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People are different--that's not news to anyone. However, content creators and marketers may be surprised by how these individual differences affect search queries. A recent Blue Nile Research study, "Psychology of the Searcher," observed people as they searched for information online and found some significant differences between what people search for and how sites create content.

Posted Jul 13, 2015

I have to admit that much of my early SEO success could be attributed to dumb luck. When I started writing for the web, Danny Sullivan had just started his Search Engine Watch website, Google didn't exist, and SEO hadn't even been given a name. It turned out the websites I created were optimized for search because the content was optimized for our readers. In the early years, this wasn't the result of a strategic plan on my part. It was just a result of editorial instinct--years of magazine editing, ad writing, and PR. Without knowing it, I was practicing content marketing in the broadest sense of the word.

Posted Jun 24, 2015

dtSearch Corp., a supplier of general enterprise and developer text retrieval software for searching terabytes of text in a variety of online and offline data formats, announced version 7.80 of its product line. All dtSearch products embed dtSearch's proprietary document filters. The latest release expands these document filters to directly support a broader range of encrypted PDFs, covering PDF files encrypted with an owner password up to 128-bit RC4 and 128-bit and 256-bit AES.

Posted Jun 16, 2015

Lycos maintains a large portfolio of patented technologies ranging from search engine technology to on-line advertising and online gaming that it is making available for sale. As Lycos prepares to launch a suite of hard good products in the coming weeks, the company has decided to sell some of its technologies.

Posted May 21, 2015

Launched in 2013, Plano, Texas-based describes itself as "a specialist employment solutions website designed to make job hunt and talent sourcing faster and smarter." The site is specifically geared toward people looking for jobs in the IT field-both in the U.S. and abroad. ITContract wanted to develop a better job-searching experience for its customers: Make navigation of the site faster? and also provide filters to help people narrow down what they're looking for.

Posted May 20, 2015

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The fact is, Google ranking directly impacts businesses' ability to attract customers and make money - that's real. According to a 2014 Advanced Web Ranking study, more than 71 percent of searched lead to an organic click for sites on Google's first page of search results. That was only true for 5.59 percent of searches on the second and third results pages. Additionally, and even more compelling, the first five results on a search page account for more than 67 percent of all clicks. That's even more real.Here's the good news. Even sites behind on mobile-optimization will have an opportunity to take action and make the necessary upgrades without any permanent damage. There are five things Vokal recommends that you do right now to navigate the changes and improve your site's performance. Read on to learn more...,

Posted May 15, 2015

Searchmetrics, a provider of search and content optimization, announced new features to its award-winning Searchmetrics Suite that provide actionable insights and recommendations to guide brands in optimizing their search and content for mobile performance, enabling them to influence online consumer intent and win more business. It is also announcing a new Mobile SEO Visibility Score.

Posted Apr 21, 2015

Altiar full-service cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) optimized for Microsoft Azure and dtSearch, a provider ofenterprise and developer text retrieval products, announce the integration of dtSearch's core developer product, the dtSearch Engine into the Altiar platform.

Posted Apr 21, 2015

Providing a good mobile experience is no longer optional (and frankly, it's hasn't been for a long time). You may have heard dire predictions about the latest changes coming from Google. If your website isn't friendly to mobile browsers, you may have big problems as Google rolls out mobile-focused algorithm changes. Of course, we hope that you already got the message about the importance of mobile-friendly sites, but just in case you did not, here are some tips on how to weather this change.

Posted Apr 20, 2015

Search and content optimization provider, Searchmetrics, has introduced a new set of KPIs in its software that give digital marketers an at-a-glance indication of how visible their web pages are in Google's mobile search results compared with search results displayed on desktop or laptop computers.

Posted Mar 24, 2015

Search and content optimization provider, Searchmetrics, has announced a new integration with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe's digital experience management solution. The integration will help content marketers and authors create web content that reflects the way Google now delivers search results by analyzing the intentions behind searchers' queries. The aim is to help companies create high-performing, data-driven content marketing programs to boost online traffic, conversions, and sales.

Posted Mar 12, 2015

Attivio, Inc., a provider of enterprise search and Big Data discovery software, announced the launch of its new online community, Attivio Insighters. This community offers members a platform to collaborate and share experiences, learn best practices, and build relationships with other users, industry experts and the Attivio team. Additionally, participants play an active role in shaping Attivio's product roadmap.

Posted Jan 22, 2015

To achieve a high-ranking position on Google, websites need to include high quality content that provides a great user experience according to new research announced by Searchmetrics. The study found that high quality content covers a topic more comprehensively and is written in a way that is easier for the average person to read.

Posted Sep 11, 2014

Searchmetrics, a global enterprise search experience optimization platform, announced a range of new functionality within the Searchmetrics Suite, including the ability for marketing teams to show senior business management how SEO performs in delivering traffic and sales when compared with online channels such as paid search, social media, and referrals. Other key features include deep analysis and recommendations for optimizing the structure and architecture of websites for better search performance, and automated alerts when performance reaches or drops below KPIs.

Posted Sep 11, 2014

Deep Web Technologies (DWT) expanded the functionality ofi its Explorit Everywhere! multi-source search solution with a release focused on improving the findability of the most relevant content for customers with hundreds of information sources that can all be searchable at the same time.

Posted Sep 09, 2014

Catalyst Repository Systems-known for designing, hosting, and supporting document repositories for large-scale discovery, regulatory compliance-unveiled a major enhancement to its e-discovery platform, Catalyst Insight, during the 37th Annual ILTA Education Conference Aug. 17-21. Results-side analytics provide a new way to refine search results, enabling users to cull and narrow document sets and reduce the cost and time of review.

Posted Aug 19, 2014

Nexidia, a developer of dialogue and audio analysis products and technologies, announced version 1.6 of Nexidia Dialogue Search, the company's solution that searches for any spoken word or phrase across massive media libraries in seconds. With Dialogue Search v1.6, Nexidia has expanded its third-party integrations for the Dalet Galaxy and Squarebox Systems CatDV media asset management (MAM) systems. In addition, Vizrt and IPV have now integrated dialog search capabilities into their respective MAM applications using the Dialogue Search API.

Posted Aug 12, 2014

Google introduced a new tool to help publishers in a blog post. In the past, Google says, changes to a publisher's site may have gone unnoticed unless the publisher took the time to alert Google. This could lead to content not being found and shared through Google. Enter Google News Publisher Center.

Posted Aug 07, 2014

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. announced the addition of Altmetric data to its journal program, a service that provides a more complete picture of how users engage with scholarly research online. Following a six-month pilot on Wiley Open Access titles in 2013, the service will be available for all journals by the end of July.

Posted Jul 08, 2014

Infotrieve, Inc., a provider of global-enterprise SaaS software and business services for STM content access and management, announced it has completed a pilot project that included the successful implementation of a beta text mining solution leveraging the capabilities of the Mobile Library platform. Infotrieve partnered with long standing client, global biopharmaceutical company UCB, to develop a solution aimed at providing a cloud-based text mining platform that would allow UCB staff to mine full text articles from multiple publishers using a variety of text mining tools in a standardized, copyright compliant and end user friendly manner.

Posted Jul 08, 2014

The night before I wrote this column, I watched a classic British spy thriller. One of the old-guard spies complained that they had more information coming than ever before, but nobody knew how to make sense of it all. In an age of Big Data, any profession that deals with information faces this problem, including journalists.

Posted Jul 01, 2014

Seal Software, a provider of Contract Discovery and Contract Analytics solutions, announced it has secured $4 million in funding to support the next stage of the company's growth. The round was led by Vinny Smith's Toba Capital and supported by many of Seal's existing investors. Seal also announced that software industry veteran Paul Sallaberry has joined its board of directors.

Posted Jun 26, 2014

Business intelligence focuses on internal data. It's the information that companies have stored in data warehouses including financial, pricing and customer information. Market intelligence (also known as competitive intelligence), is more about looking externally at market conditions, trends, opportunities and threats; as well as at the competition, market shares, penetration strategies and go-to market models. While both are needed in order to run a business, traditionally, organizations have looked at BI and MI separately. However, given the big data movement happening today, it's becoming more important to combine both sets of data in order to get the complete picture of what's happening both internally and externally with an organization.

Posted Jun 25, 2014

Mirror Image, a provider of edge computing, streaming, and content delivery solutions, announced the production launch of the Geo-Distributed Database service to extend the capability of the company's Edge Computing service to handle big data in real-time at the edge of the internet. Based on ad tech companies' requirements to be able to work with their ever growing data sets at the edge, Mirror Image implemented active, synchronized NoSQL database servers in all Mirror Image data centers worldwide.

Posted Jun 10, 2014

Society Consulting, an analytics and Big Data services organization announced the official launch of Amper its first flagship product in the emerging Big Data space. Amper harnesses a cloud-based offering enabling data analysts to create insights to capitalize on the benefits of Big Data technologies without the need to develop complex software or involve traditional IT departments. Amper's solution reduces common data preparation tasks by months, leveraging an intuitive interface, built-in templates, and native scheduling automation.

Posted Jun 10, 2014