Online Video, an internet media company that hosts and distributes web-based TV shows and videoblogs, has announced that CNN has licensed its software to enable people around the world to send CNN newsworthy footage shot on a cell phone, camcorder, or digital camera.

Posted Aug 08, 2006

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., an RSS platform company, has announced a new RSS plug-in for the Yahoo! Messenger with Voice real-time communications suite.

Posted Aug 04, 2006

Rogue Amoeba has announced the release of Audio Hijack Pro 2.7.

Posted Aug 01, 2006

KickApps Corporation, a provider of user-generated content and social networking solution to media, content, and corporate websites, has released user-generated video and social networking functionality on its web pages.

Posted Jul 14, 2006

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and GUBA, an online multimedia entertainment site, have announced the immediate availability of more than 100 feature-length movies from Sony Pictures on the GUBA Premium online video service.

Posted Jul 14, 2006

Metacafe, a video entertainment site, has secured $15 million in its completion of venture capital funding.

Posted Jul 07, 2006

GUBA, an online multimedia entertainment site, has announced its new video service featuring Warner Bros. Entertainment content.

Posted Jun 30, 2006

TalkShoe has developed a website for user-generated live and recorded voice.

Posted Jun 27, 2006

veotag, a provider of resources and tools designed to help solve problems associated with audio and video on the web, has launched a service that allows online video "authors" to add clickable, explanatory text to almost any online video to improve audiences' viewing experiences.

Posted Jun 27, 2006

FrameFree Technologies, developers of a family of products that provide authoring and compression of motion imagery, has announced the launch of FrameFree Studio, digital imaging software that allows for the creation of movies from still photographs.

Posted Jun 23, 2006

The New York Public Library has announced that its eVideo circulating service will allow users to check out free films 24 hours a day.

Posted Jun 13, 2006

NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of 3D animation and video products, has announced the shipment of TriCaster PRO, an enhanced version of TriCaster, a portable, live production system with an interface designed for corporate presenters, educators, local access, sports broadcasters, and media ministries.

Posted Jun 13, 2006

Industrial Audio Software has announced that its ePodcast Producer has combined VoIP with podcasting.

Posted Jun 09, 2006

LiveNote, Inc. officially released its Internet Realtime product family, re-branded LiveNote Stream.

Posted Jun 09, 2006

Thought Equity, a provider of motion imagery licensing and management, has announced a relationship with Google Inc. to distribute stock footage and sports motion content through Google Video.

Posted Jun 02, 2006

Atom Entertainment Inc., a broadband entertainment provider, has announced that four new short films developed by AtomFilms Studio are premiering simultaneously on the AtomFilms Web site and on mobile phones.

Posted May 26, 2006

Internet TV provider Brightcove and Limelight Networks, an Internet content delivery network for digital media, have announced a partnership to bring advanced services and business models to the Internet TV industry.

Posted May 26, 2006

Damien Stolarz, co-author of the Hands-On Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting, talks with Michelle Manafy, editor of EContent magazine, about the business of podcasting. Is the medium a flash in the pan or does it represent a significant technological innovation and present a meaningful business model?

Posted May 18, 2006

Thomas Edison conceptualized the moving picture more than a century ago. Since then “we’ve been refining . . . but not innovating it,” according to FrameFree Technologies president Tom Randolph. FrameFree Technologies plans to pick up where Edison left off with its May 15, 2006, launch of FrameFree Studio, digital imaging software that Randolph hopes will set new standards for ease of use, picture quality, and even bring motion to still images.

Posted May 16, 2006

Every month, PlayStation 2’s online network draws millions of users from across a wide range of demographics, ages, and cultural backgrounds. Once in the system, users generate their own screen names, input titles for their games, and can communicate with fellow players via text messaging. All this text is potentially visible to the entire online community, creating the need for a way to monitor these lines of text and filter out anything vulgar or that wouldn’t be considered family-friendly. SCEA turned to Teragram for its complex, multi-language filtering needs.

Posted May 16, 2006

Ovid Technologies, a Wolters Kluwer business and provider in electronic medical, scientific, and academic information research solutions, has announced a new partnership with Primal Pictures, creator of a 3D model of human anatomy, to provide access to three-dimensional interactive human anatomy animation, including video, through its Ovid Web Gateway search and discovery platform.

Posted May 12, 2006

TACODA, a behaviorally-targeted online advertising network, and Tremor Network, a provider of rich media and online video advertising, have announced the introduction of an in-stream video advertising solution, allowing advertisers to more accurately target their online video campaigns to users.

Posted May 09, 2006

Sonic Foundry Inc., a provider of automated rich media communications technology, has announced new capabilities to

Posted May 09, 2006

dotPhoto, a provider of photo, video, and multimedia sharing and storage applications, and services for wireless and online users, has announced the closing of a $3.5 million second-round equity commitment from Edison Venture Fund and Sycamore Ventures.

Posted May 09, 2006

Brightcove, a provider of Internet TV, has announced it is making the standard edition of its Internet TV service available through a Fr*e, open commercial preview.

Posted May 02, 2006