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New Yorkers might be in a perpetual rush, but for cardholders at the New York Public Library, reading on the go just got easier. In June, the NYPL launched its eAudio program, making more than 700 popular, educational, and literary titles available for download through the library’s Web site. With authors ranging from Jane Austen to Dr. Phil, the size and variety of the audio book offerings make the NYPL’s eAudio program one of the largest of its kind.

Posted Aug 31, 2005

ROO Group Inc., an Online Broadcast Network, has announced it has successfully completed a private equity financing for total gross proceeds of $5.75 million dollars.

Posted Aug 30, 2005

eMeta Corporation, a provider of digital commerce software, has announced that its hosted solution, eRightsWEB, is being used to sell streaming audio and interactive media subscriptions at

Posted Aug 19, 2005

NTT-Resonant, operator of the 'goo' portal Web site, has announced it will provide a new interface for its Multimedia Meister search service.

Posted Aug 19, 2005

Nine Systems, a provider of streaming technology and content delivery services, has announced support for the newly launched Macromedia Flash 8, designed to enable content providers to deliver interactive and rich media content and applications through its content delivery network.

Posted Aug 16, 2005

Bolidesoft has released All My Movies 3.6, a utility for cataloguing movie collections.

Posted Aug 16, 2005

Telestream, a provider of Flip4Mac digital media tools for the Macintosh, announced that it has teamed up with the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) to provide enhanced access to Flip4Mac products to ACN members.

Posted Aug 16, 2005

Macromedia, Inc. has announced Macromedia Studio 8, a software suite for educators, students, Web designers, developers, video professionals, and graphic artists to design, develop, and maintain interactive online experiences.

Posted Aug 12, 2005

If you are old enough to recall the crashes and burns of TheDen and, then you must join me in smirking at the current mania for Web video. A perfect storm has formed around the platform; media companies point to a “critical mass” in broadband penetration and anecdotes of massive video stream numbers, while advertisers desperately chase eyeballs as they flee primetime TV. But have we learned anything meaningful about Web video as a media platform or thought through the revenue models enough since that first disastrous run at Internet TV?

Posted Aug 10, 2005

Telestream, a provider of Flip4Mac digital media tools for the Macintosh, has announced the release of Flip4Mac WMV Studio Version 1.0.6, which adds Windows Media encoding support for Apple Compressor 2.

Posted Aug 09, 2005

Concurrent, a provider of on-demand technology, and GoldPocket Interactive, a provider of interactive television products and services, have announced a new initiative that integrates GoldPocket’s advanced media technologies with Concurrent’s MediaHawk On-Demand platform.

Posted Aug 09, 2005

FinancialContent, Inc., a provider of financial data and business applications to online media and financial services companies worldwide, has announced that the Company is seeking beta-testers for

Posted Aug 05, 2005

NewTek Inc., a provider of 3-D animation and video products, has announced the release of VT[4] version 4.5, the latest update to the integrated production suite.

Posted Aug 02, 2005

Industrial Audio Software has announced its iPodcast series of podcasting software will now become ePodcast.

Posted Aug 02, 2005

LexisNexis U.S., a provider of news, business, and legal information services, and Critical Mention, a Web-based TV search and broadcast monitoring service, have announced an alliance to deliver searchable video and print news clips in one solution via LexisNexis AlaCarte!

Posted Aug 02, 2005

Critical Mention, Inc., a Web-based television news search and monitoring service, has announced a video-licensing agreement with AP Digital, a division of The Associated Press that provides news and information to interactive services.

Posted Jul 29, 2005

Lionhardt Technologies, a U.K./Canada-based software company, has released Webpod Studio for Windows; an Audio and Video PodCast composer application.

Posted Jul 26, 2005

Cut and paste culture might be all the rage on the creative side of the entertainment business but is often an anathema to the business side. While the latter will gladly pocket Gorillaz’ green, a team of lawyers probably frets over every echo of another artist’s work. At this year’s Entertainment Technology Alliance conference, I moderated a session called “Can Content Remain King?” in which—as usual—DRM surfaced as the highest hurdle for widespread entertainment digital content delivery.

Posted Jul 25, 2005

FOCUS Enhancements Inc., a provider of video production and conversion technology, has announced the availability of ProxSys Media Servers, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution specifically designed for video, multimedia, and broadcast applications.

Posted Jul 22, 2005

Limelight Networks has announced the immediate availability of Flash video streaming for its Content Delivery Network.

Posted Jul 19, 2005

According to new forecasts from The Diffusion Group, a consumer technology research consultancy, demand for time-shifted digital audio files or "podcasts" is expected to grow from less than 15% of portable digital music player owners in 2004 to 75% by 2010.

Posted Jul 08, 2005

Critical Mention, Inc., a Web -based television search and monitoring service for corporate communications and business intelligence professionals, has announced CriticalTV 3.0 was released from Beta and is now available for all Critical Mention clients.

Posted Jul 01, 2005

The Viacom Television Stations Group has unveiled a digital media initiative that includes the re-launch and re-design of each of its local station Web sites, adding greater functionality, interactivity, live and taped streaming video products, local, and national content wireless alerts with breaking news.

Posted Jun 28, 2005

iCast has announced the Beta release of the iCast ZapPoint software application.

Posted Jun 28, 2005

VitalStream, Inc., a streaming media solutions provider, has unveiled its new Authenticated Streaming Service, delivered via Flash Video Streaming Service, powered by VitalStream.

Posted Jun 17, 2005