Online Video

Vbrick Systems announced that it has been awarded a contract to develop an enterprise-class video service for the US Federal Trade Commission.

Posted Dec 18, 2009

Photo-hosting site Photobucket and wireless imaging services provider Ontela announced that they reached an agreement whereby the two companies will merge operations

Posted Dec 18, 2009

Digital entertainment company Widevine has sold $15 million in shares to a combination of investors, including Liberty Global and Samsung Ventures, the venture capital arm of Samsung Group.

Posted Dec 15, 2009

Rich media developer MediaBeacon announced that the next release of its MediaBeacon digital asset management suite will be developed on the latest version of the Google Web Toolkit, giving users access to increased portability, and plug-and-play widgets using the OpenSocial API.

Posted Dec 11, 2009

The Media Convergence Group, which owns and operates the news synthesis site, announced that it has secured the first $450,000 in a fundraising round with a total goal of $2 million.

Posted Dec 11, 2009

The I3A announced that Google joined the organization as a participating member, and would be collaborating with existing member Microsoft to take part in the organization's Camera Phone Image Quality Initiative, a program designed to create metrics for camera phone image quality testing.

Posted Dec 08, 2009

News and content provider Comtex launched a new podcast series, Morning Call.

Posted Dec 04, 2009

Adconion Media Group acquired assets from privately privately-held online video service Joost.

Posted Dec 01, 2009

Multicast Media Technologies added live streaming and on-demand video capabilities to its Multicast Media Suite video platform.

Posted Nov 20, 2009

As we eagerly await each successive advance, we've gotten used to thinking that when it comes to content, richer is always better. More rich media! More audio, more online video, more animation-this is the stuff that makes today's web attractive and exciting, though not necessarily more efficient or more useful. Since most of this eye candy is either part of or is sponsored by advertising, it seems safe to assume that the richness of the content correlates to the outcome desired by advertisers, which is, by and large, to induce us to make some kind of purchase. However, while that assumption makes sense on the surface, it turns out that the reality is more subtle and complex than suggested by the simple proposition that "rich content sells."

Posted Nov 19, 2009

Brightcove Inc. announced the general availability of Brightcove 4, a new release of the company's online video platform.

Posted Nov 17, 2009

Livestream announced the availability of its free service for live streaming to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Posted Nov 17, 2009

It goes without saying that an online presence is essential for the success of almost any modern media company, whether it's a local institution like a radio or television station or a national brand. Unfortunately, the bewildering array of standards, technologies, and platforms available for content management makes establishing a solid foothold in the digital arena as daunting as it is valuable. With the Oct. 27 release of Spotlight, a video hosting and management platform with social media features, developer Reality Digital is hoping to remove some of that confusion.

Posted Oct 27, 2009

The owners of Newslink launched Tradeclips, a full-service video, audio, text, and picture sharing site with a focus on the communications industry.

Posted Oct 23, 2009

On-demand software solutions provider KIT digital announced that it reached definitive agreements to acquire two of its competitors, Germany-based Nunet AG and New York-based The FeedRoom.

Posted Oct 09, 2009

When the Rhode Island School of Design began populating its website with video content, problems began to arise. The videos were isolated from each other and difficult to manage. It quickly became clear that RISD needed a video platform solution to manage its content, and the school turned to Brightcove for help.

Posted Oct 07, 2009

VBrick has unveiled the VBrick Enterprise Media System (VEMS), an integrated hardware and software system for distributing live or on-demand video and rich media presentations.

Posted Oct 06, 2009

Atria Books and Simon & Schuster, Inc., have introduced the Vook, a new format hailed by the companies as a "revolutionary reading format."

Posted Oct 06, 2009

Internet video storage and delivery developer Blackwave announced that it has successfully completed a $7 million round of series C investment, bringing its total venture and strategic capital funding to more than $29 million.

Posted Oct 02, 2009

Merrill Corporation has released the latest version of its Merrill Lextranet Transcript Repository. Version 2 features several updates, including search and synching for video depositions, a feature unique in the litigation support marketplace.

Posted Sep 29, 2009

Impelsys has announced a strategic partnership with Audiomedia Production to offer audio content for Impelsys' VirtualPages, creating what the companies call a talking ebook.

Posted Sep 29, 2009

Micropayment-based content provider iStockphoto has announced that it will legally guarantee that all files purchased from its collection of images, video, and audio will not breach any trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property rights or rights of privacy.

Posted Sep 18, 2009

Global social media network sevenload has announced that it will now be possible to view search results for videos and photos in 3D.

Posted Sep 11, 2009

Livestream has released several new application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow users to integrate the company's service into their own video platforms and players.

Posted Aug 14, 2009

Boxee, roughly a year after completing its Series A funding, has received a $6 million investment led by Boston firm General Catalyst, with participation by Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures, both of which had invested in Boxee before.

Posted Aug 14, 2009