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I have been putting off writing this column for months, but I think it is time to come out and say it. Now is the time to ready your content for cell phone delivery. What seemed like a pipe dream of mobile telcos a year ago—getting people to draw down data and entertainment through their cell phones—is now close to the proverbial tipping point, and it is time for any recognizable content brand to stake a claim on the mobile phone frontier.

Posted Mar 23, 2005

Sybase, Inc., a provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, has announced plans to extend support for the Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry wireless platform within its iAnywhere mobile product portfolio. With these enhancements, companies already using BlackBerry for enterprise email will be able to leverage their investments to enable access to other line of business applications, such as sales force automation and field service.

Posted Mar 18, 2005

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has unveiled FAST mSearch and has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with TietoEnator.

Posted Mar 18, 2005

Like survivors’ tales, the story of the Web’s role in the Asian earthquak and tsunami disaster will unfold for some time to come.

Posted Mar 17, 2005

Adobe Systems Incorporated and NTT DoCoMo, Inc. have announced an agreement for DoCoMo to adopt Adobe Reader LE software for its 3G FOMA handsets, in an effort to provide customers of the i-mode service with access to high-impact, reliable content delivered in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Posted Mar 11, 2005

Crisp Wireless, a provider of mobile content management and wireless delivery software applications, has launched enhancements to its mLogic Store, a content management and ecommerce solution that supports Web and mobile discovery portals, over-the-air provisioning, flexible billing models, and digital rights management. Crisp Wireless’ mLogic Store is designed to enable businesses to increase revenues by distributing digital assets through various wireless distribution platforms such as Web sites, branded mobile portals, and in-store kiosks.

Posted Mar 08, 2005

SurfWax, Inc., a provider of Internet search and post-search solutions, has formally launched its Web-based Nextaris service. Nextaris is an integrated set of Web-based tools that are intended to allow users to easily search, capture, manage, securely share, and publish online information and collaborative blogs from the desktop or Web-enabled mobile devices.

Posted Mar 08, 2005

Random House, Inc., a consumer book publisher, has announced that through Random House Ventures, L.L.C., its investment subsidiary, it has taken a significant minority stake in VOCEL, a wireless producer and content distributor. Two of Random House, Inc.'s other branded information imprints also announced separate but related licensing arrangements with VOCEL, enabling subscribers to access distinctive content from their mobile phones: Living Language, publisher of foreign-language self-study programs, and Prima Games, publisher of video game strategy guides.

Posted Feb 25, 2005

MessageCast, Inc. has announced that its free LiveMessage alerting service is being used by podcasters as a way to let listeners know when a podcast is released. The RSS-compatible LiveMessage locates listeners on real-time networks then sends requested alerts to the best device--cell phone, PDA, PC desktop, or email. Podcasters using LiveMessage include The Rock and Roll Report, Hardcore Insomnia Radio, Michael Lehman, and Endurance Radio.

Posted Feb 22, 2005

Napster, KaZaA, and Gnutella have fuelled consumers’ passion for downloading and swapping MP3 music files—and BitTorrent and eDonkey are doing the same for video. Now, a handful of upstart vendors are poised to move peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications from the wired Internet to the wireless space to create an anywhere, anytime network for content creation and distribution.

Posted Feb 22, 2005

The Wall Street Journal Online at, a paid subscription news site, and Outercurve Technologies, a provider of wireless handheld business solutions, have announced the launch of The Wall Street Journal Online for the BlackBerry platform from Research In Motion. To introduce "The Wall Street Journal for BlackBerry," Outercurve and the Online Journal are offering this service free of charge through April 30, 2005.

Posted Feb 18, 2005

Califa’s Digital Library Consortium has launched an online digital library that offers patrons immediate access to hundreds of eBook and Audiobook titles. The online collection is available at It serves patrons of seven participating library systems including Contra Costa County Library, Downey City Library, MARINet, Palo Alto City Library, Peninsula Library System, Pleasanton Public Library, and Sunnyvale Public Library.

Posted Feb 18, 2005

Parks Associates has released a new report entitled Digital Music: Analysis and Forecasts, which suggests that portable music services will not have a big impact this year. Respondents in the recent Parks Associates survey Global Digital Living strongly favored the single-track purchase model over a subscription when presented with both options.

Posted Feb 18, 2005

Sendandsee LLC, publisher of mobile magazines and developer of mobiprint publisher, a mobile publishing toolkit, has introduced an extension to its Digital Media mobilization product line--mobiprint modular. Current modules include Credit Card-payment implementation, Mobile Video Services-interface development, Service Discovery Tool-development, Customer Service-functionality deployment, and Enterprise Use-functionality [includes Nokia Communicator 9300/9500 and SonyEricsson P800/P910i-support].

Posted Feb 15, 2005

Amplefuture, a provider of consumer interactivity solutions for television and mobile phones, has announced the launch of the AFL Pocket Portal. AFL Pocket Portal is an application that sits on the mobile handset menu and gives content providers and media companies the opportunity to provide consumers with a branded storefront in their customer’s pockets with magazine-like features. It also provides links to purchase a range of information services and content such as music, images, and games.

Posted Feb 15, 2005

WiFi access has been cropping up in some unexpected places lately. While access at airports and other hubs of activity is useful, if not terribly surprising, WiFi is slowly making its way to more off-beat locales. New York has made Bryant Park and other public areas WiFi-enabled; Starbucks and retailers around the country provide access while you sip your latte, grab a burger, or make copies. The latest on the WiFi roadmap is the city of Tempe, Arizona. And you better believe that the state the Grand Canyon calls home is doing WiFi in a big way.

Posted Feb 11, 2005

iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has announced that its mobile technology has been chosen by Brink’s; Lufthansa Systems; The Office of the Sheriff, Charles County, MD; Pioneer Hi-Bred; Reed Elsevier; and Winfield Solutions.

Posted Jan 28, 2005

inCode, a wireless technology and business consulting firm, has announced its Top 10 predictions about the European and global wireless market in 2005.

Posted Jan 28, 2005, an online service for sending promotional and marketing text messages to customers, has launched.

Posted Jan 14, 2005

SmartVideo Technologies, Inc. has announces agreements that will allow SmartVideo to deliver television broadcasts from NBC Universal and The Weather Channel to cellular-internet enabled mobile devices ("Smartphones") using Microsoft's WindowsMedia Mobile technology. SmartVideo has announced a similar agreement with ABC News that will allow for the distribution of on demand video and live news coverage.

Posted Jan 11, 2005

iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has launched the latest version of its AvantGo service for managing and viewing mobile Internet content offline or online.

Posted Jan 11, 2005

Sprint and Nextel Communications, Inc. have announced that their boards of directors have unanimously approved a definitive agreement for a merger of equals.

Posted Dec 17, 2004

Revenue leakage, insufficient marketing, and inadequate mobile operator business infrastructure rank high among the issues holding back the development of mobile commerce in Europe, according to a September survey of major mobile content providers. The Mobile Content Providers Confidence Study, conducted by Qpass, a U.S.-based provider of mobile commerce software solutions, revealed that 85% of mobile content providers believe operators are “constrained by poor or inadequate systems for mobile commerce.” Moreover, 70% of content providers deemed this situation “unacceptable.”

Posted Dec 10, 2004

SearchTeria and i-ZEST have announced that they have signed a partnership agreement in a search engine-based mobile advertising business.

Posted Dec 03, 2004

The Wall Street Journal Online at, a paid subscription news site, and Summus, Inc., a provider of mobile media applications, have announced the launch of a new mobile edition of The Wall Street Journal Online.

Posted Dec 03, 2004