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Russia's Mail.Ru Group launched Futubra, a new microblogging platform that allegedly resembles Twitter to a T. Futubra went up Monday, Jan.16, and is currently in beta. Twitter was made available in Russian in April 2011 and has some 2 million Russian-speaking users.

Posted Jan 16, 2012

IBM Corp. released a suite of new software and services, including cloud offerings and the beta release of its social networking platform, IBM Connections. IBM's new products incorporate analytics capabilities, real-time data monitoring, and collaborative networks.

Posted Jan 16, 2012

Sharing your thoughts and activities on Facebook in and of of itself is not necessarily a problem. The problem comes when users forget that everyone in their social network is reading their posts. When you post something in frustration over your boss, co-worker, spouse, or friend, remember that the boss, co-worker, spouse, or friend-and all their networked friends (and all of their networked friends)-may also be reading your posts. It is possible to take part in Facebook and still maintain a modicum of privacy. To accomplish this, keep these 10 lessons in mind.

Posted Jan 13, 2012

Google announced a new feature called Search plus Your World that offers signed-in users a customized set of search results that contain personal photos and friends' activities pulled from the web, including social media sites. However, results apparently do not include material from Facebook or Twitter, and this sparked some back-and-forth.

Posted Jan 12, 2012

Starting Jan. 11, Facebook has begun introducing ads into users' news feeds, labeled "Featured" stories as to distinguish them from the earned media messaging that users sometimes see, the company said. Also new is the ability for Facebook users to comment on external websites via the Comments Box plug-in.

Posted Jan 11, 2012

We all know Twitter is a powerful tool, but many publishers aren't sure how to build goodwill while still promoting their own content. Here are a few quick tips for publishers looking to implement a simple social media strategy that doesn't give community short shrift while building traffic and brand awareness.

Posted Jan 11, 2012

The problem with our increasingly connected society is that there are more channels and opportunities than ever to share our story, but the pitfalls have also become more dangerous. Jumping into the modern social scene with your company's message can feel like swimming with sharks while wearing a SPAM scuba suit. So let's look at a real world example and see what we can learn about where and how to best share our content.

Posted Jan 10, 2012

A new social platform,, connects travelers with one another as well as new destinations and travel experts. The site is currently in beta and is expected to officially launch in May. TouristLink is a free service, and users can create an account on the site or through Facebook.

Posted Jan 09, 2012

RSuite CMS, from Really Strategies, Inc., has added a support community to its offering. The community is available exclusively for RSuite customers and partners. Discussions as well as support requests relative to the CMS software are now kept in one secure location.

Posted Jan 04, 2012

FaceItPages, from Go Smart Solutions LLC, released a new extensive reporting interface that offers more advanced tools aimed at creating a deeper understanding of the activity on professional Facebook pages. This interface is available to Agency and White Label members of FaceItPages.

Posted Jan 03, 2012

According to Benedict Evans' blog, and research for an upcoming Enders Analysis report, almost 40% of Facebook is via a mobile app.

Posted Dec 29, 2011

Facebook added a note to the top of Facebook that asks, "Ever wonder how Facebook makes money?" and then invites users to click for more details. The link connects users to a new "About Advertising on Facebook" page, which lists the steps Facebook takes to deliver ads to pages. Facebook may be preparing its users for the Sponsored Stories ads entering news feeds in 2012.

Posted Dec 22, 2011

News aggregator Digg is using Facebook's new Open Graph to instantly share the stories its users are reading in Digg over Facebook. Stories being read through Digg will appear on news feeds and as Timeline posts. Digg also launched a Newsbar that appears at the top of Digg pages reached through Facebook.

Posted Dec 22, 2011

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia and his investment group, Kingdom Holding Co., have invested $300 million in Twitter. With this latest investment, Twitter is valued at $10 billion. Earlier this year, Twitter received $800 million from Digital Sky Technologies (DST) Global, of Russia.

Posted Dec 19, 2011

Content in the cloud is a natural evolution from storing files on our desktops-but the content creation explosion that has overfilled our inboxes and overwhelmed our social networks won't be solved by moving the growing mass of data from a private realm to a public one.In fact, there's a solution on the horizon that promises to keep the clouds fluffy and the content contextual. It's the "curated cloud," and it's the next big thing. By one measure, we created 5EB (exabytes) of data from the beginning of time until 2008. Now we're creating 5EB every 2 days. Where did that statistic come from? The folks who should know: Google.

Posted Dec 19, 2011

Hot gossip, recipes, cute baby photos and juicy tidbits about office Christmas party shenanigans aren't the only things being shared on Facebook these days. Many folks actually use the social network king to pass on interesting news articles, too. In fact, a look at what made the list of the top 40 most shared articles on Facebook in 2011 can offer some interesting clues to publishers and media outlets as to what makes a story "shareable."

Posted Dec 16, 2011

Social media and marketing agency Mr Youth, LLC found that social media users are more influential, spend more money on holiday gifts, and are more likely to recommend holiday gifts to others. The agency reports that 66% of social media users made a purchase directly resulting from an interaction with a brand or with friends and family via social media.

Posted Dec 15, 2011

PayPal will partner with 200 U.S. merchants to start offering coupons for mobile deals in 1Q 2012, according to Daily Deal Media. PayPal, owned by eBay, Inc., plans to enter the daily deals market dominated by Groupon, Inc. and LivingSocial by offering daily coupons tailored to users' buying habits and locations.

Posted Dec 15, 2011

The most commonly held belief about influence is that it is equivalent to the number of a user's friends. Klout, for example, measures influence using three different sets of metrics but the underlying assumption of all of them is a direct correlation between influence and number of fans. The problem with this model is that it may not be correct.

Posted Dec 15, 2011

LivingSocial is reportedly in the process of raising $400 million to support its operations, according to Daily Deal Media. This round of funding could bring the daily deals provider's value to about $6 billion. In November, Venture Capital Dispatch reported all of LivingSocial's major investors would contribute to the round.

Posted Dec 12, 2011

Money is the root of all evil. It is also the foundation upon which economies are built. Certainly, it's high on the list of objectives for most organizations. Hey, even not-for-profits have to cover costs. So how do we reconcile this yearning for earning with such laudable corporate mottos as "do no evil"? Companies with good reputations generally earn them by delivering genuine value to customers. These, and others, often offset craven capitalistic endeavors by doing good works. Value and giving back are certainly admirable tactics, and I would not discourage any company from following this righteous path.

Posted Dec 12, 2011

Facebook has launched a counter lawsuit against Timelines, Inc., the company that sued Facebook for trademark infringement in September after Facebook announced its new feature called Timeline. Facebook's countersuit argues that "timeline" is not a valid trademark because it is a generic term, one that is used in features on at least 10 other websites, including Google.

Posted Dec 08, 2011

A list of the top most-shared articles on Facebook in 2011.

Posted Dec 07, 2011

You would be hard-pressed to find anything that has changed the way we communicate and share information more than social networking sites. No matter how much change these sites have spurred, the world of social networking has been undergoing its own overhaul in 2011. The introduction of Google+ and f8 caused plenty of discussion and, in some cases, public outcry. Myspace drew new interest from investors with a push to become an "entertainment portal," but 2012 just might be the year we find out who the winners and losers of the battle may be.

Posted Dec 07, 2011

Paramount Pictures announced that the three Mission: Impossible films would be available to rent from the Mission: Impossible Facebook Page. Facebook users that like the page can rent the entire collection using Facebook Credits: each rental can be purchased for 30 Facebook Credits, or $2.99.

Posted Nov 23, 2011