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EyeWonder, Inc. and CommonFlash have announced a jointly-developed online ad format, called the VideoStitial, which has premiered on BusinessWeek Online and

Posted May 18, 2004

thePlatform for media, inc., a provider of software for rich media management, publishing, commerce, and reporting, and Court TV Online have announced that Court TV Online has adopted thePlatform media publishing system as its rich media management, distribution, and reporting system.

Posted May 18, 2004

Nintendo’s Gameboy has been strengthening kids’ thumb muscles since its introduction over a decade ago. But those countless hours of button smashing were invariably spent doing one thing: playing games.

Posted May 10, 2004

Accordent Technologies and thePlatform for media, inc. have announced that Accordent's PresenterPRO products and thePlatform media publishing system will be offered as an integrated solution for enterprise content authoring, management, and publishing.

Posted Apr 27, 2004

thePlatform for media, inc., a provider of software for broadcast and broadband rich media content management, publishing, commerce, and reporting has announced that Scripps Networks has adopted thePlatform media publishing system and thePlatform broadcast-to-broadband solution as its global rich media management, distribution, and reporting system.

Posted Apr 23, 2004

Interactive Video Technologies (IVT), an ecommunications software company, has announced the availability of MediaPlatform TeleCaster, an integrated component within IVT's enterprise software solution, MediaPlatform 3.0.

Posted Apr 09, 2004, Inc., a multi-media publisher of business news and provider of financial information and analytical tools, has teamed with eSignal, a provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics, and decision support tools and a division of Interactive Data Corporation, to launch CBS MarketWatch LIVE, an online streaming, real-time news and market data product that is also compatible with portable handheld devices.

Posted Apr 09, 2004

Speedera Networks Inc., a provider of on-demand distributed application and content delivery services, has announced that Trend Micro, a provider of network anti-virus and Internet content security software and services, has extended its contract with the company.

Posted Apr 02, 2004

EyeWonder, Inc., a provider of instant streaming video solutions for the Internet, has announced the launch of six new video ad formats and fourteen new interactive features, designed to deliver new levels of effectiveness to online advertisers.

Posted Mar 23, 2004

NEC has released StreamPro/ManagementSystem Basic for WMT, a streaming data management solution.

Posted Mar 05, 2004

Reflect Systems has announced ReflectView, a retail-centric module for the ReflectNet Enterprise Broadcast Network.

Posted Feb 24, 2004

In April of 2003, EContent reported on the strides Mirror Image had taken in moving beyond content delivery, Web computing, and streaming, towards offering a complete end-to-end package to its Global 2000 customers. January brings a major announcement as the company unveils its new positioning as an “adaptive network for smart content,” whereby it bundles content management and content delivery solutions and makes aggressive moves into application and transaction support.

Posted Feb 06, 2004

Interactive Video Technologies, Inc. (IVT), a provider of ecommunications software, has announced the launch of MediaPlatform 3.0, its integrated Web-based software solution for creating, managing, distributing, and measuring live and on demand ecommunication presentations.

Posted Jan 23, 2004

Acacia Research Corporation has announced that its Acacia Technologies group has been issued an additional European patent covering 14 countries for its Digital Media Transmission ("DMT") Technology.

Posted Jan 16, 2004

Comcast, a broadband Internet provider, and thePlatform for media, inc., a provider of software for rich media content management, publishing, commerce, and reporting, have announced the official launch of The Fan.

Posted Nov 25, 2003

Reflect Systems has announced ReflectNet and ReflectWeb, a suite of rich-media communications software that are designed to combine creation, management, and distribution of content to internal and external audiences into one enterprise software package.

Posted Nov 18, 2003

Sonic Foundry Inc., a rich media solutions company, has announced a new architecture, higher performance, and enhancements to its Mediasite Live rich media presentation system that begins shipping immediately.

Posted Nov 07, 2003

Kontiki has announced the availability of an eservice for Microsoft Producer for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 allowing one-button publishing of business video presentations to the Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS) 3.0.

Posted Oct 24, 2003

Speedera Networks, a provider of content delivery services, has integrated Apple's Darwin Streaming Server technology with Speedera's distributed delivery network in support of QuickTime as well as open standards such as MPEG-4.

Posted Oct 21, 2003

Sawyer Media Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise media solutions, has announced the release of Enterprise Media Producer 2.0, a suite of software components designed to help companies create, manage, deliver, and measure rich media-enabled business communications.

Posted Oct 21, 2003

Interactive Video Technologies (IVT), an ecommunications software company, has announced an agreement with Cisco Systems to provide its flagship enterprise software solution, MediaPlatform, as the content authoring and management backbone for the Cisco Enterprise Video on Demand (VOD) Solution.

Posted Oct 03, 2003

Trusted Media Networks, Inc., a provider of rich digital audio and video content by means of dynamic delivery, has been officially launched.

Posted Sep 09, 2003

It is a case of musical Darwinism. When your career spans decades, it is inevitable that you have adapted to the times in order to survive. Such is the case with Metallica and Pearl Jam who have both made major strides in adapting to the use of the Internet for digitally distributing their music.

Posted Aug 29, 2003

EyeWonder, a provider of instant streaming video and audio solutions, has announced that Vauxhall Motors, a European division of General Motors, has licensed the EYERIS G3 solution to stream their TV spots within their online ads and Web site ( content, promoting the launches of the new Meriva and Signum.

Posted Aug 12, 2003

Rightscom, a strategic consultancy for the management of digital content, has published a white paper on the MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) Rights Expression Language (REL), one of the cornerstones of the MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework standard.

Posted Jul 25, 2003