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Macromedia, Inc. and Limelight Networks have announced the immediate availability of Limelight MediaEdge Streaming for Macromedia Flash.

Posted Nov 18, 2005

It is now a tradition in the annual EContent 100 issue that we climb way out on a limb and anticipate promising new sources of revenue for the coming year. Even as 2005 closes, it is already clear that boatloads of money are about to start racing online, especially from big media TV and radio brands desperately chasing audiences that are fragmenting into smaller niches of personalized, on-demand media consumption. In past years, advertising drove many of the trends online, but this coming year much of the energy will be coming from the media industry itself as it tries to retool for an on-demand future.

Posted Nov 16, 2005

Thomson Gale, part of The Thomson Corporation, has announced it is adding 14 new peer-reviewed journals to Science Resource Center, bringing the total number of full-text, peer-reviewed titles to 167.

Posted Nov 11, 2005

ReelBlogs has announced the launch of a video blog network on the Internet.

Posted Nov 11, 2005

IMN, an ecommunications service provider, has expanded its Web-based enewsletter service to capitalize on podcasting.

Posted Nov 08, 2005

Norpath, Inc., has announced the immediate availability of Norpath Elements 3.2, the latest version of its interactive authoring software for creating learning, multimedia, and information applications.

Posted Nov 04, 2005

SiSTeR Technologies, Inc., a provider of applications and hosted services for the automated creation and management of multimedia marketing content for online retail and mobile environments, has announced the commercial availability of the company's Pic2Vid for Marketers solution suite.

Posted Nov 04, 2005

I witnessed on television what I’ve often been critical about in Web multimedia use in business: the inability to search and quickly click to the precise part of content that I’m interested in. I’ve tried messing around with podcasting for things like listening to conference panels and keynotes that I missed, but my efforts always ended in frustration because I couldn’t go directly to the spot in the audio that I was most interested in. In other words, I couldn’t search on a big fat audio stream.

Posted Nov 03, 2005

RLG, a not-for-profit organization of over 150 research libraries, archives, and museums has announced that it will be a contributor to and partner with the Open Content Alliance (OCA), a consortium that is building a permanent archive of digitized text and multimedia content.

Posted Nov 01, 2005

Brainshark, a provider of on-demand rich-media communications solutions, has announced its integration with G2X, a provider of relationship management software products and services that help insurance companies manage distribution partner and client relationships.

Posted Nov 01, 2005

A recent survey of almost 35,000 MediaSpan Network site visitors finds that local radio station Web site visitors are actively accessing their local sites to stream music and download podcasts.

Posted Oct 28, 2005

Google and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation has announced a joint effort to make the Foundation's Archive of American Television interviews available for free viewing on Google Video.

Posted Oct 28, 2005

Total Training, Inc., a provider of video-based training, has announced the availability of Total Training for Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.

Posted Oct 28, 2005

A recent survey of almost 35,000 MediaSpan Network site visitors finds that local radio station Web site visitors are actively accessing their local sites to stream music and download podcasts.

Posted Oct 25, 2005

NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of video and 3D animation products, has announced the shipment of the International version of TriCaster.

Posted Oct 25, 2005

Auto-Graphics, Inc. has announced the availability of AGent Digital Collections, a Web-based collection preservation and delivery product designed to assist small and medium-sized public libraries, academic institutions, and cultural heritages with the creation and display of their digital collections.

Posted Oct 25, 2005

Detecon, Inc., a global consulting firm for the communications and information technology industry, has released its new Opinion Paper entitled, “Playout Intelligence: Generate winning margins in the video on demand market.”

Posted Oct 14, 2005

Techno-geeks and futurists like George Lucas say that digital video-based “Digital Cinema” is superior to today’s standard film-based cinema. Many beg to differ, especially when it comes to image quality. Regardless of videophiles’ varying opinions on the appearance of Digital Cinema, the bottom line is the bottom line. If the distribution of feature movies to the world’s cinemaplexes (now done by shipping individual film prints to each theater) could transition to digital video file transfers, the cost savings for Hollywood and the rest of the world’s motion picture industry would be enormous—estimates vary from $900 million to $2.28 billion annually.

Posted Oct 10, 2005, online music download stores selling live performance recordings via downloads, has announced that the company has launched a new Podcasting service.

Posted Sep 30, 2005

After a decade of digital information overload—email, multimedia, and endless Web surfing—podcasting is starting to engage the enterprise because of its sheer simplicity. This is new technology that revives our appreciation of the oldest medium. Podcasting offers brief, regularly scheduled, and automated distribution of media that pokes through the digital noise with the most basic and compelling content delivery device of all, the human voice.

Posted Sep 27, 2005

CinemaElectric, Inc. and 3G Media Consult BV have launched Portable Hollywood, a made-for-mobile video channel in DVB-H trials in the Netherlands.

Posted Sep 20, 2005

How did an IP squabble lead to the first podcast? And why did Jenny Attiyeh quit radio and TV to create her own show on the Web? Well, it all began with the third international Open Source Content Management (OSCOM) conference at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society in the spring of 2003. Dave Winer, the creative genius and enfant terrible of the blogosphere, was invited to give the keynote address to a couple hundred OS CMS developers from all over the world. As the architect of several Web standards like XML-RPC, SOAP, and RSS, Winer garnered enormous respect from his developer audience.

Posted Sep 07, 2005

New Yorkers might be in a perpetual rush, but for cardholders at the New York Public Library, reading on the go just got easier. In June, the NYPL launched its eAudio program, making more than 700 popular, educational, and literary titles available for download through the library’s Web site. With authors ranging from Jane Austen to Dr. Phil, the size and variety of the audio book offerings make the NYPL’s eAudio program one of the largest of its kind.

Posted Aug 31, 2005

ROO Group Inc., an Online Broadcast Network, has announced it has successfully completed a private equity financing for total gross proceeds of $5.75 million dollars.

Posted Aug 30, 2005

eMeta Corporation, a provider of digital commerce software, has announced that its hosted solution, eRightsWEB, is being used to sell streaming audio and interactive media subscriptions at

Posted Aug 19, 2005