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In an effort to boost its local search engine optimization for retailers, SEO automation company Rio SEO has announced the acquisition of Top Local Search. Rio SEO sees this as an opportunity for businesses and franchises with multiple locations to customize web information by giving the software business unit five hyper-local SEO software offerings.

Posted Jun 06, 2012

Semantic software company Expert System has announced the release of its newest version of Cogito, a semantic technology designed to support big data management. The company says this new technology has the ability to understand words in context and will be able to process unstructured information which often goes unanalyzed.

Posted Jun 05, 2012

I started making a lot of hiking plans earlier this spring. I'd adopted a dog in January and had been wandering in the woods almost every weekend since. Then a friend of mine emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in section-hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail-specifically the parts that run through Connecticut and Massachusetts. I'd visited a couple of the Connecticut sections last summer, so I was excited to hit some new spots, this time with the dog in tow.

Posted May 30, 2012

IBM has announced the closing of its acquisition of Vivisimo. IBM had announced the company was acquiring Vivisimo on April 25, 2012. As a result of the takeover, about 120 Vivisimo employees will join IBM's Software Group and IBM will gain Vivisimo's customers, such as Airbus, the Social Security Administration, the US Navy and Air Force, LexisNexis, and others. IBM believes this move will further strengthen its position in the field of large data analytics as the company sees this industry growing by 40% over the next few years.

Posted May 29, 2012

Google has once again reworked its approach to search in an effort to better find what users are searching for by introducing Knowledge Graph. Many words or phrases have multiple meanings which search engines aren't always capable of recpgnizing.

Posted May 17, 2012

Ingram Content Group has reworked the search options on ipage, its digital and print book search engine. The revamped site has been given a host of new features. The new site allows users to better track best sellers and offers enhanced options when users search for titles. ipage can locate search terms across the entire spectrum of ipage items, such as books, e-books, audio books, and other products.

Posted May 07, 2012

The explosion of nondesktop access points to information and the proliferation of apps has had-and is likely to continue to have-a significant impact on the way that users seek and access information. Historically, search engines have driven access to content with organizations such as Google leading the pack. The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project's "Search Engine Use 2012" report shows Google with a commanding lead-it's used by 83% of those searching online, compared with the next highest, Yahoo!, at just 6%.

Posted May 07, 2012

Looking to further link brands with social media, Talenthouse has unveiled a new engine, Sponsored Engagement Engine (SEE), to assist marketers in advertising. With SEE, Talenthouse can increase the web presence of a brand by targeting social media conversations that pertain to that brand.

Posted May 03, 2012

Covario, Inc., a search marketing agency, today unveiled a new business unit aimed at growing the market for its SEO (search engine optimization) and social media software tools.

Posted Apr 26, 2012

In 2008, Barack Obama turned to the web for everything from campaign fundraising to training volunteers. Now, as the Republican field is finally narrowing down and we move closer to the 2012 election, Conductor, Inc. is taking a look at the web-habits of the candidates. The study suggests Mitt Romney -- the Republican frontrunner -- has a steep hill to climb to win the battle for voter attention as November least online.

Posted Apr 18, 2012

Google is overhauling its web-search formula: Over the next few months, Google will water down the number of web links that a query returns in favor of more direct answers, which would appear at the top of the search results page, in an effort to yield more relevant results.

Posted Mar 15, 2012

Search engine allegiance is a funny thing. Perhaps you're a Bing die-hard, or you use Google because its your browser's default engine. Maybe you use one for general searches, and one for, say, finding the best travel deals. But one company recently put the two search engines in a head-to-head match up to see how each performed in the context of breaking news. Optify, a provider of in-bound marketing software, announced key findings of a report that helps B2B marketers develop new strategies to drive more organic traffic to websites during breaking news events. The report compares and contrasts how search engines treat breaking news search queries differently than other searches.

Posted Mar 14, 2012

Not infrequently I've found myself in the following situation: I'm at a large PR agency pitching the services of my team of social media specialists to an account director. When we come to the topic of earned media, I tell the account director how we would earn consumer-generated media coverage by identifying influencers, reaching out to them in a spirit of collaboration and persuading them to carry our branded content and messaging. It's at this point that the account director gently interrupts me and says, "Oh, you mean pitching bloggers? We already do that."

Posted Feb 23, 2012

Google announced a new feature called Search plus Your World that offers signed-in users a customized set of search results that contain personal photos and friends' activities pulled from the web, including social media sites. However, results apparently do not include material from Facebook or Twitter, and this sparked some back-and-forth.

Posted Jan 12, 2012

When your Chief Marketing Officer is breathing down your neck, demanding to know why your company's website still isn't the top hit for the most-searched term in your industry -- and you're trying to figure out the most tactful way to tell him that it'll never happen -- breathe easy. Conductor, the SEO technology provider, has come along with some solid new research demonstrating that you can get as much bang for your SEO buck without nabbing top billing on the highest-volume search terms.

Posted Jan 06, 2012

Google disabled its author search functionality from Google News in favor of the Google+ Authorship capabilities it introduced in November. Searching within Google News for "author:‘firstname lastname,'" returns no documents, but participating journalists can opt to have a link to their Google+ profiles displayed next to articles they've written.

Posted Dec 21, 2011

Content in the cloud is a natural evolution from storing files on our desktops-but the content creation explosion that has overfilled our inboxes and overwhelmed our social networks won't be solved by moving the growing mass of data from a private realm to a public one.In fact, there's a solution on the horizon that promises to keep the clouds fluffy and the content contextual. It's the "curated cloud," and it's the next big thing. By one measure, we created 5EB (exabytes) of data from the beginning of time until 2008. Now we're creating 5EB every 2 days. Where did that statistic come from? The folks who should know: Google.

Posted Dec 19, 2011

Microsoft acquired VideoSurf, Inc., a video discovery technology company offering back-end computer vision that can identify video frames. Microsoft plans to integrate this technology with its entertainment platform and enhance search and discovery of entertainment content using Xbox LIVE.

Posted Nov 23, 2011

Covario, Inc. and Adobe announced plans to integrate SEO data from Covario Organic Search Insight with Adobe SearchCenter+. The integration is designed to help marketers asses the impact of Organic Search rankings on paid-search programs.

Posted Sep 29, 2011

Covario, Inc. and Kenshoo, providers of digital marketing solutions, announced an agreement to deliver search and social marketing solutions for enterprise marketers. Under the agreement, Covario will license Kenshoo's digital marketing software to enable scalable online media buying.

Posted Sep 15, 2011

Google is performing a "fall spring-clean" over the coming months, according to its blog. As reported on paidContent, the company is shutting down some of its products and services, and modifying some of its existing products to incorporate features from the discontinued products. Among the shuttered products is Google's Fast Flip.

Posted Sep 08, 2011

Ness Computing debuted its personal search engine app in Apple's App Store as a featured app. The free app, called Ness, tailors search results specifically to each user, learning a person's preferences over time and considering friend's recommendations when providing search results.

Posted Aug 30, 2011

Gale, part of Cengage Learning announced enhancements to the Gale PowerSearch platform, which offers cross-searching of periodical content, reference content, primary source information, multimedia, and ebooks. The new features include search assist, enhanced results lists, language customizability, expanded content ,and enhanced subject and publication search options, designed to make the search and discovery process more efficient.

Posted Aug 02, 2011

After many successful Enterprise Search Summit events in the U.S., Information Today, Inc. (EContent's parent company) is launching Enterprise Search Europe in London. Conference Chair Martin White calls the event noteworthy, because in a world where "search" and "Google" are synonymous, he says, it is important to realize the scale of information retrieval research and of the enterprise search business in Europe.

Posted Aug 01, 2011

Five months after its acquisition of ebrary, ProQuest is linking the two companies' search platforms to enable users to discover ebooks in the context of their libraries' ProQuest content and use tools from both environments. The platform is rolling out in libraries around the world, and it adds a flexible technological architecture that lets users look deeper into multiple content sources in multiple formats.

Posted Jul 14, 2011