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The Coveo Platform 6.5 was released, which includes dynamic, personalized, and interactive business analytics and dashboards. Coveo's new dashboard widgets provide users with immediate access to a unified view of the information they need, across any number of repositories. Coveo dashboards help departments - from sales and marketing, to operations, and customer support - make better, more informed business decisions based on real-time information.

Posted Feb 15, 2011

dtSearch Corp., a supplier of enterprise and developer text retrieval and file conversion software, announced Version 7.66 of the dtSearch product line, including a native 64-bit .NET 4 SDK for the dtSearch Engine. The .NET 4 SDK covers the Spider API for indexing local and remote, static and dynamic web-based content, encompassing both public internet and secure intranet data. The .NET 4 release also has a sample application for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. And the new SDK offers performance enhancements for faceted searching involving millions of document metadata tags or database records. The dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET and the dtSearch Engine for Linux make available dtSearch's data searching and file format support for use in a wide variety of internet, intranet, and other commercial applications.

Posted Feb 08, 2011

SwiftKnowledge, LLC, a global provider of web-based business intelligence (BI) software, announced SwiftKnowledge for Banking On Demand, the first and only cloud computing-based suite designed to help banks quickly and easily identify and manage risk; enhance customer insight; and improve product, pricing and channel efforts.Key BI functionalities - including reporting/analytics, predictive modeling, and proactive notification - and bank-specific applications are featured in SwiftKnowledge's new SaaS offering, with more than 100 pre-built bank reports ready to use upon deployment. Banks benefit from SwiftKnowledge for Banking On Demand's pay-as-you-go pricing option, fast deployment, support of industry standards, reduced in-house IT support requirements, and out-of-the-box integrations with major banking core processors.

Posted Feb 08, 2011

Index Engines, an enterprise discovery company, announced a new cloud-based tape load service that will provide full identification and access to tape data for ediscovery. The Look & Learn service, starting at $50 per tape, provides clients with full access to the index of their tape data without the need to install any hardware or software.

Posted Feb 03, 2011

Hot Neuron, LLC announced the release of version 2.3 of its Clustify software, featuring content-based email threading to reduce the number of documents that must be reviewed during e-discovery.

Posted Feb 01, 2011

Digital Reef, a software provider for ediscovery and digital information governance, announced a development partnership with Relativity. The partnership will provide a seamless experience between users of Digital Reef eDiscovery and Relativity, kCura's complete review platform for complex electronic discovery projects. The new Digital Reef Review Exchange allows litigation support professionals and legal counsel to exchange native files and documents directly within Relativity.

Posted Jan 27, 2011

Exterro, Inc., a provider of legal governance, risk, and compliance management software solutions, and open software provider Digital Reef announced the integration of Exterro Fusion and Digital Reef eDiscovery. The combination simplifies the task of legal holds, data preservation, processing, and early case assessments (ECA) in electronic discovery.

Posted Jan 20, 2011

Attivio made available its Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) for SharePoint Integration. The Active Intelligence Engine gives customers a single interface to find and aggregate information across multiple SharePoint instances, as well as other information sources such as websites, databases, email, CRM and other systems.

Posted Jan 13, 2011

WebVisible announced KPEye, a keyword performance engine that analyzes historical data and real-time market data to determine which keywords generate the most conversions. KPEye analyzes the historical success of keywords over hundreds of thousands of campaigns for clicks that convert into leads. The program also identifies keywords that attract attention but don't generate revenue.

Posted Jan 13, 2011

EBSCO Publishing is enabling public libraries to use EBSCOhost as the front end of their online catalogs. Loading catalog records on EBSCOhost allows public libraries to provide patrons with the use of the features and functionality of EBSCOhost.

Posted Jan 11, 2011

ProQuest has acquired ebrary. The agreement will combine the companies' technologies and add a quarter of a million ebooks to ProQuest's content offerings. The combined collection will enable users to search across multiple formats, including books, journals, dissertations, newspapers, and video.

Posted Jan 11, 2011

Twitter announced that it was acquiring the team that developed Fluther, a social question and answer website. The company is bringing aboard four engineers and a designer from the popular site, including Fluther's founders. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Posted Jan 04, 2011

Dassault Systèmes announced that its subsidiary Exalead, a provider of search-based application platforms, is an extended package of CloudView modules developed specifically to integrate information from legacy CRM, ERP, HR enterprise applications, PLM systems and web content. The package, named CloudView 360, is built around Exalead's CloudView version 5 search technology and adds semantic processing and information mash-up capabilities to help create complete views of enterprise status and direction.

Posted Dec 14, 2010

Social search engine and analytics company PeopleBrowsr debuted, a product that allows online marketers, brand managers, and social media experts to receive real-time analytics and conversations from the social web. provides demographic data, sentiment analysis, real-time and historic mentions, as well as viral analytics for a given keyword.

Posted Dec 07, 2010

The Hyperwords Company announced a major update to the Hyperwords Firefox Add-On Version 7.

Posted Nov 30, 2010

I was part of a conversation the other day with the CEO of a niche animation company. He explained the company's digital strategy, which was to drive audiences solely to its website because, as he boasted, once your living room television talks to the internet, people will navigate to his company's site and it'll have "twice as much value." This presented me with the opportunity to hypothesize on what actually might happen when your TV does merge with the web.

Posted Nov 22, 2010

Search is all about the meaning of words, and we need to take this into account in developing search technology.

Posted Nov 22, 2010

Autonomy Corp. released the Autonomy Meaning Based Healthcare Platform (MBH), a set of clinical diagnosis and information governance applications designed to help Healthcare Delivery Organizations increase the quality of their care while reducing costs. The primary feature of MBH is Autonomy Auminence, a point-of-care analysis dashboard that is intended to help care providers make higher quality, evidence- and data-based diagnoses.

Posted Nov 18, 2010

MarkLogic Corp. released updated toolkits that allow content authors to more easily access, reuse, and repurpose content created using Microsoft Office. The toolkits contain customizable applications for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that enable authors to tag, search, and reuse previously created content.

Posted Nov 18, 2010

IBM completed the acquisition of Massachusetts-based Netezza, a creator of data warehouse appliances with which IBM initiated a definitive acquisition agreement in late September. Netezza's appliances are geared towards analytics, and the two companies had been strategic partners for several years.

Posted Nov 16, 2010

It is the very breadth, depth, and possibility inherent in semantic technology that can prevent content companies from experimenting with a technology that may be one of the most useful commercial innovations of the past decade. The murkiness of the word itself—not to mention the standards, acronyms, and jargon that can dominate the discussion of semantics—only adds to the confusion.

Posted Nov 12, 2010

Pragmatech, an information technology company funded by the United Development Company, announced the release of CTRL, a semantic engine for text processing of news-like documents. CTRL is a purely semantic engine that can be used to extract a document's key topics, generate lucid summaries of documents, and index and retrieve relevant documents based on concepts and key topics, rather than keywords.

Posted Nov 11, 2010

Darwin Ecosystem, developer of the Darwin Awareness Engine news and content aggregator, is releasing its General News edition to demonstrate the capabilities of the Darwin Awareness Engine. The service is being provided at no cost, following a brief registration process.

Posted Nov 11, 2010

RockMelt, Inc. has released an early version of the RockMelt web browser for public use. The browser is notable for being built on Chromium, the open-source project behind Google's Chrome browser, for having social network functionality built into its interface, and for being cloud-based.

Posted Nov 09, 2010

Life-sciences publisher CABI and Semantico completed a project to open a large number of CAB Direct's life sciences abstracts to the Google search engine. This move vastly increases the visibility of the information the platform provides, and the companies have announced that it has more than doubled the usage of the CAB Direct platform.

Posted Nov 04, 2010