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Amobee, a marketing technology company, announced it is on the market with Twitter pre-roll, Twitter's new expanded VAST compliant video offering that connects brands with audiences across premium publishers using video ad messages in a live digital environment. Amobee's cross channel, cross device digital marketing solutions are used by leading brands including Allstate, Airbnb, and the NBA.

Posted Jun 07, 2016

33Across, a global publisher monetization platform, is providing a new way for publishers to drive incremental mobile web revenue through in-feed video ad units. The company says its new "Mobile In-Feed" offering enables publishers to monetize mobile web traffic through high impact autoplay in-feed videos. For buyers, it enables them to scale programmatic on the mobile web with video ad units delivered only when the player is in-view.

Posted May 26, 2016

Kaltura, a video technology provider, announced the launch of the Kaltura Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS), a specialized cloud video service, enabling organizations to build and rapidly deploy any video application, workflow, and experience. Kaltura VPaaS lets SaaS providers, integrators, in-house teams in large organizations, and developers everywhere to quickly add video capabilities and integrate video as a native data type into existing platforms and workflows by leveraging the Kaltura APIs, SDKs, and developer tools for their specific needs.

Posted May 19, 2016

CSG Systems International, Inc. announced survey findings that reveal new trends in consumer use of streaming video services and the impact of streaming on Pay TV services. In the survey titled Going with the Flow: How to Captivate Video Streamers, The Diffusion Group (TDG), on behalf of CSG, polled nearly 2,000 consumers across the United States who regularly use streaming services to watch video. Survey respondents reported their opinions about watching short- and long-form video content including movies, TV shows, sports and other content across devices and from multiple providers.

Posted May 19, 2016

Telestream, a provider of digital video tools and workflow solutions announced the release of version 3.0 of Switch its cross-platform media player and inspection tool. This latest version of Switch continues its evolution as an affordable visual QC tool and standalone media player with new features for comparing multiple files, previewing output through Blackmagic Design devices, and new one-step publishing destinations for Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.

Posted May 19, 2016

From mid-April to early May, my husband and I were on a bucket-list trip in Europe. We wanted to see Scotland, Ireland, England, and the Netherlands before we invested our focus on things like upgrading the house and starting a family. Through this entire trip, I only had 100MB of data available on my phone because of the lower-end international plan I purchased. Needless to say, that small amount of data makes watching YouTube videos nearly impossible.

Posted May 19, 2016

Thanks to an increased selection and availability of production tools, creating videos has never been easier. Both individuals and brands with even the most beginner-level skills can produce attractive, quality content with little more than a smartphone camera and some free editing software. But until recently, setting up a video subscription service to distribute that content to audiences was a different matter entirely.

Posted May 09, 2016

When you think about social media stars, you might think about teenagers on YouTube or the Kardashians on Instagram. But there is a whole other world out there of people who share their expertise and express their creativity through social channels and make a living from it. People such as Tati Westbrook. She's the makeup artist and stylist behind GlamLifeGuru, a YouTube channel with 1,167,897 subscribers (as of this writing), where she posts beauty product reviews, tutorials, hauls, and more.

Posted May 04, 2016

FXHOME released all-in-one video editing and visual effects software HitFilm 4 Express designed to enable a new generation of online creators. Available for free, the technology gives YouTubers the ability to make bigger and better content than ever before; from music videos and Let's Play videos to action movies with blockbuster-quality visual effects.

Posted May 03, 2016

In this sense, online video has, and always will be, an inherently social form of entertainment. This makes sense if you think about it; for decades, people have been congregating in churches, town halls, theaters, and now their own homes to watch moving pictures (better known as movies). Granted, we movie-goers don't tend to interact with each other during films. But the very fact that many of us are willing to go out in public--or sit down with friends and family in our own homes--to watch films says something about the way we prefer to enjoy the movie-watching experience.

Posted Apr 21, 2016

Unreel Entertainment, a startup which catalogs trending video data, announced the official launch of its white-label video streaming and distribution platform to help creators, MCNs, and publishers establish their own fully-branded homepages and video networks. To complement the launch, Unreel also unveiled the $1 Million Creator Appreciation Fund for early adopters to receive 100% of the platform's initial revenue up to $1 million.

Posted Apr 19, 2016

Zixi, a provider of broadcast quality contribution, management, and distribution, announced the debut of ZixiFY, a new cloud-based content delivery platform for the highest quality contribution to a content distribution network (CDN). ZixiFY is designed to reliably deliver live broadcast quality video from a Zixi enabled origination point including camera, encoder, phone, or tablet at any location to any device leveraging Zixi's proven protocol. Broadcasting and media organizations looking for cost-effective solutions to help engage viewers and generate revenue with high-quality live streaming content now have access to Zixi's cloud-based software platform.

Posted Apr 07, 2016

Part of the goal with ONE by AOL: Publishers is to provide an end-to-end unified video activation platform that enables publishers to syndicate and distribute premium content, create new inventory, increase viewability, and drive revenue with responsive, cross-device and customizable video players. To that end, AOL announced the latest developments with two video players that enhance viewing experiences and extend revenue opportunities for publishers: out-stream and in-line with a new SideView feature.

Posted Mar 31, 2016

Beamr, a provider of media optimization solutions, announced that it is acquiring Vanguard Video, a leading provider of HEVC and H.264 codec technologies, and raising a $15M funding round led by Disruptive Growth, with the participation of Marker and Innovation Endeavors. According to the company, the transaction positions Beamr as a global leader in H.264 and HEVC video encoding and optimization solutions, with over 80 employees and offices in Palo Alto, Tel Aviv and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Posted Mar 30, 2016

Viant has released a new Video Insights Report: 2015 Year-In-Review, which analyzed thousands of campaigns and tens of billions of ads served through its Vindico ad serving platform in 2015 to provide insights into the state of the current video ad landscape. The report takes a look at the ways in which mobile devices, viewability rates, and other factors are re-shaping video ad strategies for major media, internet brands, exchanges, and networks.

Posted Mar 17, 2016

YouTube hasn't had it easy in the copyright department as of late. In February 2016, a few well-known creators posted videos about their struggles with rights holders issuing takedown claims against their content. These creators claimed their videos were covered under fair use terms, and that YouTube's video claiming and copyright policies are so biased towards claimants that some of these creators no longer feel safe posting videos.

Posted Mar 17, 2016

Wiley announced a partnership between online IT learning and certification preparation platform ITPro.TV and the technical literature imprint, Sybex. This venture enables Sybex, a publisher of technology certification texts, to provide more interactive digital options alongside the educational books sold.

Posted Mar 10, 2016

Kaltura, a video technology provider, announced that it has developed and fully integrated an Interactive Video Quizzing tool into its platform. This will allow educational institutions, corporate training teams, and anyone else using videos for learning and training to add interactive quizzes to Kaltura video workflows for the purpose of enhancing feedback and assessment during video-based learning.

Posted Mar 03, 2016

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, and NewBlue Inc., a production-proven video special effects, transitions, and titling technology company, announced the release of Post Producer Titler Engine. Developed in partnership between the two companies, Post Producer Titler Engine is powered by NewBlueFX and runs on Telestream's file-based content assembly service, Post Producer, part of the Vantage media-processing platform. The new Titler Engine automates the creation of rich, animated, high-resolution titles and graphics when creating uniquely branded versions of the same package.

Posted Feb 23, 2016

Video distribution platform VHX unveiled itsnew white­label OTT apps at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, enabling anyone to launch their own subscription streaming service on the web, iPhone/iPad, Android, AppleTV and Roku. Now the Brooklyn­based video startup is announcing the public launch of their API and invites anyone to leverage VHX's technology platform and build their own custom apps and websites.

Posted Feb 18, 2016

"Today's users seek online video content on the screen of their choice. They should be able to access the video anywhere and virtually anytime they desire," says Matt Smith, chief evangelist for Anvato. "The models may vary, but every screen is the new normal." The new normal also includes more "snackable content" in the form of shorter videos that cater to smaller consumer attention spans. To wit: Snapchat, which limits user videos to 10 seconds or less, now has 6 billion video views per day.

Posted Feb 12, 2016

Mediabong, a video advertising platform, announced the launch of its Syncroll product, which says it is the only video advertising platform that guarantees 100% attention and viewability standard. Volvo, Wal-Mart, and Chrysler are among the first brands to leverage Syncroll to drive the effectiveness of their respective advertising campaigns.

Posted Feb 11, 2016

Retail advertising lead all mobile video advertising in Q4 2015, followed by Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods and Automotive advertising, according to data from outstream native mobile video advertising solution provider Positive Mobile.

Posted Feb 11, 2016

The first week of February 2016 will forever be remembered as one of the most controversial sequence of days in all of online video history. Why? Simply put, YouTube creators Benny and Rafi Fine of the popular The Fine Bros. channel tried to introduce a new program called React World, which would allow other creators to license their own versions of the "react" video format popularized by The Fine Bros. A little less delicately put, the Fine Bros. made a business decision which led to a very poor reaction from their peers.

Posted Feb 11, 2016