Social Media and Communities

Where would we be without the Facebook Like button and the Twitter stream sidebar? Someplace almost unrecognizable, according to a recent study by Lijit Networks, Inc. The study found an 80% increase in social media widget adoption in 2010. With search engine optimization (SEO) becoming an increasingly difficult task, more and more website publishers are using social widgets to drive traffic and to promote viewer engagement.

Posted Jun 15, 2011

Webtrends partnered with ShopIgniter to provide a social ecommerce analytics solution to enterprises. ShopIgniter, a social ecommerce software company, and Webtrends, a provider of analytics and social engagement solutions, combined their expertise to devise a new way to understand customer value which involves purchase and product interaction with social media engagement and referral.

Posted Jun 14, 2011

Imagine, for a moment, what would happen if a man went up to someone he found attractive at a bar and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Give me your phone number." What if a woman saw someone she found interesting at the local coffee emporium and started the conversation by saying, "How much money do you make?" If you're a famous celebrity - or amazingly attractive - this approach might work, but mere mortals are not likely to get far in the dating world by acting this way. The same goes in the marketing world.

Posted May 30, 2011

LinkedIn, the largest professional social network, went public with an IPO last week, with 7,840,000 shares of common stock. Of the total number of shares, 4,827,804 are being offered by LinkedIn Corp. and 3,012,196 are offered by selling stockholders. LinkedIn will not receive proceeds from the sales of shares by the stockholders.

Posted May 24, 2011

My inbox runneth over with can't-miss bargain offers. I am not sure how many Groupon and LivingSocial daily deal lists I actually subscribed to, but each morning my inbox is stuffed with 50%-off offers for everything from massages to theater tickets in several nearby locales. Clearly, one of the most lucrative innovations in emarketing in recent years has been the group buying and daily deal model. When LivingSocial sold a $20 voucher from (one of its primary investors) for $10, 1.4 million people took the bait ... including me.

Posted May 23, 2011

On May 17, in Boston, Mass.-the same city that gave us the first telephone call and first email-information professionals gathered at SIIA NetGain 2011, to discuss how organizations can integrate major information trends into business models to promote growth and expand customer reach. With "road trip to innovation" as its catchphrase, and with sessions that tackled topics such as the use of social media in marketing, SIIA NetGain presented attendees with a variety of strategies to help them not only survive in today's competitive market, but to succeed in the future.

Posted May 19, 2011

Facebook is adding a new Send button to its popular social networking service. The button is designed to replicate the functionality of "E-mail to a friend" options popular on some websites, and is meant to allow links or pages to be shared among groups of friends on the service. Uses of the button count towards a page's overall number of Likes.

Posted May 19, 2011

Software development and technology firm Systems Alliance released Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1) for SiteExecutive 2011, a software update for the company's flagship CMS. EP1 introduces a new social media module that eases integration with and consumption of content from Facebook and Twitter, while also including updates to a number of other modules and core CMS functions.

Posted May 12, 2011

eTouch Systems released version 4.4 of SamePage, its enterprise wiki designed to enable efficient collaboration and streamlined workflow, which features added social tools and document management capabilities. The new version aims to improve the user's experience and create a community environment.

Posted Apr 26, 2011

I couldn't function without it, but email is becoming dysfunctional and showing its age. In 1998, I had two email accounts, one business (using Microsoft Outlook) and one personal, available only via dial-up service. As time passed, the quantity of my email accounts grew, as did the type of email servers and email providers. Times have changed, and not for the better.

Posted Apr 25, 2011

Alfresco, an open platform for social content management, previewed the Activiti Business Process Management (BPM) workflow engine integrated with Alfresco. Activiti is compliant with the industry standard BPMN 2.0 and extends Alfresco's workflow features by giving developers the ability to create process flows between Alfresco and other business applications. The integration is being offered through an update to Alfresco Community, version 3.4.e.

Posted Apr 21, 2011

NYU Press announced that it has been awarded a grant of $50,000 from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to develop and test a method of conducting open, public online peer-to-peer review of scholarly monographs and journal articles. NYUP, which is part of the NYU Division of Libraries, will work with the MediaCommons a digital scholarly network, which is affiliated with both NYU Libraries and the Institute for the Future of the Book.

Posted Apr 14, 2011

Visible Technologies, a provider of social intelligence solutions, obtained an investment totaling $6 million, making a total of $45 million of funding secured to date from Investor Growth Capital (IGC), Centurion Holdings, Ignition Partners, In-Q-Tell, and WPP. The funding will reportedly be used to enhance sales and grow the company's international footprint, as social media used by businesses becomes increasingly popular.

Posted Apr 05, 2011

Online reference service Credo Reference is launching a new online community called Libraries Thriving, which provides a space dedicated to communicating the value of libraries and their ability to impact the learning moment. Libraries Thriving helps focus collaboration on the innovative use of e-resources and is free to all members of the educational community, including librarians, educators, researchers, publishers and library vendors.

Posted Mar 31, 2011

CRM vendor announced that it will be acquiring social media tool developer Radian6 for $340 million, representing $276 million in cash up-front as well as $50 million in stock. $4 million in cash will also go to the founders of Radian6, subject to conditions over the next 2 years. The deal is expected to close by July 31.

Posted Mar 31, 2011

In the past few years, social media has taken the marketing world by storm. The use of networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as advertising tools is transforming the way some companies do business and opening up new horizons in direct marketing, lead generation, and promotion. Social media, however, can also be a tricky business, with social media ROI being difficult to gauge and tie into other more traditional marketing efforts.

Posted Mar 30, 2011

Alfresco Software partnered with Jive Software to combine breed content management and social business software for customers. The two companies are collaborating with Jive consulting partner SolutionSet to create an Alfresco-Jive connector that delivers enterprise-class repository functionality to Jive content while enabling Alfresco content to act as native Jive content.

Posted Mar 29, 2011

The Meltwater Group, a social media and news monitoring company, announced the acquisition of social CRM software JitterJam. The companies plan to focus on creating tools for tracking and engaging customers for marketing, communications, and advertising professionals. The purchase was made for $6 million, and per the terms of the agreement all of JitterJam's employees will be joining Meltwater.

Posted Mar 24, 2011

FaceItPages has unveiled more than 10 new features, giving users additional control over the design of their Facebook pages. FaceItPages, which offers customizable templates for Facebook business pages, routinely adds applications that let businesses manage the branding and look of their content on Facebook, allowing them to create a more personalized, and customer-oriented experience.

Posted Mar 15, 2011

PeerIndex introduced PeerIndex Groups, a way to keep track of groups of people on PeerIndex, which measures a person's online social capital by indexing multiple social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora. The new groups allow users to curate a group of people and easily keep a track of their individual PeerIndexes, along with other metrics.

Posted Mar 10, 2011

AT&T will join many other daily deal sites by offering discounts of the day on its website. AT&T hopes to be able to leverage its extensive local advertising business to gain prominence among sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. More than 23 million people visit each month, and AT&T's ad revenue totaled more than $1 billion last year.

Posted Mar 08, 2011

Visible Technologies has enhanced its Visible Intelligence platform, enabling businesses to make more accurate decisions based on data gathered from social media. According to Kelly Pennock, the CEO of Visible Technologies, the new platform "aggregates social media content...enhances it with business focused analytics, and then enables its distribution."

Posted Mar 01, 2011

Socialtext has announced an updated release of its social software platform that focuses on connecting employees with the relevant colleagues, information and systems that drive their business. It aims to deliver analytics that assist IT departments in managing the platform, in addition to an intranet infrastructure that promotes the sharing of information. Employees can use the software to communicate, access content and rich media, and create a personalized intranet homepage called a dashboard.

Posted Mar 01, 2011

DotNetNuke Corp. has acquired Active Modules, one of the providers of ecommerce and social collaboration solutions for the DotNetNuke platform, in order to increase the functionality of DotNetNuke. The acquisition will provide more features to current DotNetNuke users, including the Active Forums, Active Social, and Active Purchase modules.

Posted Mar 01, 2011

All these fancy new communications tools-the telephone in particular-are disruptive and unsettling. Why would anyone want to use the telephone to communicate with clients or customers? That is what letters are for. We do business with our customers like it's been done successfully since our founding. Just tell them to come to our establishment and meet with us directly. Plenty of free sarsaparilla, so come on down! Beginning today, our new companywide policy banning telephones at work will be introduced.

Posted Feb 24, 2011