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Akamai Technologies, Inc. and Nine Systems Corp., Inc. have announced that the two companies have signed a definitive agreement for Akamai to acquire Nine Systems in a merger transaction.

Posted Nov 21, 2006

etribes has launched the latest in a suite of new features with the introduction of its mobile video-sharing service through which etribes members can send (MMS) mobile video clips to their own free personal website.

Posted Nov 17, 2006

For marketers, one of the coolest things about the web is that when an idea takes off, it can propel a brand or company to fame and fortune. For free. Whatever you call it—viral, buzz, or word-of-blog marketing—having other people tell your story drives action.

Posted Nov 17, 2006

A plane hit a building in New York. I saw it on the evening news. The evening news saw it on YouTube. Right in the middle of the broadcast, the anchors cut to a YouTube video of the tragic event. The audience is making the news these days.

Posted Nov 15, 2006

Digital media vendor OverDrive, Inc. has announced that Magnolia Pictures, HDNet, Weston Woods, Nano Network, Music Sales Group, Naxos, Hart Sharp Video, Davenport Films, Mill Creek Entertainment, Magic Lamp Productions, Associated Television International, MPS Multimedia, Sounds True, Tai Seng Entertainment, and Venevision International have entered into distribution agreements with OverDrive to download film and video titles through public library websites.

Posted Nov 14, 2006

LYCOS, Inc., a community destination for broadband entertainment content, has launched LYCOS Cinema, a web watch and chat video experience.

Posted Nov 14, 2006

Nine Systems, a provider of solutions for rich media production, publishing, and distribution, has introduced the Nine Systems Channel Sales Program.

Posted Nov 07, 2006

YouTube’s tagline, “Broadcast Yourself,” signals the beginning of a new era in digital content, though the necessary production technologies and distribution infrastructure may still be a few years off. The wide acceptance of blogging as a means of self-expression was the first wave of personal content. The second wave, riding on the phenomenon of iPod and iTunes, is personal podcasting. The third wave, which will dwarf the others in gigabytes of content transferred, is personal video or individual television. Variously called vlogging, vidcasting, or vodcasting (the marriage of video on demand and podcasting), I’ll simply call it iTV.

Posted Nov 07, 2006

GoFish Corporation, an online video destination for user-generated video, formerly Unibio, Inc., has announced the closing of a stock-for-stock merger with GoFish Technologies, Inc.

Posted Nov 03, 2006

MobiTV, Inc., a provider of mobile and broadband television and music services, has announced the second close of its Series C Funding with an additional $30 million investment and two new investors, Adobe Systems Incorporated and Hearst Corporation, bringing the total round to more than $100 million.

Posted Nov 03, 2006

Brad Greenspan, the founder of MySpace, has acquired a majority stake in, an independent video search website, which indexes over 1000 online video sites.

Posted Oct 31, 2006

Entertainment content creators today must focus on creating content strategies that can evolve along with consumers' perceptions. This content-flexibility conundrum is one that Hollywood and her siblings are rallying to confront.

Posted Oct 31, 2006

Exclaim, a branded platform provider of wireless and web applications, has launched Pictavision 6.0, a photo-sharing application for mobile phones.

Posted Oct 27, 2006

Sony Pictures’ acquisition of video sharing site Grouper Networks in August 2006 marked another significant move in the shakeout of the social media market. The acquisition, valued at $65 million, gives Sony a powerful Web 2.0 marketing and distribution platform for its media properties and offers Grouper’s consumer creators direct access to a major media distributor. Of course it remains to be seen how Sony will cope with the digital-rights-management conundrum presented in its ownership of a site where copyright policing is almost entirely performed by users themselves.

Posted Oct 26, 2006

K-AMP Audio Services has renamed and improved its audiocasting service K-AMP Player, now known as Blogamp.

Posted Oct 24, 2006

OverDrive, Inc., a digital media distributor, has announced the release of Version 2.1 of OverDrive Media Console, free PC desktop software that enables download, management, and playback of digital audiobooks, music, and video.

Posted Oct 20, 2006

Adobe Systems Incorporated has acquired Serious Magic Inc., maker of video software and communications tools for creative professional, business, consumer, and education markets.

Posted Oct 20, 2006, a digital download marketplace, has announced a partnership with MediaBay, Inc., a digital media and publishing company specializing in the marketing of spoken audio entertainment.

Posted Oct 17, 2006

Internap Network Services Corporation, a provider of performance network services over the internet, has announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire VitalStream Holdings, Inc.

Posted Oct 17, 2006

PureVideo Networks, operator of video sites, (comedy) and (action sports), has unveiled its first utility, called PureVideo Search.

Posted Oct 12, 2006

Google Inc. has agreed to acquire YouTube, a consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos through a web experience, for $1.65 billion in a stock-for-stock transaction.

Posted Oct 10, 2006

ClipBlast!, a video search engine, has announced that it will index video for websites, and introduced a free, downloadable search box, designed to enable website owners to quickly implement video site search and monetize video content.

Posted Oct 06, 2006

VideoEgg, Inc., a provider of web-based video publishing solutions, has announced a $12 million Series C stock financing.

Posted Oct 03, 2006

In June, cable giant Comcast paid a reported $80 million for thePlatform, an online media publishing system. Then in July, EchoStar, owner of the nation’s second largest satellite TV service (the DISH Network), made a sizable investment in CinemaNow, the popular movies-on-demand portal. Add to these big high-profile investment deals the smaller content-sharing deals recently struck between NBC and YouTube and between Viacom and Google, and the picture of a trend comes into focus.

Posted Oct 03, 2006, a digital download marketplace, has announced its launch out of beta by offering more than 80,000 immediately downloadable digital products including, software, games, stock photography, chapter based ebooks, digital maps, royalty-free music, legal forms, and video.

Posted Sep 22, 2006