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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) announced it has chosen Kno, a leader in education software, as a digital learning platform to deliver its K-12 core curriculum content to schools in the U.S. Districts can now purchase curriculum directly from HMH that is enhanced with Kno's interactive features, social sharing, and learning analytics to promote student engagement through digital adoption. This content is available on all the leading platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows 7 and 8, and Web browsers.

Posted Mar 20, 2013

Look around you: It's clear that conditions are coming together to produce a "perfect storm" that will rip across the mobile app space, paving the way for apps that enable everything-from games and entertainment, to education and healthcare, to retail and daily productivity-and leave an indelible mark on our daily lives.

Posted Mar 19, 2013

Van Gennep announced the release of PublishingNOW! App, a mobile client for PublishingNOW!, the DAM-driven editorial management solution.

Posted Mar 18, 2013

In an increasingly challenging publishing world where authors see their prospects fading, Tim Sanders saw opportunity. So he and a team of fellow entrepreneurs recently founded Net Minds, an ambitious new Pasadena, Calif.-based startup that seeks to transform the industry by offering an entirely new model for book writers to bypass traditional and self-publishing.

Posted Mar 13, 2013

There have been many studies of consumer shopping habits and what drives the purchase of unplanned items. Product displays, sales, placement, packaging, signage: These all play a part in driving purchases, particularly for items that were not part of the reason the consumer went to that store. Emotion and instant gratification play a big part too. But do these same rules apply when it comes to ebook shopping?

Posted Mar 12, 2013

Ingram Content Group announced it will add thousands of popular Harlequin titles to its MyiLibrary platform. Harlequin will add more than 12,000 titles to the MyiLibrary platform. Titles will be frontlist and backlist, nonfiction and fiction titles, and will be from multiple Harlequin imprints. The company will continue to use Ingram's Lightning Source print-on-demand solution for its print needs.

Posted Mar 06, 2013

Amazon has made a big dent in Apple's hold on the table market with its Android-based Kindle devices. Android, of course, is the operating system created by Google. Now, according to The Verge, Amazon is taking a bit of a shot across the bow at Google, and introducing an API to allow users "Amazon-based ads in their apps in lieu of (or in addition to) ads from other networks - Google, for example."

Posted Mar 05, 2013

On Monday, Twitter announced it was going to concentrate its efforts on developing its web-based apps - which will likely be no surprise to anyone who has tried to use its mobile apps. The apps will be moved from the app marketplace in early May.

Posted Mar 05, 2013

Bazaarvoice is now piloting the Mobile Associate App, powered by user-generated content, the app turns store associates into advisors by arming them with the knowledge and content that can convert "show-rooming" into sales.

Posted Mar 05, 2013

Spotify announced the release of their updated iOS app version 0.6.0. This update has been released to address some known issues but also to launch new features. It includes fixes to a few bugs, such as having "Now Playing" showing while the phone is locked. Additionally, there have been reported complaints from iPhone 5 users that the old Spotify app did not accommodate the new phone's screen size particularly well.

Posted Mar 04, 2013

We all know the risk you take whenever you agree to a software update, especially when it comes to mobile operating systems. One day you're happily using Google maps and the next day Apple is getting you lost with its inferior mapping system. Well, it seems Kindle app users have something to complain about now. According to reports, yesterday Amazon warned users that there was a glitch in its 3.6.1 update for iOS that could, in a worst case scenario, wipe out the user's library.

Posted Feb 28, 2013

When you think of the word "book" there are two distinct and different versions: the first is the physical item with pages, a cover, etc; and second, the story contained therein. The nature of ebooks, whether they are thing or e-thing, has been hotly debated since their inception. Are they a physical entity or disembodied story? Now, a new wrinkle: can you resell a used ebook?Amazon seems to think so.

Posted Feb 28, 2013

Anametrix, a cloud-based, real-time marketing analytics platform, introduced Anametrix Mobile App, which gives marketers access to up-to-date marketing-analytics data on any tablet or smartphone. Now available for download in iOS, Android and BlackBerry formats, Anametrix Mobile App enables users to visualize, interact with, and share real-time marketing analytics reporting from any tablet or smartphone.

Posted Feb 27, 2013

Now that 2013 is underway it is good to get a lay of the land in mobile and tablet publishing. Here are five major trends that you will want to keep an eye on as part of your strategy for the coming year.

Posted Feb 27, 2013

Barnes & Noble's future is once again up in the air, with the company's founder and chairman, Leonard Riggio, reportedly telling the board of directors that he's interested in buying the retail business - and only the retail business. Barnes & Noble put out a press release confirming the speculation. Riggio wants the stores, and the website but not Nook Media. The news of a possible split led to stock prices jumping, and seems to be a hit with investors.

Posted Feb 26, 2013

The recently launched PressApp is a content management system that connects with a brand's existing mobile apps, letting them communicate with, and receive content from, their mobile communities.

Posted Feb 22, 2013

If you're lucky enough to still have an independent bookstore in your area, you've probably wondered what would happen to it in the age of e-books. Well, those little shops aren't waiting to find out. Instead independent booksellers have banded together to file a class action lawsuit against Amazon and six publishers. According to the complaint, the Bookhouse of Stuyvesant Plaza, Fiction Addiction, and Posman Books at Grand Central have filed against Amazon, Random House, Penguin Group, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and Macmillan "on behalf of themselves and other similarly situated independent brick-and-mortar bookstores."

Posted Feb 21, 2013

Mag+ released several enhancements to its creative toolset for designing digital content apps for touchscreen devices. These new features give designers the ability to develop digital content, including the ability to make apps that don't look like magazines at all. Other additions include pinch and zoom functions, panning and dual layout options, support for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch and Google Nexus 10, and more options for packaging subscriptions, and single issues.

Posted Feb 13, 2013

Kno, Inc., announced Advance, an interactive learning platform that enables publishers and authors to turn a flat file or PDF into an interactive ebook in minutes at no cost. The Advance platform was created to provide publishers with powerful, yet easy-to-use tools, to make their content and assessments interactive and engaging at scale with no added costs.

Posted Feb 12, 2013

Around this time of year, it is our tradition to look forward to the "follow the money" trends that will matter in the coming year. But the velocity of the move to mobile platforms this past year-and the challenge of monetizing that platform-is so pressing, I thought this was a good year for this annual trends column to "go mobile" itself.

Posted Feb 12, 2013

Zillow, Inc. is tackling home improvement with the launch of Zillow Digs, a free app available exclusively for iPad and as a web service. With Zillow Digs, home shoppers and homeowners can find visual inspiration and understand the potential cost of remodeling projects. Users can browse tens of thousands of photos and see Zillow's proprietary Digs Estimates for the estimated cost, based on where they live, of the actual bathrooms and kitchens they are viewing. They can create, save, and share Boards of ideas and décor, browse boards created by others, comment on photos, and follow people with similar interests.

Posted Feb 06, 2013

Readmill, the digital reading platform, has announced the launch of its new app for iPhone, designed to create a seamless mobile reading experience for users. Readmill, which is already available as an app for iPad, has launched Readmill for iPhone to cater towards the growing number of people wanting to read ebooks via their smartphones, as well as synchronize their reading experience across devices.

Posted Feb 06, 2013

On February 1, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a staff report that made recommendations for players in the mobile marketplace, most notably a suggestion to include "Do Not TracK" options to users. The report makes separate suggestions for companies operating in different parts of the mobile spheres.

Posted Feb 04, 2013

BlackBerry enthusiasts have new reason to rejoice. Research in Motion (RIM), the company that makes BlackBerry, announced a new phone, operating system, and company name. Going forward, RIM will be BlackBerry, pinning its hopes on the new BlackBerry 10 operating system and the Z10 phone which will debut in the UK first and won't come to the states until March.

Posted Jan 30, 2013, Inc. announced that it has acquired text-to-speech technology company IVONA Software. IVONA delivers the technologies that power the "Text-to-Speech," "Voice Guide" and "Explore by Touch" features on Kindle Fire tablets. Additionally, IVONA delivers text-to-speech products and services for thousands of developers, businesses and customers around the world.

Posted Jan 24, 2013