Social Media and Communities

Five Across, Inc. has extended its technology to enable the creation of multi-page Web sites. Available immediately, the hosted service, Bubbler, provides page navigation that is generated automatically; updates text and pages in real time; provides drag-and-drop photo, audio, and video sharing; and has a group model that provides wiki-like collaboration for authorized users.

Posted May 20, 2005

America Online, Inc. has announced the public availability of AOL Journals on for users of the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service. AOL Journals is the company's blogging tool that enables users to set up public or private online Journals.

Posted May 10, 2005

Beliefnet, Inc., a multi-faith spirituality media company and online community, has announced the launch of "Blog Heaven--where faith blogs go when they’re good". Blog Heaven is an area on the Beliefnet Web site where faith, political, and spiritual blogs are aggregated and continuously updated, creating a "one-stop-shopping" environment for blog enthusiasts.

Posted May 03, 2005

A free public service network has been launched in an effort to give users worldwide access to public television and radio programming, movies, podcasts, and video blogs, while protecting the producers' copyrights. Open Media Network (OMN) was founded by Mike Homer (formerly of Netscape) and includes Marc Andreessen as an advisor and board member.

Posted Apr 29, 2005

Userplane, a provider of live community software, has announced the deployment of its instant messaging solution, Userplane Webmessenger, on the social networking site Friendster. Userplane’s Webmessenger is intended to enable Friendster members to communicate with each other in online conversations through Web-based one-on-one text conversations.

Posted Apr 26, 2005

21Publish, developer of turnkey solutions for branded blog communities, has announced the availability of an updated version of its product and new entry level pricing today. The company now offers a free entry level service targeted at communities, clubs, colleges, commercial Web sites, or enterprises in order to allow them to create a free multi-user community with blogs for up to 100 members with 2MB of Web space for each blog.

Posted Apr 22, 2005

HighBeam Research has announced a suite of blogging tools designed to offer bloggers a more trustworthy voice and blog readers access to its content collection. HighBeam Research Blog Enhancer is intended to help bloggers to improve their blogs by facilitating the process of incorporating content from the HighBeam Research Engine's collection of articles (many of which are not typically found on the Web), including those from newspaper, magazine, book, journal, and transcript publishers.

Posted Apr 15, 2005

The MSN network of Internet services has launched the latest versions of MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces. Integration among MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, and other MSN network services, including MSN Search, is expected to give people a more flexible way to connect with others through instant messaging, blogging, and sharing music lists and photos.

Posted Apr 12, 2005

Six Apart, a provider of weblogging software and services, and Adobe collaborated to build a set of visual tools that lets designers create and update Movable Type and TypePad templates right from the GoLive design environment.

Posted Apr 08, 2005

With all the political blog hype during the 2004 election cycle, many observers missed the quieter emergence of blogs in the business world. My guess is that we're just getting going here and that business blogs will grow rapidly in numbers and importance. I'd predict that before long blogs will displace many existing KM technologies for information sharing inside businesses as well as communication tools used by organizations to reach external audiences.

Posted Mar 22, 2005

Yahoo! has announced a new service, Yahoo! 360, set to launch as an invitation-only beta on March 29th. The service is intended to offer users integrated experience, bringing together communications, content, and community services such as Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Photos, Yahoo! Local, LAUNCHcast Music and Yahoo! Groups with new services like blogs, moblogging, and other sharing tools for recommending favorite movies, restaurants, music, and more.

Posted Mar 18, 2005, a new Web Video Show produced by and featuring Democratic bloggers, consultants, and activists, has launched. The inaugural program features Democratic pollster and MSNBC regular Margie Omero; pundit and Fox News Channel regular Sascha Burns;'s John Aravosis; screenwriter and lawyer Erik Huey; and Rock the Vote's Justin Paschal.

Posted Mar 11, 2005

SilkRoad technology, inc., a provider of enterprise-class content management and collaboration software, has introduced its new Silkware platform, which is designed to bring together a feature-rich audio and video blogging application and an assortment of communication and collaboration tools on one common platform.

Posted Mar 08, 2005

PM Solutions, a provider of project management consulting, training, and research, has announced that the latest version of its Web-enabled Project Management Community of Practice (PMCOP) methodology solution, which aligns with the latest industry standards contained within the Project Management Institute's Guide. The PMCOP is intended to provide Global 2000 organizations with a single source for hundreds of forms, templates, practices, and guidelines that can be applied immediately to improve project execution and operational efficiency.

Posted Mar 01, 2005

Sharing best practice knowledge is one of the stated goals of a “community of practice,” an increasingly used content industry buzz phrase. McKinsey & Co. defines a community of practice as “a group of professionals, informally bound to one another through exposure to a common class of problems, common pursuit of solutions, and thereby themselves embodying a store of knowledge.” But even if a small community agrees on a particular best practice, where is the motivation for them to share their knowledge with one another and the wider industry?

Posted Feb 24, 2005

The influence of business and political blogs has become too large to be dismissed by the econtent industry. Blogging provides experts and wannabes with an easy way to make their voices heard in the Web-based marketplace of ideas. Companies that ignore independent product reviews and discussions about service quality found on blogs are living dangerously; information aggregators and distributors need to do some soul searching to determine where blogs fit in to their offerings; and info pros should be prepared to advise their organizations on the impact of blogs on a day's work.

Posted Feb 21, 2005

It has taken nearly a decade for the vast majority of Web content to prove the old mantra that media money always follows the eyeballs, but it won’t take that long for Web logs to find reliable business models.

Posted Feb 16, 2005

iUpload, a content management and corporate blogging solution provider, has launched Perspectives. iUpload Perspectives is designed to offer a business blogging application that allows users to create content in their blog and instantly reach multiple communities and sites.

Posted Feb 15, 2005, a provider of breaking news and original journalism on the Internet, introduces Blog This, the latest communication tool designed to help online news consumers share information and ideas with friends and the public. Blog This is designed to allow users to quickly and efficiently write blogs related to specific news stories and communicate their opinions to others.

Posted Feb 11, 2005

Ask Jeeves, Inc., a provider of information retrieval technologies, brands, and Internet advertising services, has acquired Trustic, Inc., the company that owns and operates Bloglines. Bloglines is a free online service for searching, subscribing, publishing, and sharing RSS feeds, blogs, and rich Web content. Bloglines will continue to operate uninterrupted as an independent brand in the Ask Jeeves portfolio and retain its name and unique URL:

Posted Feb 08, 2005

Penn Media has announced that it will publish fifty of its flagship owned and operated ezines as blogs. The company has contracted with Pheedo, Inc. to guide them through the evolution and provide RSS and Weblog advertising services. Penn Media plans to continue publishing the ezines and run them concurrently, but allow readers to communicate with each other through the blog.

Posted Feb 04, 2005

iUpload, a content management and corporate blogging solution provider, has announced a partnership with Pheedo, a company that offers a set of tools to create, promote, analyze, and optimize advertising in their weblogs and content feeds.

Posted Jan 25, 2005

Cymfony, Inc., a provider of automated media measurement, market research, and business intelligence, has announced the launch of Digital Consumer Insight to help companies understand digital influencers.

Posted Jan 25, 2005

The Gilbane Report has announced that it has made all Gilbane Reports available free of charge, and that there will no longer be a charge for subscriptions. The Gilbane Report also announced the launch of a new Weblog that will be authored by Gilbane analysts and consultants.

Posted Jan 11, 2005

Six Apart, makers of the Movable Type publishing platform and TypePad personal weblogging service, has acquired Danga Interactive, Inc., the operators of the LiveJournal service, for an undisclosed amount of stock and cash.

Posted Jan 11, 2005