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Social networking for the enterprise is booming. The sector is unquestionably adding revenues for new providers, adding jobs at old companies, and adding profits throughout the industry. In a wave that seemed to begin in earnest just 18 months ago, enterprises now embrace these tools to achieve better (and less expensive) results across most major business functions despite fears over losing control of company secrets.

Posted Jun 15, 2009

Momail, a provider of consumer email services for mobile devices, launched Twitter support for its mobile email.

Posted Jun 12, 2009

In a January memorandum titled "Transparency and Open Government" (, President Barack Obama called for greater transparency in making information available online as well as more citizen participation in federal websites. Experience from the private sector suggests that executing on a strategy of greater transparency combined with public participation will be difficult. Technology vendors talk a good game about offering a unified solution to this challenge, but their architectures have not caught up with their marketing here.

Posted Jun 10, 2009

Purewire, Inc., a SaaS-based secure web gateway vendor, announced the launch of TweetGrade.

Posted Jun 09, 2009

When I was invited to speak on mobile search, advertising, and SEO at ThinkMobile, a new mobile industry conference in New York this March, I expected it (like the majority of mobile events I have attended over the last months) to focus on technology issues first and the potential impact on how we live and work second.

Posted Jun 08, 2009

Lithium Technologies, a provider of on-demand customer community solutions for the enterprise, announced that it has acquired Keibi Technologies, Inc., an automated content discovery, analysis, and moderation for online communities.

Posted Jun 05, 2009

I am now living through the third wave of arguments for fee-based digital content models in the decade and a half I have covered the internet publishing world. The inevitable response to the dual forces of recessionary ad decline and the more tectonic and irreversible shift to digital has been: "Make 'em pay." Almost everyone on the consumer side of the fence is talking about "hybrid" models and "pay areas." It is hard to listen to such a conversation without someone dropping "the iTunes precedent" as an argument that both micropayment mechanisms and consumer attitudes have turned the corner on this issue. People are ready to underwrite the costly content industry. They see the ugly alternative (bad or shallow content), and they are more willing to put a cash value on digital media now.

Posted Jun 03, 2009

Facebook announced that its app funding program—fbFund—has been renamed and will have new terms for its participants.

Posted Jun 02, 2009

Dapper, a provider of technical solutions for creating Widgets, Google Gadgets, and Facebook Apps, has launched ImpressionDNA which scans impressions to extract user intent based on a matrix of factors including context, behavior, geographic location, and performance.

Posted Jun 02, 2009

On July 13, 2009 Yahoo! 360 will be closing down.

Posted Jun 02, 2009

Teragram, a division of SAS Institute Inc. and a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, announced the launch of its Sentiment Analysis Manager (SAM), a social media analysis tool that computes the sentiment of digital text and captures information that enables brand managers to see what their end-users are writing about their products.

Posted Jun 02, 2009

Social networking sites and online collaboration tools make it easier for employees to collaborate and share their knowledge. Add email and instant messaging (IM) to the mix and the result is a knowledge-sharing system that can bolster communication and productivity throughout an enterprise.

Posted Jun 01, 2009

The FTC has revised guidelines for editorials and testimonials in ads.

Posted May 22, 2009

Stocktwits, an information service for investments that lets investors track conversations about stocks on Twitter, has raised $800,000 in a first round from True Ventures.

Posted May 22, 2009

It was reported that Facebook is wrapping up $150 million in financing to buy back stock from hundreds of its employees.

Posted May 19, 2009

RocketOn, Inc., a venture-funded startup located in San Francisco, launched a second product called Blerp.

Posted May 15, 2009

The Wall Street Journal writers were given a newly compiled list of rules for "professional conduct," which included a guide for use of online outlets, noting cautions for activities on social networking sites.

Posted May 15, 2009

To succeed today, content sites must amass huge content collections, yet accomplish this with tighter budgets. At the same time, content consumers need to be enabled to find exactly what meets their needs. There are several strategies that can be employed to achieve web publishing's Holy Grail: the Triangle of Content Success.

Posted May 14, 2009

Quality, conference-centric web content can provide an ideal confluence of on-site and online. Smart organizers create all kinds of different content that helps people to make the decision, prior to the event, to buy a ticket (or not). The content also serves as search engine fodder, driving traffic to the show site prior to the event. As I wrote in last month's column, successes such as the Singapore Tattoo Show, which used a Facebook Group called Tattoo Artistry to help drive 15,000 people to the show's debut in January 2009, are the models to emulate.

Posted May 14, 2009

CubeTree announced the availability of its enterprise collaboration suite, a free enterprise intranet product built on a social networking platform.

Posted May 12, 2009

Over the past few months, from scattered corners of the web, the sentiment "enough already" has slowly emerged. Yes, we're in a recession; friends and family members are losing jobs, retirement savings, and homes; people are scared and frustrated. But enough with apocalyptic forecasting—let's move on to the question of how we're all going to get through this.Sites such as Recessionwire, Economic TurningPoint, and the Reinventing America series of reports on have launched with the goal of helping readers understand not only what is going on with the economy but what to do now.

Posted May 07, 2009

Since this issue comes out during the annual Buying & Selling eContent show, I've been thinking about conferences and how they're marketed. In November, I keynoted the MeetingTechOnline (MTO) Summit. Since my topic was How Exhibition and Events are Impacted by the New Rules of Marketing and PR and the organizers were game, we did a little experiment. About a month prior to the gig, I sent an update to my Twitter followers (I'm "dmscott" if you're on Twitter) and said that I would be speaking at the event, and then I offered a discount for anyone who registered using the discount code I provided.

Posted May 06, 2009

BuddyPress version 1.0 from WordPress, a suite of WordPress plugins and themes, is now available for download.

Posted May 05, 2009

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) launched "Mylecule," a new application on the social networking website

Posted May 01, 2009

Some internet scams are easy to spot—pop-ups boasting miracle weight loss or emails claiming you've won the lottery—but other, more subtle scams aren't as easy to identify. With the rise of Web 2.0 tools, advertisers have a plethora of new opportunities to promote products and, unfortunately, dupe online users. For this reason, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed new regulations regarding misleading online endorsements, which could hinder online advertisers' ability to use social networking sites and blogs to promote products.

Posted Apr 28, 2009