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More changes are coming to your Facebook newsfeed. In a post on its website, Facebook announced a number of changes, starting with comment updates. The company says it will now be easier to see which comment are direct replies to another person. Facebook also says it's doing a number of things to make the newsfeed generally more readable.

Posted Aug 22, 2017

Whether you're Kim Kardashian or a mommy-blogger, you're looking to turn the online following you've built into cash. And as influencer marketing gains more steam, this has become increasingly easy for many people. Maybe too easy. In the quest for authenticity, some brands are being taken in by fake influencers, and Mediakix set out to prove it by building its own fake Instagram accounts.

Posted Aug 22, 2017 announced its acceptance as a Facebook Creative Platform partner. Facebook has recognized Consumer Acquisition as both an Ad Tech partner and Creative Platform partner making it possible to offer an end-to-end solution for Facebook user acquisition.

Posted Aug 17, 2017

In a post on its site, Facebook introduced Watch, a new platform for shows. Available on mobile, desktop, and in Facebook TV apps, "Watch is personalized to help you discover new shows, organized around what your friends and communities are watching."

Posted Aug 15, 2017

Toluna, a provider of on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights, announced the launch of QuickCommunities. This do-it-yourself (DIY) product enables you to build, create, and recruit your target consumers into a custom community experience for real-time discussions, events, and focus groups.

Posted Aug 08, 2017

Media outlets that have been seeking a fairer deal from Facebook for years may soon be getting their wish. That's because the social media giant recently confirmed that publisher paywalls are coming soon to its Instant Articles platform. But be careful what you wish for, say the experts, as questions still linger about how this paid subscription model would work, why it's taken so long, and who really stands to benefit.

Posted Aug 02, 2017

According to an announcement on the Source3 website, Facebook has acquired the content rights management startup. "At Source3, we set out to recognize, organize and analyze branded intellectual property in user-generated content, and we are proud to have identified products across a variety of areas including sports, music, entertainment and fashion," the company wrote in the announcement. "Along the way, we built an end-to-end platform to manage online IP and establish relationships with brands."

Posted Jul 27, 2017

PodcastOne, an advertiser supported podcast network, with more than 200 programs, announced the launch of its new platform and mobile app. In addition to the standard feature set, this podcast app offers unique video and social capabilities designed to enhance the listening experience and offer new and exciting ways for fans to engage with their favorite shows and hosts.

Posted Jul 25, 2017

TokBox, a real-time communications (RTC) company, announced its first Social Media RTC Study, which evaluated social media applications that use the OpenTok platform from October 2016 - May 2017.

Posted Jul 25, 2017

Snap Interactive, Inc., a provider of live video social networking and interactive dating applications, announced an exclusive media representation and ad operations partnership with Krush Media, a full-service digital advertising and media company that allows brands and publishers to traditionally and programmatically execute ad campaigns that engage and monetize audiences across all screens.

Posted Jul 25, 2017

Until 2017, Snapchat Ads were available mostly to big budget brands. But, Snapchat has launched the brand new self-serve ad manager for the purpose of buying video Snap Ads. The self-serve ad manager seeks to make Snapchat more affordable for small businesses. However, because this platform has not always been accessible to smaller companies, Snapchat is still a mystery for many marketers. Here, we try to demystify Snapchat.

Posted Jul 21, 2017

Data is all the rage in marketing and media. It would be quite difficult to find a single marketing or media-related conference this year that doesn't offer at least one panel in its program on data, and most of them feature two or more. Deterministic data (i.e., data that can be matched to a unique and identifiable individual, such as a name or an email address) is being touted as an untapped precious resource. But in this discussion regarding data, many marketers and media companies are missing the opportunities offered by social media data.

Posted Jul 18, 2017

Marketers are often dubious about the accuracy of advertising metrics when they put their trust in a major digital ad platform like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. They want to be sure, of course, that they're being billed for the right clicks, ad impressions are correctly tallied, and calculation methods are verified by third parties.

Posted Jun 21, 2017

Bidalgo, a provider of ad automation software and services for app marketers, announced it has been named a Snapchat Licensed Ads Partner. Advertisers can now use Bidalgo's Artificial Intelligence-based SaaS platform and expert consulting services to optimize their Snapchat advertising campaigns as part of a multi-channel program.

Posted Jun 20, 2017

One of the best gauges you have for the success of your blog is the number of people interacting with your content (i.e., leaving comments and discussing your content on social media). It proves that your users aren't just visiting or browsing, but are actually interested in what you're saying. So what if nobody is responding to your blog? What can you do?

Posted May 31, 2017

In a blog post, Instagram introduced two new ways to explore content on its platform. Users can now use Explore to find stories based on location and hashtags.

Posted May 25, 2017

Social video creation platform Wochit and Fresco News, a network connecting mobile journalists to newsrooms worldwide, announced a partnership that will add Fresco's vetted library of crowdsourced news content to Wochit's library of pre-cleared assets.

Posted May 18, 2017

Video is an increasingly important part of content strategies. Whether you're the editor of a news site or a content marketer, your audience wants video—and there is no place like Streaming Media East to learn about the business and technology of video. But after a day's worth of sessions, I came away with three tips that any publisher can apply to their content.

Posted May 16, 2017

Despite its long history, Mezzetta had not spent much time thinking about marketing. For much of its existence, the company had been focused on manufacturing and sales. But after hiring two new marketing employees, Mezzetta was ready to bring its products to a wider audience. With such a small team, content creation proved to be one of the biggest marketing challenges. Mezzetta needed help creating enough content to get its products in front of the masses—and so it decided working with influencers may be the best bet.

Posted May 15, 2017

Research released by Ampere Analysis reveals that Facebook is closing the gap on TV advertising. The average revenue per user (ARPU) generated by Facebook advertising has grown six-fold in North American and four-fold in Europe in five years. By comparison, the value of a TV viewer has remained relatively flat, with a growth of less than 7% in both regions over the same half-decade.

Posted May 09, 2017

engage:BDR, a cross screen video advertising company, announced the launch of IconicReach, one of the first influencer advertising platforms created by an established advertising technology company. IconicReach says it is a one-stop shop for those brands looking for a place to discover and manage an array of influencer partners. The goal is to yield high engagement and authenticity, and for influencers to seamlessly connect to numerous potential partners in one place.

Posted May 04, 2017

Posted May 01, 2017

As any pedestrian trying to navigate a big city sidewalk can attest, text messaging apps can be dangerously engaging. Chatbots are automated messaging apps designed to keep users engaged. They're about to have a big impact on marketing content (including video), and account-based marketing, in particular.

Posted Apr 21, 2017

At the Facebook F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a Camera Effects Platform which "will rely on an army of outside developers to contribute augmented reality image filters and interactive experiences…" according to TechCrunch. The first effects are now available within the Camera Effects feature on smartphones. Eventually, however, it is meant to be used with augmented reality hardware.

Posted Apr 20, 2017