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IBM announced the acquisition of PSS Systems, a privately held company based in Mountain View, Calif. PSS Systems designs software that helps organizations analyze, automate, and implement information governance policies across large amounts of electronic business information and dispose of that information in an automated way.

Posted Oct 14, 2010

Attensity, a developer of customer experience management software applications, announced Attensity Respond for Social Media. Attensity Respond for Social Media extends the value of Attensity's platform for social media monitoring and measurement, Attensity360.

Posted Oct 07, 2010

Digital Reef, a provider of ediscovery and digital information governance software, released a new version of its ediscovery software platform. The new Portable Collections capability enables users to quickly create large, case-specific portable matters that can be distributed to ediscovery data centers of legal service providers, enterprise companies, and law firms.

Posted Oct 07, 2010

Endeca Technologies announced Endeca Latitude, a business intelligence (BI) product that combines simple search with BI functionality to aid decision-making in enterprise organizations. Endeca Latitude serves as a central platform through which a variety of BI applications dealing with dynamic data can be deployed, with the Endeca Latitude platform facilitating a user-friendly experience.

Posted Oct 05, 2010

Dear John: Over the last 6 months, we have spent a lot of time and effort talking to staff throughout our organization, both in this country and globally, to identify the way in which our current search engine is meeting their requirements. The objective of the research project was to develop a set of requirements for a new enterprise search engine, but one of the discoveries we made was that many of these requirements could be met by enhancing our current search engine.

Posted Oct 04, 2010

StoredIQ, a provider of information management and eDiscovery solutions, announced that its Intelligent Information Management Platform integration with Microsoft SharePoint has been enhanced and extended to provide complete support for SharePoint.

Posted Oct 01, 2010

Connotate, Inc., a provider of data collection solutions for the web, announced the release of Agent Community V3, the latest iteration of its flagship web data monitoring and collection solution. Agent Community allows non-technical users to capture and analyze dynamic Web content and data via a patented visual abstraction technique and easy-to-use interface.

Posted Oct 01, 2010

With the proliferation of search-oriented online content providers such as AOL, Yahoo!, Demand Media, and, internet users are increasingly likely to find that most of the general searches they do return results from these SEO-oriented content creators and so-called "content farms". Whether this is a good or a bad thing from the user perspective remains to be seen—and opinions vary. But from general tactics, to long tail search and universal search strategies, SEO remains critical to web publishers.

Posted Sep 29, 2010

dtSearch Corp. announced the beta release of the dtSearch Engine, which makes available dtSearch's file format and data searching support for use in several internet, intranet, and commercial applications. The dtSearch Engine beta includes native 64-bit Visual Studio 2010 support as well as a .NET 4.0 SDK, which covers a sample application for the Microsoft Azure CLOUD platform, the dtSearch API, and the Spider API.

Posted Sep 28, 2010

ISYS Search Software, a developer of embedded search and federated access solutions, is teaming up with Janya to provide its ISYS Document Filters solution for use in the latter's Semantex text analytics platform. The augmented platform will give customers a complete solution for information integration, trend mining, and analysis of large volumes of unstructured content, according to the companies.

Posted Sep 23, 2010

Lexalytics, Inc., a software and services company specializing in text and sentiment analysis, announced the availability of enhanced reporting on the conversations occurring around, about, and between different accounts on Twitter based on the sentiment analysis of commonly used emoticons and acronyms. With the use of emoticons, abbreviations, and confusing "social speak" grammar, micro-blog services such as Twitter present a difficult task for natural language processing systems.

Posted Sep 23, 2010

Vivisimo has announced the release of Velocity 8.0. A key new feature of Velocity 8.0 is IO Pro, which introduces new controls for business users, content owners, and knowledge workers to optimize the way content is discovered by and presented to users. Business users can use IO Pro to promote and highlight the most relevant content, best bets and other important information

Posted Sep 23, 2010

Sophia, a provider of enterprise search products and software, announced Sophia Search, a new search service which makes use of a semiotic-based model called the Contextual Discovery Engine to identify intrinsic terms in unstructured content in order to make it easier to recover and consolidate. Through this service, Sophia reports that organizations will be able to minimize compliance risk and reduce the cost of storing and organizing enterprise information.

Posted Sep 21, 2010

IBM has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Netezza, a developer of analytics software based in Massachusetts, at a price of $27 per share or approximately $1.7 billion after adjusting for cash. IBM will utilize Netezza to expand its business analytics initiatives and allow clients faster interpretation of business data at a lower cost.

Posted Sep 21, 2010

Search giant Google announced the latest addition to its search engine. Dubbed Google Instant, the feature constantly updates a live window of search results as the user types in a query, refining the results in real time as the user updates the contents of the search bar, without the need to launch a new search with each new term.

Posted Sep 09, 2010

Connecticut Innovations (CI), a quasi-public authority responsible for technology investing and innovation development operated by the state of Connecticut, announced a follow-on investment of up to $550,000 in ExeCue Inc. of Stamford, Conn., through its Eli Whitney Fund. The investment is part of a round of up to $1.6 million also involving individual investors.

Posted Sep 02, 2010

A few months ago, Autonomy announced its plans to acquire CA's (formerly Computer Associates) Information Governance assets. This was a surprising acquisition from two angles: first that CA saw so little value in this division that the company decided to dump it, and secondly that Autonomy, which has overlapping technologies, felt the need to buy still more overlapping technologies.

Posted Aug 20, 2010

Sybase, Inc., a developer of enterprise and mobile software, is launching a variety of partnerships through its Sybase IQ partner program. The long list of companies involved in the partnerships include such names as ISYS Search Software, Kapow Technologies, SAS, Tableau Software, Zend Technologies, and Fuzzy Logix. According to Sybase, the relationships will allow the company to strengthen its Sybase IQ analytics solution.

Posted Aug 19, 2010

ECM developer Open Text Corporation announced Open Text Semantic Navigation, an innovative tool that helps audiences naturally navigate through volumes of information based on content meaning. The tool is designed with an eye towards increasing web marketing and online search effectiveness and is available as both a cloud-offering and an on-premise installation.

Posted Aug 19, 2010

StoredIQ, a creator of compliance, information management, and ediscovery solutions, announced that its Intelligent Information Management (IIM) Platform is now compatible with the Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) technology included in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. StoredIQ says that this new compatibility will allow IIM to combine its resources with Microsoft's own data-classification technology.

Posted Aug 12, 2010

Information infrastructure software provider MarkLogic Corporation announced a value added reseller (VAR) agreement with Koios Group, a consultant in the defense and intelligence markets in the U.K. Koios serves the publishing, medical, and governmental markets, including international organizations such as NATO.

Posted Aug 10, 2010

Question and answer-based site began testing a newly revamped version of its flagship site, which will focus more on answering questions. The new site is part of an announced strategy by the company to move away from providing links in response to queries, instead providing specific answers.

Posted Jul 29, 2010

Virtual directory technology provider Radiant Logic lifted the curtain on ID-Connect and Context Browser, two web-based client applications from version 5.3 of RadiantOne VDS Context Edition. ID-Connect allows businesses to connect to social networking services through a single interface integrated through Microsoft SharePoint.

Posted Jul 27, 2010

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report titled "Trial by Fire," found that in a global survey of 7,200 senior managers responsible for information security, not one reference to the problems arising from search security are to be found. Securing search should be a key concern in search implementations, however.

Posted Jul 21, 2010

Endeca Technologies, Inc., and hybris, a vendor of multi-channel commerce and communication software, announced Endeca Multichannel Commerce with hybris. The new release, the product of a partnership announced in late 2009, combines the hybris ecommerce platform and built-in product content management (PCM) system with Endeca's user experience and contextual marketing capabilities.

Posted Jul 20, 2010