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Learn more in the Directory! has introduce its new generation of Kindle eReaders, which feature a new electronic-ink screen, a 21 percent smaller body while still keeping the same 6-inch-size reading area, and a 15 percent lighter weight at just 8.7 ounces than the previous generation. Amazon says the new Kindle also offers 20 percent faster page turns, up to one month of battery life, double the storage to 3,500 books, built-in Wi-Fi, a graphite color option and more-all for $189, and still with free 3G wireless-which do not require annual service contracts. Also today, Amazon introduced a new addition to its family of portable reading devices-Kindle Wi-Fi, which will be priced at $139.

Posted Jul 29, 2010

XanEdu, a provider of coursepacks and custom textbooks, launched an iPad publishing program in concert with several academic institutions and Harvest Business School Publishing. The platform is designed to give students and instructors more flexibility in accessing course materials through Apple's recently-released iPad platform.

Posted Jul 29, 2010

Online Marketing Suite, the business optimization platform from Adobe Systems Incorporated, will now link to new mobile and social media features. The Omniture-powered suite now features advanced bid strategies for Facebook ads, image ad support for Google, and personalization capabilities for BlackBerry and Android mobile apps.

Posted Jul 27, 2010

AOL Inc. ventured into the mobile space with a new mobile portal,, designed for smartphone users. AOL also released a new app for Android phones, allowing those users to access AOL features, including email, MapQuest, and AOL's news sites, from their smartphones.

Posted Jul 27, 2010

Traditional business school doctrine teaches us to delight the customer. But it doesn't tell us how to please empowered consumers and Digital Natives who consider mobile to be integral to their daily routine and an essential part of their personae.

Posted Jul 16, 2010

If medical students and junior residents need to improve their visual diagnostic skills, thanks to a collaboration between Elsevier and Legacy Interactive, there's an app for that. The new iPhone app, Top Doc, features medical content and quizzes designed to help medical students, residents, and junior faculty hone those skills.

Posted Jul 13, 2010

A recent comScore survey found that nearly a third of mobile social users used their phones for social networking to the exclusion of all other mobile content. Yet most smartphones go far beyond social networking, offering up secondary features that drive price tags ever upwards. Now, Microsoft and Nokia are bringing to market a series of "social phones" that try to keep the networking but ditch the sticker shock.

Posted Jul 05, 2010

"National Literacy Trust Research Reveals More Young People Own a Mobile Phone Than a Book." Although that headline doesn't tell the whole literacy story, it does kick off this provocative point: "Findings from new National Literacy Trust research ... reveal that 86% of young people in the UK own a mobile phone, while only 73% have books of their own. The study of over 17,000 young people reveals a strong link between both young people's reading ability and access to books at home."

Posted Jul 02, 2010

On May 4, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google planned to begin selling ebooks in June or July with the introduction of the Google Editions. However, in an already crowded and chaotic ebook market, one has to wonder where Google will fit in.

Posted Jul 02, 2010

Gale announced In Context, a new portfolio of online products designed for researchers. Slated to come available in Fall 2010, In Context serves as an evolutionary step beyond and eventual replacement for previous generations of Gale's current generation of online research tools.

Posted Jun 29, 2010 announced a new update to Kindle for iPad and Kindle for iPhone and iPod touch, which allows readers to enjoy embedded video and audio clips in Kindle books. The first books to take advantage of this new technology, including Rick Steves' London by Rick Steves and Together We Cannot Fail by Terry Golway, are available in the Kindle Store.

Posted Jun 29, 2010

Wapple, a software provider for mobile websites, announced its expansion in the US with the launch of a North American subsidiary headed up by Ed Hoffman. Wapple announced that the expansion was precipitated by rapid growth in the US over the last 12 months.

Posted Jun 24, 2010

Altus, a developer of enterprise video search solutions, announced the release of vSearch Mobile, a SaaS video solution that lets users store, manage, and create searchable rich media from virtually any source. The app is designed for mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android-based handsets, and was engineered to help companies organize and share knowledge.

Posted Jun 17, 2010

Huddle, a provider of intercompany collaboration in the cloud, is launching its BlackBerry application. Huddle's BlackBerry app gives people full access to document sharing, project tasks, discussions, and whiteboards, as well as a complete view of the user's personalized dashboard

Posted Jun 15, 2010

IT services provider Sogeti announced the debut of the company's new global Mobile Solutions Lab (MSL). The MSL's first round of apps, now available, are now being delivered for free.

Posted Jun 08, 2010

The number of mobile app downloads will increase from 7 billion in 2009 to an astonishing 50 billion in 2012. That translates into a $17.5 billion market by 2012. Even if these numbers are wildly exaggerated, and there is no reason to believe they are, this is a huge market and it's no wonder content providers everywhere are clamoring for a piece of this action. These numbers are enough to get anyone's attention, but there are many roads that can lead to app success… or failure, so content players need to get an accurate lay of the land.

Posted May 26, 2010

Ebook distributor OverDrive announced that it will release a series of apps that will combine ebooks, audiobooks, and interactive and multimedia content into a single application. The apps will be available for both mobile and desktop operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.

Posted May 20, 2010

Science, technical, and medical publisher Elsevier announced a new iPhone application, Scopus Alerts (Lite). The app gives researchers mobile access to the searching and alerting features of Scopus, the company's abstract and citation database.

Posted May 18, 2010

Oracle consulting company Limited announced the upcoming release of an application for iPhone and iPad for monitoring, managing, and tuning Oracle databases. The mDBA app allows users to monitor performance data and options on the go from an iPhone or iPad.

Posted May 18, 2010

The latest version of PressReader, optimized for the Apple iPad, is now available for download from the iTunes App Store. PressReader's iPad incarnation offers a selection of more than 1,500 newspapers and magazines from 90 countries in 46 languages.

Posted May 11, 2010

Borders, having entered the digital space, is now taking pre-orders for the Kobo e-reader, and will unveil a new ebookstore of the same name next month. The ebookstore will be device-agnostic and feature more than a million titles.

Posted May 11, 2010

A lawsuit from Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia alleges that Apple infringed on five of its patents in the production of the iPhone and iPad. This suit follows an October lawsuit in which Nokia accused Apple of infringing on 10 of its patents.

Posted May 11, 2010

Digital publishing vendor YUDU Media announced that it has launched a cross-platform self-publishing solution that enables users to create their own digital publications that are viewable on the web, iPad, and iPhone via custom-built branded apps. The company also announced that the availability of self-publishing applications for all other major ereaders and mobile devices will follow in the coming months.

Posted May 04, 2010

Twitter announced the acquisition of Tweetie, a leading iPhone Twitter client. According to the company, Tweetie will be renamed Twitter for iPhone and released for free through the iTunes AppStore.

Posted Apr 13, 2010

Web publishing developer Vizrt has teamed up with Mobiletech to provide a simple process to modify Web content so that it will display properly on all devices, from desktops to the various forms of mobile internet device. The solution is built around the Escenic Content Engine, a high-performance content management platform.

Posted Apr 08, 2010