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Bitberry Software released Free YouTube to MP3 Converter TURBO, a YouTube to MP3 converter product with built-in YouTube Download Accelerator technology. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter TURBO is a free product that lets users download any video from YouTube and convert it to MP3 on-the-fly. After installing the product, users can click the Download & Convert button in your browser and the software will automatically place an MP3 file in the My Music folder.

Posted Jun 30, 2011

we7, a British music streaming website backed by musician and digital entrepreneur, Peter Gabriel, announced the launch of The service will provide Belgians with the ability to access music through the country's first legally compliant and free music streaming service, from a database of 7.5 million songs. we7 will feature content from the major labels as well as those specific to Belgium, such as Black Hole Recordings, EPM Online, NewsNV, and PIAS.

Posted Jun 30, 2011

Cloud-based video creator Animoto closed a $25 million round of funding through the participation of Spectrum Equity Investors and Madrona Venture Group. Animoto's service is a free service, with subscription options, that lets users create slideshows of graphical content on a computer or a mobile phone. Subscription options unlock additional features, such as custom templates or the ability to produce longer videos.

Posted Jun 30, 2011

Hulu may be up for sale, if the owners can make up their minds. The free TV-streaming site is co-owned by Disney, NBCUniversal, News Corporation, and Providence Equity Partners, the parent corporations of major TV networks ABC, NBC, and Fox. Hulu began to look into options for its sale last week after an unsolicited overture from Yahoo!, and the company is expected to meet with potential buyers in the coming weeks.

Posted Jun 28, 2011

UK virtual publisher, nDreams, recently launched a floating archipelago called Aurora, a virtual environment situated within the PlayStation Home virtual world. The virtual environment is free to users and can be used to play games, purchase virtual real estate, and win online rewards. According to nDreams, Aurora has received over a million visits, more than the Taj Mahal and the London Eye combined.

Posted Jun 23, 2011

Online video platform vzaar announced a new video player branding tool, which allows users to design customized players. Developers and creative marketers can now add any image to the players, and edit the video player's parameters, including color, controls, links, and size, to alter the way it appears and functions.

Posted Jun 21, 2011

we7, a cloud-based music streaming service in the U.K., closed a new round of funding that will allow the company to expand into Europe and continue to grow in the U.K. and Ireland. Using we7, 3 million unique users each month create personal radio stations with specific artist or song requests, and stream music from a library containing more than 7 million songs.

Posted Jun 21, 2011

A recent Adweek/Harris Poll shows that regardless of TV technologies such as DVR systems, Americans may not be giving their undivided attention to TV screens. According to the recent survey, while watching TV most Americans are apt to split their attention by surfing the Internet (56%), reading a book, magazine or newspaper (44%), going to a social networking site (40%) or communicating with friends through a mobile phone (37%).

Posted Jun 16, 2011

Alcatel-Lucent and thePlatform announced that they will partner to give TV providers new video service offerings for TVs, PCs, tablets, and mobile. The partnership will create a multiscreen video platform that supports live scheduled TV, video on demand, and "TV everywhere" services on a variety of screens, allowing subscribers to access video content from whatever device is most convenient.

Posted Jun 14, 2011

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and Faber and Faber Limited announced a new partnership to develop a digital content platform for libraries, educators, students and researchers to be sold via subscription and perpetual access to academic institutions. Drama Online, launching in October 2012, is an online resource for plays, critical analysis, and performance.

Posted Jun 02, 2011

Harvard International plc announced a partnership with ANT, a provider of software and services for the delivery of digital TV. The focus of the partnership is the design and development of software for the next generation of set-top box (STB) products, which will provide HD DTR (high definition digital television recorder) functionality and allow for the delivery of services that combine digital media with broadband internet access using the ANT Galio Platform.

Posted May 26, 2011

Imtiger Technologies released SuperTintin version 1.2, a Windows application that enables users to record audio and video streams, including Skype and MSN phone calls and videos. Instead of using screen-capture techniques to collect the audio and video streams, SuperTintin captures the original media data, so users can open, close, or resize windows during the recording without affecting the quality of the recorded videos.

Posted May 24, 2011

3D Systems Corporation acquired, a provider of 3D and 2D digital media libraries that offers 1.7 million resources to its more than 600,000 consumer and professional members. On the site, a community of nearly 5,000 developers and authors sell their content, which includes free and fee-based, ready-to-download 3D models, tutorials, plug-ins, software tools, stock photos, and images.

Posted May 10, 2011

For Hollywood studios, rigidly defined distribution windows have traditionally dictated the sequential release of a movie: first exclusively in theaters, then on DVD, then on premium cable, and so forth. Previously pleasant relationships are being strained as theater owners try to maintain their place in the chain and studios try to bleed out as many bucks as are left in Walmart's dying (but still substantial) DVD revenues. As these battles distract the traditional Hollywood players, new platforms are quickly sneaking past the guards.

Posted May 09, 2011

MUZU.TV and Metacafe signed a content deal that extends MUZU.TV's collection of 85,000 music videos to Metacafe's users. Next month, video content from four major record labels and independent artists will be accessible to Metacafe 10 million European monthly users. Users outside of Europe, including those in the U.S., will be able to access MUZU.TV's independent catalogue, expanding the content's geographic reach.

Posted Apr 26, 2011

Ingram Content Group Inc. and Recorded Books, a publisher and distributor of spoken word audio, have announced a content distribution agreement that let the two companies create a comprehensive e-audio solution. The collaboration will give publishers access to a substantially larger audience of audio book purchasers, and will grant libraries access to a broader selection of titles for their patrons through Recorded Books' OneClickdigital platform.

Posted Apr 21, 2011

Advanced Digital Services (ADS) announced ADS-Xpress, a digital asset management system that makes movie scenes, TV clips, previews, trailers, ads, stock video and other media assets immediately accessible via a web interface. The content is also quickly searchable to a selectable video segment, as well as downloadable to popular mobile devices.

Posted Apr 14, 2011

Carousel Industries, a developer of data networking and unified communications, announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of OmniPresence, Inc., an integrator of A/V and video conferencing services. The acquisition will allow Carousel Industries to expand its ability to seamlessly integrate its main focuses into a unified communications environment within the enterprise. Marlborough, MA-based OmniPresence will forms the core of Carousel's Visual Communications and Collaboration Group.

Posted Apr 14, 2011

Electronic publisher Alexander Street Press announced plans to launch an integrated online repository of academic video titles. Alexander Street plans to expand its offerings to include more than 10,000 titles in 2011, followed by a further expansion to 20,000 titles by 2013. The integrated online repository, Academic Video Online Complete, will also let subscribers cross-search videos throughout the platform from a single interface.

Posted Apr 07, 2011

Brightcove and Ektron announced a partnership and integration designed to streamline the process of online video publishing and content management. Ektron will feature a Brightcove widget on its user interface that will allow users to incorporate video into online properties and campaigns without leaving the Ektron platform.

Posted Mar 29, 2011

Demand Media and Getty Images are launching a joint licensing agreement. Under the agreement with Getty Images, Demand Media will be able to use Getty Images' library of premium quality, rights-managed images, video footage, and audio clips for use on its owned and operated websites, which include typeF,, and eHow.

Posted Mar 24, 2011

ThingLink, a provider of image interaction tools, and SoundCloud, an audio platform, announced a collaboration of technologies that enables anyone to add sound and music directly to their images. Users can link a SoundCloud waveform player to any photo or picture, connecting the picture and its viewer to sound effects, music, voice annotations, and narrations.

Posted Mar 22, 2011

XS2TheWorld, a mobile marketing and application building company, launched 360-Degree Video, an immersive moving video app for iPhone 4 and iPad. Working in a similar way to online 360 degree image viewers like Google StreetView, the mobile app places consumers at the center of continuously moving footage and uses the accelerometer on the iPhone 4 and iPad so that they can look around the recreated environment.

Posted Mar 15, 2011

StreamGuys, Inc., a streaming media and content delivery provider, is establishing a transparent virtualized platform with an economical path to 100gbps host clusters. StreamGuys launched its streaming virtualization service to provide content delivery and multimedia streaming. Virtualization separates the hardware layer from the services, which allows more storage and recovery options and increases streaming capacity.

Posted Mar 15, 2011

Thomson Reuters just launched its Multimedia Centre, an online video platform that helps users control video content through secure real-time upload and other features. The service helps users execute self-publishing of video content in real time and is designed to help companies manage communications, public relations, and product promotions.

Posted Mar 10, 2011