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Sporting News Media, a PERFORM Group Company, announced an agreement with the National Football League (NFL), bringing the NFL's premium video content year-round to Sporting News Media's SN ePlayer, a digital sports video-on-demand (VOD) broadcast platform.

Posted Sep 09, 2013

Forbidden Technologies plc, the owner and developer of the cloud video platform FORscene, announced it has added new features and capabilities that strengthen FORscene's utility in news, sports, or traditional broadcast post-production environments.

Posted Sep 05, 2013

Filmmakers with an independent spirit will soon have a new source of funding and distribution within reach. According to paidContent, Vimeo will show the world its take on funding at the Toronto Film Festival which takes place this week.

Posted Sep 03, 2013

Primestream announced FORK Xchange Suite 2.5, the latest version of its companion application for the FORK media asset management and automation platform. FORK Xchange Suite gives broadcasters instant cloud access to content on their FORK Production servers from any Windows, Mac, or tablet device.

Posted Aug 27, 2013

Netflix announced that it will trade in the familiar "Instant Queue" for the "My List" feature to no small amount of consternation. (Slate already published an article on how to get your Instant Queue back.) For its part, Netflix says, "We've designed a better way to help you easily find and watch those titles you picked to watch on Netflix and are happy to introduce "My List" to all our streaming members globally. With "My List" you can now quickly go to your own row or gallery on Netflix and instantly find those titles you already picked to watch."

Posted Aug 22, 2013

Brainshark, Inc., a sales enablement platform provider, announced the launch of VideoSync -- a new Brainshark On-Demand feature that lets users quickly and easily combine video and slides, side-by-side. VideoSync can include "talking head" video clips, subject matter expert commentary, pre-recorded product demos, executive speeches, and more playing alongside and complementing slide content.

Posted Aug 20, 2013, a leading provider of curated video content, platform services, and video hosting and delivery announced that it had added a slate of premium video brands to its growing roster. Conde Nast will provide users with video from Wired Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, GQ, and Teen Vogue.

Posted Aug 08, 2013

AOL Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire, Inc., a global, programmatic video advertising platform for brands, agencies, and publishers. brings to AOL, a global programmatic video technology stack for publishers and advertisers across all screens; a unified yield management platform for advertisers and publishers for planning, targeting, ad-serving and measurement; and a talented team which has driven innovation in the automation of global video advertising.

Posted Aug 08, 2013

Vidyard, a video marketing platform, announced the launch of the new Vidyard app for HootSuite, a widely adopted social relationship platform. The Vidyard app tackles a need for video marketing enablement in social media, and is available now through the HootSuite App Directory. On the heels of Vidyard's recent integrations with marketing automation tools Eloqua and Marketo, the HootSuite integration represents another step toward Vidyard's vision of transforming results and return-on-investment (ROI) with video content.

Posted Aug 01, 2013

If you share your Netflix subscription with your family or roommates, you will likely welcome the addition of personalized profiles - but only if you have Apple TV. Expected to officially launch in August, Macrumors reported that Apple TV users started seeing the profiles appear on July 29, 2013.

Posted Jul 30, 2013

If you haven't yet made the switch from cable to internet based television, Google may have just delivered the device to change your mind. Announced on July 24 at Google headquarters, the Chromecast dongle costs just $35 - but comes with $24 worth of Netflix subscriptions - and plugs into an HDMI port on your TV. It's the size of a thumb drive.

Posted Jul 25, 2013

Innovid, a platform delivering immersive video advertising anywhere, released its Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: H1 2013. Similar to Innovid's Q4 2012 Benchmarks, the report showed that campaigns leveraging video interactivity could increase ad engagement by 232%. The report also showed that interactive ads produced significantly higher awareness rates, viewing rates, and more time spent interacting with the ad. Overall, the latest benchmarks showed a 161% increase in brand exposure.

Posted Jul 25, 2013

blinkx, an internet media platform powered by CORE video technology, announced a beta version of its new blinkx VideoAdvantage. Publishers who leverage blinkx VideoAdvantage will be enabled to power their web and mobile properties with content from blinkx's video catalogue, with the opportunity to share in video advertising revenue.

Posted Jul 25, 2013

Brightcove Inc., a global provider of cloud content services, announced that it has teamed up with Yahoo!7, an online destinations for Australian consumers and advertisers, to deliver a technology platform for online video consumption and monetization in Australia.

Posted Jul 23, 2013

Few series have garnered more hype over the past year than those produced by Netflix. From Arrested Development's return to its latest original show, Orange is the New Black, the shows have not only received great reviews, but they have helped boost Netflix's bottom line with new subscribers. And now, a new milestone, House of Cards and Arrested Development have been nominated for a raft of Emmy awards.

Posted Jul 18, 2013

One of the pioneers of TV on the web is gone. AllThingsD reported that Microsoft quietly shut down its MSN TV. Originally WebTV, MIcrosoft bought it for $425 million in 1997. MSN TV included a set-top box and a keyboard, and eventually lent some of its technology to the Xbox.

Posted Jul 08, 2013

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), a provider of ad optimization and data services platforms for web and mobile publishers, announced the launch of the BIMvid App. The new app is a mobile video manager for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that allows reporters in the field to upload videos from their mobile devices for quick online publication. Once uploaded, videos can be published, syndicated, and distributed anytime to any device.

Posted Jun 20, 2013

Rimage Corporation, a provider of secure multimedia content management and delivery solutions, announced that it will change its name to Qumu Corporation. The change will take effect in the third quarter of 2013.

Posted Jun 18, 2013

engajer, a web-enabled interactive video platform, announced that the engajer platform is now integrated with as well as other leading CRM platforms - including SugarCRM, Zoho CRM and PipelineDeals - to better facilitate access to millions of prospective customers.

Posted Jun 13, 2013

There were plenty of lessons to be learned from this year's Streaming Media East conference, held May 21-22, in New York City. Digital content creators of all stripes have plenty to learn from the video-focused crowd at SME, but a few key takeaways stood out above the rest.

Posted May 22, 2013

Unicorn Media, a provider of internet video solutions that allow publishers to dynamically serve video ads to IP-enabled devices, and Apptelic Ltd., a UK-based company that specialize in streaming video media app and player development, announced a partnership. The companies are working together to provide monetization and video solutions to media organizations by integrating Unicorn Media's patented Unicorn Once technology with Apptelic's video player for Windows platforms.

Posted May 16, 2013

Brightcove Inc., a provider of cloud content services, announced Brightcove Video Cloud Live, a multi-bitrate live streaming module for the Video Cloud Studio that allows marketers and media companies to deliver high-quality, live video events across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs. Within a familiar Video Cloud workflow, customers will be able to manage the entire lifecycle of a live video event, access real-time analytics, monetize live content with advertising, and seamlessly create video on demand assets from live events.

Posted May 14, 2013

Social TV is making headlines as broadcasters endeavor to monetize their audiences whose attention is now spread simultaneously across multiple platforms. It is now common knowledge that most TV viewers, while watching their favorite shows, are actively engaged in social media conversations about the shows. Broadcasters have largely seen this phenomenon as an opportunity to grow the audience of their TV programs and accompanying websites, thereby increasing the value of those properties. However many broadcasters have been seeking ways to harness their social media audiences to create new incremental revenue streams. This may sound futuristic but, in many ways, the emerging business model actually harkens back to the earliest days of broadcast media.

Posted May 09, 2013

Pivotshare, a digital media startup, announced an update of its self-service online platform that allows anyone to sell their media directly to their audience. Filmmakers, comedians, speakers, and a host of other media producers may now offer their content on iOS and Android devices. The new platform also offers features such as the ability to buy videos as a download and the capacity for customers to tip or donate as a means of support.

Posted May 01, 2013

It wasn't long ago that pundits were predicting the fall of Netflix as other streaming options rose to prominence, but the company is now beating expectations thanks in part to its original content strategy. On April 22 the company reported its first quarter earnings, and surprised investors by reporting $1 billion in revenue and $.05 earnings per share. While the profits were less than expected, Netflix chalked it up to "extinguishment of debt"--and without that cost it would have beat the original expectations of $0.20 per share.

Posted Apr 23, 2013