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Adblade, an ultra-premium ad network, announced the launch of Adblade for Mobile, a new mobile program designed to help marketers reach and engage consumers on-the-go. Adblade for Mobile offers attention-grabbing formats, click-assurance, and massive scale across 1,000 premium sites, including NBC News, Fox News and USA Today.

Posted Sep 17, 2012

Amazon is notorious for intentionally vague sales figures. "The Kindle is the top selling item on," it is always boasting, but never really offers concrete figures about what that means. So paidContent's "unearthing" of an email from Amazon Publishing VP Jeff Belle to literary agents is more interesting than it might seem on the surface.

Posted Sep 14, 2012

Apple devotees had a good day on Wednesday, when the company finally announced the highly anticipated iPhone5. With a 4-inch screen, LTE, and a bigger battery the phone turned out to be pretty much what was expected.

Posted Sep 13, 2012

Chances are the apps you're using are free, at least according to Gartner. According to research, 90% of apps 95.6 billion apps downloaded this year will be free. Furthermore, by 2016 Gartner expects that 93% of an estimate 309 billion downloaded apps will be fee.

Posted Sep 12, 2012 announced the launch of Kindle Serials, stories that are published in episodes. When users buy a Kindle Serial they will immediately receive all existing episodes, followed by future episodes as they are published. When new episodes arrive, they are simply added to the end of your existing book, keeping your place and retaining your highlights and notes. Readers can also join the conversation on Amazon discussion boards as the stories unfold -- allowing the authors to learn from readers in real-time and perhaps influence a story's path.

Posted Sep 07, 2012

Rampant speculation about today's Amazon announcement turned out to be more or less right. The web retailer unveiled the Kindle Fire HD, along with a revamped line of Kindles. Among the new devices is the Kindle Paperwhite, with a touchscreen, 62% more pixels than the Kindle Touch, and includes a fiber-optic lighting system.

Posted Sep 06, 2012

I'm one of the lucky people who were able to know their great-grandparents. My great-grandfather Jean was born in 1910 and lived to see his 97th birthday. When he passed away, he left to me--then an undergraduate studying English literature--his 20-volume World's Greatest Literature set, published by the Spencer Press in 1936. And I can't help but wonder what kinds of literary hand-me-downs my grandchildren will get.

Posted Sep 06, 2012

Independent bookstores have long relied on Google to enable ebook sales at mom-and-pop shops, but that's all changing now. Kobo, a Canadian company, has struck a deal with the American Booksellers Association, according to Digital Book World, to sell its e-readers and ebooks through the websites of independent booksellers.

Posted Aug 29, 2012 says its catalog of exclusive Kindle books have been purchased, downloaded, or borrowed from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library more than 100 million times. Nearly all of these exclusive books are available for Kindle owners with a Prime membership to borrow for free, as frequently as once a month, with no due dates.

Posted Aug 28, 2012

Publishers must embrace big data, it really is as simple as that. The strongest indicator yet appeared last week, when Amazon revealed that since the start of 2012, for every 100 hardback and paperback book sold on its site, customers downloaded 114 ebooks. Amazon says the figures include sales of printed books which did not have Kindle editions, but excluded downloads of free ebooks.

Posted Aug 24, 2012

The Q1 earnings news was not bad for Barnes & Noble investors, though it wasn't great either. According to paidContent, B&N revenues were up to $1.45 billion, but Nook sales weren't as much help as the bookseller might have hoped: "Nook sales - which include devices, digital content and accessories - were $192 million for the quarter, compared to $191 million last year."

Posted Aug 21, 2012

The Random House Group announced it has joined Public Library Online, launching with digital bookshelves from Jacqueline Wilson, Joanna Trollope, Katie Fforde, Lee Child, and PG Wodehouse. These titles will be available on the service from August 21 with further shelves to follow, including James Patterson.

Posted Aug 21, 2012

Barnes & Noble announced it will be offering its popular e-reader, Nook, to customers in Britain. According to the New York Times, this move will put Nook in direct international competition with Amazon's Kindle, which has been available in Britain for a few years.

Posted Aug 20, 2012

Amazon has unveiled a new extension for Chrome users called "Send to Kindle." With this button, users can send stories, blog posts, and other content to Kindle devices and apps. According to CNET, users will have the ability to read the content on one device and pick up where it was left off on another.

Posted Aug 16, 2012

Tor/Forge Books, a Macmillan imprint, announced in April that it would remove DRM (digital rights management) from its books. Many readers and authors were ecstatic. They believe that DRM is too restrictive and hinders end users from using/storing/sharing/enjoying ebooks in perfectly legal ways. Naysayers were sure that removing DRM was like handing over the keys to the store to digital pirates and that sales would plummet.

Posted Aug 16, 2012

Social-bookmarking service, Pinterest, has released an app for the iPad and Android devices, according to CNN. Despite the site's popularity, Pinterest only had an app available for iPhone and with the growing number of Android users, the company felt it was time to release an app for that audience.

Posted Aug 15, 2012

Microsoft has stopped publishing new apps for Windows Phone on Marketplace, according to PC World. The issue stems from a problem with digital certificates which have prevented users of phones that upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 from installing or updating certain apps.

Posted Aug 15, 2012

Ebook lending site, LendInk, was suspended after a series of cease and desist letters were sent to the website's host from a number of authors, according to Geekosystem. LendInk worked by matching up those who wish to borrow books with those looking to loan them. Once the two parties found each other, they were then directed to a digital book company's website, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, where the loan could be completed. LendInk is currently offline.

Posted Aug 13, 2012

There is growing speculation that Amazon is set to release the newest version of the company's popular e-reader, Kindle. According to the LA Times, the company listed a number of Kindle and Kindle-related products at deeply discounted prices on the Amazon website, such as the Kindle DX, which was listed at $110 off its regular price.

Posted Aug 13, 2012

The American Library Association (ALA) released a report which summarizes current business models for library ebook acquisition, according to Digital Book World. With this report, the ALA recommends new standards and structures to go along with ebook acquisitions and concludes that ebook publishing is growing and evolving at a very rapid pace, making it difficult for libraries to keep pace.

Posted Aug 13, 2012

Since Facebook became a publicly traded company, one big issue investors have had concerns about revolved around making money off the mobile version of the company's site. According to Computer World, Facebook will be testing a new ad system for the mobile site and requesting app developers to assist with the beta test.

Posted Aug 09, 2012

Inneractive, a mobile app monetization exchange, announced that the company has received $3.5 million in new financing. According to TechCrunch, this round of financing was led by Evergreen Ventures Partners along with other investors from the US and Europe.

Posted Aug 08, 2012

Digital Backpack announced the company's platform is now available for Android devices. The company believes the platform will provide Android users with an efficient and secure way to share, manage, and upload company-branded private apps and digital content on mobile devices.

Posted Aug 08, 2012

Microsoft has been granted a patent for contextual ebook ads, according to Engadget. This means that ebooks could now have advertisements while users are reading. There is speculation as to how this might work, in that companies can try to sell ads in certain genres. Sports companies could find a market to advertise to in sports-related books, etc.

Posted Aug 08, 2012

RteamKZ announced the company has launched a more advanced website search tool for the company's search website, PDF Search Books, to make the process of searching for ebooks quicker. The company saw the need to improve the search feature with the number of ebook offerings growing as well as an expanded customer base.

Posted Aug 08, 2012