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Twitter announced that it would be rolling out a handful of new features and capabilities for its social messaging service. The company will be introducing a new version of the site that features a cleaner timeline and a richer details pane to provide information on individual Tweets, along with the ability to scroll through an unlimited number of Tweets without having to select "More."

Posted Sep 16, 2010

Alterian, a developer of customer engagement technology and solutions, announced the acquisition of Intrepid, an international market research and social media analytics consultant firm. Intrepid is a consulting business with a heavy focus on insights from social media data, which allows social media to be integrated as a core element of mainstream marketing.

Posted Sep 02, 2010

AOL is purchasing locational social networking service Rally Up for an undisclosed amount. Rally Up, which was founded in 2009, develops mobile applications for the iPad and iPhone that allow users to check in to various locations, send messages, and locate friends. The service features a friend feed that lets users share their location or upload text and photos. The service also features integration with Facebook.

Posted Sep 02, 2010

Inmagic released the latest version of Inmagic Presto, an application that enables non-technical business users to create and manage KnowledgeNets, Social Knowledge Networks (SKN) that are tied to a specific business objective. The new version includes enhanced functionality and new features, including discussion forums that facilitate topic-specific collaboration, extended single sign-on (SSO) third-party authentication, and optimization for enterprise installations.

Posted Aug 26, 2010

Ektron Inc. announced a new software product that integrates Facebook with corporate websites. The new tool is part of Ektron's Marketing Optimization Suite, which is designed to simplify the personalization of a website. Ektron's Facebook Social Targeting Software allows marketers to match social behavior to relevant experiences on a corporate website, allowing them to personalize product recommendations, offers, promotions, and other types of content to site visitors.

Posted Aug 19, 2010

Twitter announced, via its blog, the creation of a new Tweet Button. The button can, with a few lines of HTML code, be embedded in any website and allow the user to more easily share a link to the website through his or her Twitter account.

Posted Aug 17, 2010

Marketing and communications research firm HCD Research introduced a new tool that uses social media-based sentiment and emotional analysis to give pharmaceutical marketers insight into brand power and scope. NetClassRX helps medical marketers sort through digital conversations on blogs, websites, forums, and social networks, finding and highlighting remarks that pertain to their brand.

Posted Aug 12, 2010

Market research company Quester and digital developer Omnigon are releasing a new service called FeedbackFX with Socrates, an online research tool that allows users to highlight and annotate sections of content. The tool's automated moderator, dubbed Scorates, then analyzes the comments and asks follow-up questions to generate more precise feedback for researchers.

Posted Aug 12, 2010

Professional social networking company LinkedIn announced the acquisition of mSpoke, a startup that develops recommendation technology with offerings for content publishers, research analysts, and individuals. LinkedIn, which, at 75 million users, is the largest networking site of its kind, would not disclose the terms of the transaction.

Posted Aug 10, 2010

Open source microblogging developer StatusNet Inc. scored some new investors in a funding round led by FirstMark Capital, along with BOLDstart Ventures, iNovia Capital, and Montreal Start Up. FirstMark venture partner and angel investor Scott Switzer will also be joining the StatusNet board.

Posted Aug 05, 2010

Question and answer-based site began testing a newly revamped version of its flagship site, which will focus more on answering questions. The new site is part of an announced strategy by the company to move away from providing links in response to queries, instead providing specific answers.

Posted Jul 29, 2010

Online Marketing Suite, the business optimization platform from Adobe Systems Incorporated, will now link to new mobile and social media features. The Omniture-powered suite now features advanced bid strategies for Facebook ads, image ad support for Google, and personalization capabilities for BlackBerry and Android mobile apps.

Posted Jul 27, 2010

As recently as the last decade, content marketing - that is, content not as the product itself but as the basis for engaging a target audience and helping compel that audience to purchase a company's product - was reduced to a fairly short list of flavors. Today, however, companies have an opportunity to engage customers directly with endlessly unfolding content communication opportunities.

Posted Jul 19, 2010 launched a new feature on its site that lets independent music fans tag and sell their favorite music through Twitter, Facebook, bebo, and MySpace. The feature is designed to give independent bands the opportunity to take advantage of social networking to expand sales for their music.

Posted Jul 15, 2010

Zendesk, a customer support software provider, announced Twitter integration with its Zendesk helpdesk platform. The new functionality allows users to merge tweets with business workflows, taking advantage of the social networking service for both knowledge sharing and customer engagement.

Posted Jul 15, 2010

Crisis. Breaking news about your company. Disaster. Recall. When important news affecting your organization breaks fast, you've got to get out in front of the story immediately.

Posted Jul 12, 2010

Facebook has already given us new meanings for words such as "friend" and "poke." Now, it's aiming to put its own spin on the word "like," slapping the word on a button that Facebook executives hope will tie content across the web together on a single networking platform-its own.

Posted Jul 12, 2010

Creator of the "Twitter newspaper site" announced the closing of a round of financing, featuring participation from German tech group Econa, as well as Kima Ventures, and Venture Incubator AG. A number of independent "angel" investors also participated in the round.

Posted Jul 08, 2010

Guardian News & Media released a WordPress plugin that lets bloggers republish content from on their own sites free of chage. The Guardian news feed plug-in, which was developed using the Guardian's award-winning Open Platform, is the first full-article news feed plug-in to be released by a major publisher.

Posted Jul 08, 2010

A recent comScore survey found that nearly a third of mobile social users used their phones for social networking to the exclusion of all other mobile content. Yet most smartphones go far beyond social networking, offering up secondary features that drive price tags ever upwards. Now, Microsoft and Nokia are bringing to market a series of "social phones" that try to keep the networking but ditch the sticker shock.

Posted Jul 05, 2010

That Facebook is no longer just a way for college students to list their favorite bands is not news to anyone. Businesspeople, politicians, corporations, and civic organizations are setting up profiles and using them as important parts of their marketing and networking campaigns. Dyyno, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based video distribution company, is looking to capitalize on these trends with a new Facebook app designed to integrate a user's online broadcasting efforts into a Facebook profile.

Posted Jul 02, 2010

On May 4, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google planned to begin selling ebooks in June or July with the introduction of the Google Editions. However, in an already crowded and chaotic ebook market, one has to wonder where Google will fit in.

Posted Jul 02, 2010

Local group shopping site LivingSocial announced that it is beginning to expand LivingSocial Deals to an international audience with the opening of its London office and, in the near future, support for the service throughout London's major metropolitan areas. The move was prompted in part by the $44 million in venture funding the company has accumulated this year.

Posted Jul 01, 2010

Socialtext announced a major upgrade to SocialPoint, the connector that lets customers integrate its software platform with Microsoft SharePoint. According to the company, SocialPoint now allows information from SharePoint events to flow directly into the Socialtext activity stream, while also adding rich metadata related to the SharePoint events.

Posted Jul 01, 2010

Locational social networking service Foursquare announced the completion of a round of Series B funding that netted the company $20 million, thanks to participation from Union Square Ventures, O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and new partner Andreessen Horowitz.

Posted Jul 01, 2010