in various browsers and delivery on emergent devices to cost savings and search engine optimization (SEO), web standards have become everyone's business. Analysis by Nancy Davis Kho.

Posted Sep 06, 2010

As a content management strategist, I've helped clean up some pretty big content messes. And almost all of these expensive content woes could have been avoided if the organizations involved had realized one important fact: Content is a business asset worthy of being managed efficiently and effectively.

Posted Sep 01, 2010

IBM and the European Union (EU) have expanded their research partnership called IMPACT (IMProving ACcess to Text), which will enable the digitization of rare and culturally significant historical texts, to include more than two-dozen national libraries, research institutions, companies, and universities across Europe. IMPACT, funded by EU, offers guidance and new technology to various European institutions.

Posted Aug 31, 2010 released figures showing that orders for the next gen Kindle during the first four weeks of availability exceeded sales for any other Kindle launch in the same timeframe. The company also announced that Kindles became the best-selling product across its Amazon,com and sites.

Posted Aug 26, 2010

MediaBeacon, Inc., a developer of digital asset management and rich media products and software, has entered into an agreement with Aysling Digital Media Solutions which will allow MediaBeacon's digital asset management platform to be integrated and distributed with Aysling's WoodWing Suite of electronic publishing tools. MediaBeacon's presence in WoodWing Suite products will allow more options in the management of rich media during the development of publications.

Posted Aug 24, 2010

There is a new breed of content creator seeking to dominate the world of search-based information gathering by leveraging keyword-driven editorial missions and a huge supply of journalists who currently find themselves in need of revenue streams. Are these so-called content farms the end of cultivated content or do they represent a necessary state in the evolution of the content creation model?

Posted Aug 23, 2010

Reprints Desk, a content workflow company, secured an exclusive, multi-year contract to provide article reprinting services for the journals published by the American Medical Association. Included in the deal are the Journal of the American Medical Association, nine specialty Archives Journals, American medical News, and Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.

Posted Aug 12, 2010

Quark announced a partnership with, a provider of hosted catalog production services, to help catalog publishers, retailers, mail order producers, and agencies streamline their multichannel catalog production process., based in part on QuarkXPress Server, offers production and print online publishing of catalogs.

Posted Aug 10, 2010

enkHouse, a new digital division of Brown Books Publishing Group, is launching a joint venture with KiwiTech to develop enhanced ebooks and film-based applications for the mobile market. The partnership will give film and television producers new ways to market content by packaging existing video and audio into enhanced ebooks.

Posted Aug 05, 2010

XanEdu, a provider of coursepacks and custom textbooks, launched an iPad publishing program in concert with several academic institutions and Harvest Business School Publishing. The platform is designed to give students and instructors more flexibility in accessing course materials through Apple's recently-released iPad platform.

Posted Jul 29, 2010

Adobe Systems Incorporated and Day Software Holding AG entered into a definitive agreement for Adobe to acquire all of the publicly held registered shares of Day Software, thereby acquiring the company. The transaction is valued at approximately $240 million, based on current exchange rates.

Posted Jul 29, 2010

The Writers Block (TWB) and Author-it Software Corporation (ASC) partnered to offer content creation and authoring services to the growing Asian market. The alliance will provide users in India with a combination of expertise from TWB and technology from ASC.

Posted Jul 27, 2010

Marion Waldman began Albany, N.Y.-based iD8 Publishing Services in 2005. The company is a vendor for the educational publishing industry, providing a full range of services that take the customer through the early phases of production. An integral part of academic publishing is peer review, which ensures the quality and integrity of a book or journal. However, based on her past experiences, Waldman knew peer review is rarely an efficient process. A first-edition book project, for example, may require up to eight unique reviewers per chapter. Waldman wanted to find an efficient online system that could manage large amounts of qualitative data that could generate reports for authors.

Posted Jul 26, 2010

Squarespace, a web publishing platform, announced the closure of a $38.5 million minority growth investment, led by Index Ventures and Accel Partners. According to the company, this is the first outside capital raised by the company since its foundation in 2003.

Posted Jul 15, 2010

Being the owner of two of the most important e-readers on the market puts me in a unique position to speak to the best and the worst of what e-readers have to offer. In my view, the Kindle - iPad comparisons I have read are usually based on a rather arrogant assumption: that reading books is, somehow, a more worthwhile intellectual pursuit than magazines, newspapers, or other content sources.

Posted Jul 08, 2010