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For most magazine readers, the physical experience of flipping through glossy pages and tearing out the things you want to share is the part they love the most. Now, readers can experience the joy of clipping and sharing content in the digital world as well, with a new feature from the MAZ platform called "Clippings."

Posted Oct 02, 2012

Nimble, a social relationship manager, announced its latest version of Nimble, which integrates social selling discovery, engagement and collaboration. Nimble was designed entirely with customer engagement in mind and empowers companies to nurture their customers through social listening and engagement, helping them turn their social communities into customers for life.

Posted Oct 02, 2012

Twitter has been on an announcement spree lately. Most recently, Twitter said it would expand the Discover tab. Twitter added the tab last December, billing it as a place where users could go to find tweets that were relevant to them. Now, according to a blog post, "when you visit the Discover tab on, you'll see a continuous stream of Tweets, which automatically expand to show you the most relevant stories and most engaging photos."

Posted Oct 01, 2012

America loves its Facebook. According to comScore, Inc., the social network had 158.01 million unique visitors in the U.S. in May 2012. Believe it or not, that represented a slight decline in the number of visitors. Despite its popularity, Facebook has some competitors out there, and they may just be stealing a bit of attention from the leader in social networking.

Posted Oct 01, 2012

A while back I entered my dog in GNC's Healthy Pet, Happy Pet Photo Contest on Facebook. I had not previously "liked" GNC, but I did so for the purposes of entering the contest and possibly winning $5,000. I uploaded her picture and filled out a bunch of information. Once I was done, I started sharing the contest with my Facebook friends and family, urging them to vote for Maybelle. This is where the contest went terribly awry. At first, we couldn't actually find my dog. It took about 24 hours before her picture appeared at all. When it finally did show up, I tried sharing the direct link to her profile. But no matter what I did (i.e., grab the link, use the Share button), anyone who clicked on it ended up somewhere other than Maybelle's voting page.

Posted Oct 01, 2012

Rwanda, the tiny East African nation that is synonymous with the infamous 1994 genocide -- in which close to one million people were slaughtered in a bloody ethnic cleansing that lasted about 100 days -- has made giant strides on a path towards national reconciliation and recovery. Today, the country is on a grand march towards socio-economic growth that has been spurred by favorable government policies and investor confidence.However, the Rwandan government has learned valuable lessons from its troubled history and has been working hard toward collating and collecting data from before, during, and after the genocide with a view to using this information to educate not only the Rwandans, but also the entire world on what political and ethnic hatred can do to a people.

Posted Sep 27, 2012

Branded entertainment is back with a vengeance. Companies across multiple consumer verticals have been creating engaging long-form digital video content and harnessing the power of social media on PCs and mobile devices to engage consumers and reach mass audiences. Some examples of the current trend from this past Summer alone include campaigns from Ford ("Random Acts of Fusion") Intel and Toshiba ("The Beauty Inside"), Subway ("The 4 to 9ers" and IKEA ("Easy to Assemble"). Moreover it's becoming clear that these aren't one-time efforts. IKEA, for example, has reported that it currently dedicates 2% to 3% of its global marketing budget on branded entertainment and a former Procter & Gamble executive reported to The Wall Street Journal that the brand-marketing giant is now spending 5% of its marketing budget in this area.

Posted Sep 27, 2012

AOL has focused, almost pathologically, on local news over the past few years. The center piece of that strategy has been Patch, which is now getting a makeover. The new look focuses on social networking, and according to paidContent it will debut on five Long Island Patch sites, and slowly roll out to more - and that Patch CEO Jon Brod says the site is focusing on "content, conversation, and commerce."

Posted Sep 25, 2012

Kenny Powers is a champion athlete, famous shoe endorser, and thanks to a brilliantly orchestrated hostile takeover, the MFCEO of K-SWISS, Inc. He's bigger than cable television and/or drugs. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, try tuning into the smartest marketing move in the history of mankind.The idea to "hire" Kenny Powers as a spokesman came from Matt Murphy and Glenn Cole of brand agency 72andSunny. I don't know who green-lighted the idea at K-SWISS, but I commend his or her phenomenal cojones.

Posted Sep 25, 2012

If you were hoping for a long-term record of every link you ever shared and errant thought you ever tweeted, there may be a solution for you in the works. According to CNET, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told an audience at the Online News Association conference that users may soon be able to download a history of their tweets.

Posted Sep 24, 2012

Twitter has apparently learned nothing from Facebook's missteps when it comes to user profile designs. Every time Facebook changes its profiles, users turn to social media to gripe about every little thing, and now Twitter is updating its look with what some are a calling a Facebook-like emphasis on profiles.

Posted Sep 20, 2012

Those of us who have come to rely on Amazon reviews in our buying decisions will no doubt find recent study results from Gartner truly disturbing. According to the research firm, by 2014 users can expect about 10%-15% of social media reviews to be paid by the companies selling the products being reviewed.

Posted Sep 18, 2012

Google has been playing catch-up with Facebook for years - at least when it comes to the social media market. Now it's followed up Facebook's acquisition of super popular social photography app Instagram, with its own purchase of Snapseed - or more specifically, of Nik Software, the company behind Snapseed.

Posted Sep 18, 2012

One of the most important implications of Facebook's high-priced acquisition of mobile social photography app Instagram is the tacit admission that the social network was really a social network. The game-over thinking around Facebook, that it was the de facto social platform for the web, is an important fallacy to debunk. As one who has never been a fan of Facebook's ever-changing face, interface, privacy policies, and ad models, I admit to enjoying some of its recent missteps. From walls to timelines to sponsored stories, the company still feels like a cool lab experiment that isn't clear and stable enough in its mission to be a platform for anything but breathless coverage in the digital press.

Posted Sep 18, 2012

You're probably most familiar with Buzzfeed as the site you visits for adorable pictures of kittens, but according to GigaOm, the company recently purchased Kingfish Labs for an undisclosed amount of money. Kingfish works in the natural language processing field, and aimed to use Facebook profiles to match up users for online dating.

Posted Sep 17, 2012

Everyone wants to know the recipe for creating viral content. And while some claim to have cracked the viral code, the vast majority of online information falls flat. While we continue to watch some videos, photos, and stories skyrocket to internet fame, the secret blend of herbs and spices remains elusive to the general population. While I doubt that there will ever be a line by line recipe for success on the internet, I do believe we can look at some key ingredients from previous successes and give content a better chance to survive and flourish online. In this ongoing series over the next few weeks we are going to take a look at several tasty surprises from 2012 and see what we can grab to add to our pantry.

Posted Sep 13, 2012

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been doing more than his share to help his company's faltering stock prices. First he announced that he wouldn't be selling his shares, and then, in a public appearance, he tried to assuage Wall Street's fears.

Posted Sep 12, 2012

Facebook's biggest critics often point to a weak mobile strategy, and the critics got a boost when eMarketer reported that Twitter topped Facebook in mobile ad sales game. Of course, the year isn't over and so the eMarketer figures are just projections but it estimates Facebook's mobile ad sales at $72.7 million for 2012, with Twitter coming in at $226.4 million.

Posted Sep 06, 2012

If you were hiding from Facebook's ads by spending your social media time on Twitter, you will soon have to find a new safe haven. According to Reuters, Twitter will soon allow advertisers to target Tweeters based on information revealed in their Tweets.

Posted Sep 04, 2012

InfoDesk announced the launch of InfoMonitor, a new once-daily competitive intelligence, news and media monitoring service. InfoMonitor brings an organization all the important news and information, from their preferred sources in one custom-edited, easily digestible daily email update.

Posted Aug 29, 2012

Apparently, Facebook is not totally welcome in Germany. The federation of German Consumer Organizations has sent Facebook a cease and desist letter that accuses the company of breaching German Privacy law. The consumer protection group has given Facebook until September 4 to stop automatically sharing user information with third party applications without explicit permission.

Posted Aug 28, 2012

Twitter is all over the map lately. Changes to its API have spurred a series of controversial moves, including a split from Tumblr. But now the micro-blogging site is joining the Linux Foundation, and is expected to announce it next week.

Posted Aug 27, 2012

By now news about governments shutting down the internet or limiting access to social media to try and stave off political unrest are practically a dime a dozen. But the latest tale comes from India, and has some people wondering if the government has "lost its sense of humor."

Posted Aug 24, 2012

Ever since Twitter announced impending changes to it API, it seems to be getting crankier and crankier. Most recently, Tumblr announced that users can no longer search Twitter for friends who also use Tumblr.

Posted Aug 24, 2012

Last week it looked like Facebook might be able to settle a lawsuit regarding its "Sponsored Stories" which used users "likes" to match ads that would then appear in users' newsfeeds. Both sides agreed to a settlement but a judge rejected it on Friday, saying it did not explain well enough how the two sides came to the figures described in the settlement.Meanwhile, the FTC has finally given the OK to the social media giant's acquisition of Instagram.

Posted Aug 23, 2012