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Whether the future belongs to downloadable apps or web-based HTML5 sites, the fact of the matter is that the app sensibility born of widgets and the smartphone is going to inform the way in which digital content is built and distributed from now on. App design is already migrating from Apple and Android stores to the web. Just look at Google's Chrome Web Store and Apple's Mac App Store, where content providers such as USA TODAY and Slate essentially port their iPad versions back to the desktop. Just wait for the next wave of major website relaunches: You'll see how publishers are learning from the less cluttered and more immersive examples being set by the app experience.

Posted Sep 12, 2011

This past April, 1 month after her highly publicized resignation as CEO of NPR (National Public Radio), Vivian Schiller delivered a warning to her former public radio colleagues, saying, "There is massive change on the horizon." She cautioned that "if you don't aggressively reach out to new audiences on new platforms, someone else will," and she urged public radio to embrace technology by letting go "of the nostalgia for how that content is delivered and how that community is forged. Give the audience what they need and how they need it, and you will be fine." Whether there's any truth behind Schiller's prediction that "new digital-only startups will enter the marketplace in audio" and public radio will find itself "longing for the days when the competition was the radio station that overlapped on your broadcast signal" remains to be seen, but as audiences find new digitally friendly ways to consume content across all public media sectors, her prophecy may soon become reality.

Posted Sep 07, 2011

Oxford University Press has optimized its full range of journal websites for mobile delivery. The mobile-optimized versions of the Oxford Journals full websites are powered by the HighWire Press electronic publishing platform. The sites are designed for use across several different mobile devices.

Posted Sep 01, 2011

Safari Books Online, an on-demand digital library for technology, digital media, and business professionals, launched a mobile website optimized for high-resolution touch screens to give users a better on-the-go experience with their Safari Books Online Accounts.

Posted Sep 01, 2011

Reports of a second Amazon tablet have surfaced in Taiwan. DigiTimes cites sources who say that Amazon will start manufacturing a 10-inch tablet in Q1 2012. Amazon is slated to come out with a smaller, 7-inch tablet device in October, although nothing has been confirmed by Amazon.

Posted Sep 01, 2011

CNN acquired iPad-magazine start-up Zite. Zite's goal is intelligent media delivery, crafting a different Zite magazine for each reader depending on personal preferences, all from one app. It uses a smart feed reader to personalize content for each reader.

Posted Sep 01, 2011

Zinio, a global magazine newsstand, became one of the three highest-grossing apps for iPad, beating out Angry Birds. The two highest-grossing iPad apps were Smurf Village and a productivity suite. It was the most popular iTunes News app in 52 countries, and its Android app has been installed more than 300,000 times in the first 60 days of its launch on Android.

Posted Aug 23, 2011

According to a Deloitte report, wireless telecom companies in the U.S. may invest from $25 billion to $53 billion in supporting and creating 4G wireless networks between 2012 and 2016. The investment would create 371,000 to 771,000 jobs and increase gross domestic product (GDP) by $73 billion to $151 billion.

Posted Aug 23, 2011

Recommind released version 3.6 of Decisiv Email, its collaborative email management system. Decisiv Email 3.6 supports email management on mobile devices and is further integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange 2010.

Posted Aug 18, 2011

Zoove, a provider of StarStar Numbers for major U.S. wireless operators, secured an additional $15 million in a series D funding round led by Panorama Capital. Other investors included Cardinal Venture Capital, Highland Capital Partners, and Worldview Technology Partners.

Posted Aug 18, 2011

There is little room for debate: The introduction of the iPad has changed the computing environment irrevocably. It's a device that is rapidly breaking down the barriers between the traditional desktops, laptops, and mobile devices and significantly impacting how-and where-consumers access information. As a consequence, another trend is also emerging: the move from the wide-open web to semi-closed platforms that use the internet for transport but not the browser for display.

Posted Aug 17, 2011

Google announced that it will acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc., a division of Motorola, Inc. responsible for smartphones and tablets, wireless accessories, end-to-end video and data delivery, and management solutions. Google will acquire Motorola Mobility for about $12.5 billion in cash.

Posted Aug 16, 2011

EPiServer announced the launch of MobilePack for EPiServer, a set of templates and software for creating mobile web applications that drive users' online engagement with brands. MobilePack is designed to give marketers tools to quickly and efficiently extend brands' online presence on multiple channels, including web, ecommerce, and social media, to mobile devices.

Posted Aug 09, 2011

MTV Networks, a division of Viacom, released the results from its "Love 'Em or Leave 'Em: Adoption, Abandonment and the App-Addled Consumer" study. The research examined the different stages of the life cycle of apps, beginning with how consumers select which apps to download and continuing on through the end of their use.

Posted Aug 04, 2011

Game designer Zynga has taken one of its most popular mobile apps-Words With Friends, a two-player Scrabble-like game-and made it available on the Facebook platform. Best known for creating Angry Birds, Zynga created many games specifically for iOS and Android devices, including Words With Friends. With a larger user base on Facebook, Zynga has brought many of the games it originally launched on the Facebook platform to mobile devices, but this is the first time that it has launched one of its mobile apps on Facebook.

Posted Aug 02, 2011

Mobile Future partnered with the Analysis Group's David Sosa, Ph.D. and Mac Van Audenrode, Ph.D. to conduct a study that reveals mobile broadband's role in boosting the United States economy. The study, titled "Private-Sector Investment and Employment Impacts of Reassigning Spectrum to Mobile Broadband in the United States," concludes that reassigning 300 MHz of additional spectrum to wireless networks would spur $75 billion in capital spending, creating more than 300,000 jobs and $230 billion more in GDP. By reassigning 200 MHz of new spectrum would create 200,000 jobs and increase GDP by $155 billion, the paper predicts.

Posted Aug 02, 2011

Mobixell Networks, a provider of rich media mobile data solutions, released a clientless solution that lets users view Adobe Flash video content on iOS devices. Mobixell Seamless Access 5 allows mobile operators to deliver Adobe Flash video content to subscribers using an Apple iPhone or iPad, which normally do not support Adobe's video and media format.

Posted Jul 28, 2011

Vringo, Inc., which designs software platforms for mobile social and video applications, announced the completion of a $2.5 million investment that took the form of a private placement of convertible notes in the amount of $2.5 million, primarily to venture capital firms Benchmark Capital and DAG Ventures.

Posted Jul 28, 2011

Elsevier B.V. and iSpeech collaborated to develop an audio reader application for SciVerse Applications beta. iSpeech, provider of cloud-based speech technology and mobile apps, devised its Audio Reader as an enhancement for the SciVerse ScienceDirect content, enabling researchers to listen to scientific articles.

Posted Jul 26, 2011

Amid a push to streamline operations, Research in Motion (RIM) plans to cut 2,000 of its 19,000 employees as part of a "cost optimization program." The layoffs accompany some shifts at the top of the workforce as well.

Posted Jul 26, 2011

Apple is enforcing its new in-app subscription rules for ereader apps, which require that apps be stripped of links to external sites for purchasing digital books or subscriptions. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo have since complied with the new terms, removing links to their bookstores from their iOS apps.

Posted Jul 26, 2011

The Food and Drug Administration (FDAhas proposed guidelines that outline the mobile apps the agency plans to oversee-medical apps that could present a risk to patients if the apps don't work as intended. The proposed guidelines8 were posted on the Federal Register website Thursday, July 21, 2011.

Posted Jul 21, 2011

AT&T announced that it will be the exclusive U.S. mobile broadband provider for the "Sony Tablet" S2 (currently a codename), a dual screen, multi-functional tablet to be launched by Sony Corporation plans to launch later this year. The "Sony Tablet" S2 will be 4G-capable and will also support wi-fi access and is designed for both business and entertainment use.

Posted Jul 14, 2011

The iriver Story HD e-reader arrives in stores on July 17 for $139.99, and will be the first e-reader integrated with the open Google eBooks platform. The Story allows users to browse, buy, and read Google eBooks on the e-reader through Wi-Fi. It features a high resolution HD E Ink screen and a keyboard.

Posted Jul 12, 2011

Brainshark, Inc., a developer of online and mobile video presentations, released the Brainshark App for Android, which is available for free in Google's Android Market. The app is designed to provide a more interactive experience for users when they view Brainshark video presentations on Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Posted Jul 07, 2011