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Unicorn Media, provider of internet video solutions that allow publishers to dynamically serve video ads to IP-enabled devices, announced the release of a new technology that combines a comprehensive server-side solution with a rich client-side user experience: Unicorn OnceUX. This enables publishers to deliver interactive ad capabilities and a rich UI from the client side while allowing dynamic server-side ad insertion and continuous playback, providing new monetization opportunities through expanded ad units and pay-per-click models.

Posted Jan 29, 2013

Qumu, a business video platform provider, announced its IBM Connections Social Video Solution that enables users to collaborate with others using video within the IBM Connections interface.

Posted Jan 28, 2013

OverDrive announced it will enhance its library service platform with streaming video and audio technology. The new services will improve ease of use and device compatibility for OverDrive-hosted video, audiobook, and music collections at libraries and schools around the world.

Posted Jan 24, 2013

My father was a true handyman. From the moment I could hold a hammer I was drafted into service for projects and repairs around the house. Construction and deconstruction are ripe opportunities for fathers to pass along words of wisdom to their sons, and my dad excelled at it. He was always passing along gems like, "A short pencil is better than a long memory," "Take care of your tools and they'll take care of you," and similar solid life lessons. And while I learned many things while hammering nails and digging ditches, the one pearl that has followed me throughout life is, "Measure twice, cut once."

Posted Jan 17, 2013

Qumu, a business video platform provider and a Rimage company, announced that its Video Control Center product now has the capability to search for the spoken words within a video or a series of videos from any computer or mobile device.

Posted Jan 15, 2013

Vidyard, a video marketing platform for business, announced its integration with all-in-one inbound marketing software firm HubSpot, powering the first-ever video analytics platform in the HubSpot marketplace.

Posted Jan 15, 2013

Accedo, a provider of TV application solutions announced the launch of its TV Everywhere (TVE) Solution. Accedo's TVE Solution enables pay TV operators and media companies to launch new multi-screen services across a range of connected devices quickly.

Posted Jan 08, 2013

Video holds significant potential for ebooks and digital editions of magazines. After all, there's probably not a better way to illustrate a hard-to-explain concept--or gain buzz around a new novel or textbook--than the proper use of video. The only problem is, video can be a bit hard to publish, and even harder to consume, given the various devices on the marketplace.

Posted Dec 12, 2012

Truthloader, a new citizen journalism channel from ITN Productions, has launched on YouTube. Announced at MIPCOM as part of the YouTube original channels initiative, Truthloader showcases the work of citizen journalists from around the world with original daily programming from amateur eyewitnesses and passionate online campaigners. All reports are curated by social media experts and professional journalists at ITN Productions.

Posted Nov 27, 2012

Wowza Media Systems LLC, the "Any Screen Done Right" media server software company, announced the release of Wowza Media Server 3.5. The latest version of the company's software introduces savvy enhancements that allow content developers to have the flexibility and capabilities they need to stream media reliably the way they want - protected, scalable, high-quality, and to any screen.

Posted Nov 13, 2012

In 2006 I wrote a blog post on about a small appliance company in Utah doing something dangerous and in turn creating a viral success selling $400 blenders that could turn a rake into sawdust. Several months later I wrote a feature article for Streaming Media entitled "Giant Web 2.0 Lies" highlighting BlendTec and their runaway video success. BlendTec continues to use the Will It Blend? videos to test their devices' power by blending phones, gaming consoles, cars, and even food over the last six years. With over 120 YouTube videos the company has racked up almost half a million subscribers and over 212 million views on their channel.

Posted Nov 08, 2012

Consumers are demanding their entertainment on a variety of platforms, and everywhere you look it seems like everything is streaming. But is that sustainable? There is not only the issue of monetization, but there's bandwidth too. Can we all stream our favorite shows and music? And can companies make enough money to keep producing the content?

Posted Nov 05, 2012

Mirror Image Internet announced the availability of Publisher, a powerful online video publishing solution. The service is an all-inclusive video solution that combines the video streaming services with video on demand features available today.

Posted Oct 30, 2012

Ebuzzing announced the launch of its new social video dashboard service that has been specifically designed to transform the measurement of video campaigns and provide new metrics for quantifying and qualifying ROI. Ebuzzing uses its technology to measure the reach, impact, tonality, sentiment, and share of voice of a social video campaign providing brands with a picture of the true value of social video campaigns.

Posted Oct 09, 2012

OwnZones, which gathers premium subscription multimedia content tailored to user interests into a convenient ad-free site, has launched beta of the service. OwnZones is now open to anyone and registration is free. Consumers and potential media partners are invited to check out the site and provide valuable feedback that will help shape OwnZones for a full launch.

Posted Oct 04, 2012

RAMP, a next generation search and video experience provider, announced a Series C financing led by New York-based StarVest Partners. As part of the transaction, Deborah Farrington, co-founder and general partner at StarVest will be joining RAMP's board of directors. StarVest is also joined by Hearst Interactive Media and EDBI as new investors in RAMP, along with participation from existing RAMP investors Fairhaven Capital, Accel Partners, General Catalyst Partners, and Comcast Ventures. This round brings the total capital raised to $40 million for the company.

Posted Sep 27, 2012

Kaltura, developer of an open source online video platform, announced the addition of advanced cross-device video delivery functionalities to its complete suite of video applications for media/broadcast companies, enterprises, and top educational institutions.

Posted Sep 06, 2012

The Huffington Post Media Group announced the launch of HuffPost Live, the site's live streaming network. Starting today, anyone with a smartphone, a tablet, or a webcam has the chance to join the conversation happening on HuffPost Live.Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group said in a press release, "The news is no longer about a few people telling everyone else what happened - it's about everyone telling everyone what's happening right now. And now. And now... This shift from presentation to participation is what fuels HuffPost Live."

Posted Aug 13, 2012

It's been an eventful week for streaming video.From the Olympics, to Amazon's new instant video app for iPad it seems like you can't turn around without running into news about the popularity of streaming video. On the Olympics front, according to paidContent, NBC told critics of its coverage that 60% of video streams are online while another 45% are happening on mobile devices. In total, NBC has had 64 million video streams during this Olympics.

Posted Aug 03, 2012

iPad users will be able to watch a lot more video as Amazon's Instant Video app is now available for the tablet, according to NPR. With this app, users can play all 120,000 titles in Amazon's video library for both rent and purchase. Those subscribed to Amazon Prime will be able to watch over 20,000 videos at no additional charge.

Posted Aug 02, 2012

uSamp announced the company is joining NBCUniversal's "Billion Dollar Olympic Lab" in an effort to study and track consumer behavior during the Olympic Games. uSamp, a company that provides technology and survey respondents used to obtain consumer and business insights, will make available its proprietary on-demand research technologies to track consumers' real-time reactions during the Games.

Posted Jul 26, 2012

Streaming platform company, Roku, announced the company has received $45 million in funding from News Corp, British Sky Broadcasting, and other companies. With these new funds, Roku plans to use the money to build more brand awareness through advertising, develop new international markets, and increase engineering and production.

Posted Jul 26, 2012

With a global audience, not only of sports enthusiasts but family viewers as well, the Olympic Games are a potential goldmine for advertisers. But the Games starting in London offer greater opportunities than ever before, because these are the first ever to be streamed online in their entirety.

Posted Jul 26, 2012

In an effort to increase learning and engagement at higher educational institutions, online video platform company, Kaltura, has released the company's newest version of Cross Campus Media Suite. With this new version, the company says it will be possible faculty and students to share video across courses, within a shared faculty repository, and across applications.

Posted Jul 25, 2012

In an effort to become more digitally diverse, USA Today will begin publishing a daily guide of internet videos and podcasts for its readers. According to paidContent, the feature will be called "TV on the Web" and it will run daily in both online and print versions of the national newspaper, highlighting what editors and reporters feel is noteworthy.

Posted Jul 19, 2012