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EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is introducing Flipster, which allows library patrons to browse the latest issues of quality digital versions of popular magazines, courtesy of their library.

Posted Nov 04, 2014

AddThis announced the results of its Q3 analysis of content engagement on the open web. Highlights from the quarter include insight into the rise of mobile web traffic and the most popular categories for consuming content on mobile devices. Additionally, AddThis has identified the quarter's top 10 services for sharing, the top 10 methods used for sharing content, and the top 10 categories for the most shared content.

Posted Oct 30, 2014

If you were wondering when Microsoft would jump into the wearables game, you now have the answer to your question. The Microsoft Band goes on sale today, but is not exactly ground breaking. The company unveiled a basic fitness band, not unlike the FitBit or Jawbone Up. At $1199 it will work with all major ecosystems, and Microsoft also released a platform called Microsoft health to accompany it.

Posted Oct 30, 2014

Readers can now visit Kindle Scout, Amazon's new reader-powered publishing program, to preview excerpts from unreleased books, help decide which will get published and receive free books. Rumors about this program have been circulating for weeks.

Posted Oct 27, 2014

YouAppi specializes in data-driven mobile customer acquisition, and announced that is has raised a $3 million Series A funding round led by Glilot Capital Partners, 2B-Angels, and Flint Capital. The company also announced its mobile customer acquisition solution that aims to deliver higher customer lifetime value (LTV). This new SDK-free service conducts real-time multi variant analysis and delivers mobile app recommendations to drive customer acquisition for brands, marketers and agencies, and to maximize inventory monetization for over 1,100 publishers.

Posted Oct 23, 2014

Progress Software Corporation announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Telerik AD, a provider of application development tools, for $262.5 million. Telerik enables its 1.4 million member developer community to create compelling user experiences across cloud, web, mobile, and desktop applications. Telerik's revenue for the last twelve months was over $60 million, with annual bookings growth of over 20%. Progress expects the addition of Telerik to be slightly accretive on a Non-GAAP basis in the first year following the acquisition.

Posted Oct 23, 2014

Amazon announced that the new Kindle Voyage starts shipping today. Kindle Voyage features an all-new design, with Amazon's brightest, highest resolution, and highest contrast display, and reimagined page turns. Early Christmas shoppers can order it now for $199.

Posted Oct 21, 2014

We've known about Apple Pay since early September, but the new mobile payment option debuted yesterday (October 20, 2014) with the iOS 8.1 update. People with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can now set up their accounts and starting waving their phones at checkout lines at retailers across the country.

Posted Oct 21, 2014

One of the challenges inherent in presenting large quantities of content is the great disparity in how users like to consume it-not to the mention the expanding list of content types. While you may not be able to please all of your users all of the time, there are some rules and trends that can help you create navigable, engaging, and beautiful apps that help spread your content to the mobile masses.

Posted Oct 20, 2014

Retale, a permission-based mobile and digital company connecting shoppers with retailers, and Placed, a provider of location insights and mobile ad intelligence, announced the results of a study examining shopping behaviors of more than 11,000 mobile users. The study by Retale and Placed probed a wide range of shopping behaviors to better understand the impact of retailers' ad circulars on purchasing decisions among mobile users.

Posted Oct 16, 2014

Big brands have used mobile technologies in an effort to increase awareness, drive sales, and encourage customer retention for quite some time, but recent data shows that mobile adoption has seen a significant increase among small and medium businesses (SMBs) during the past year. In July 2014, Constant Contact released a new infographic based on a comparison of its 2013 "Mobile Pulse Survey" and its 2014 "Mobile Pulse Survey," which surveyed around 570 U.S.-based small business owners and nonprofits that the company refers to as its Small Biz Counsel. The infographic revealed that SMBs are finally hopping aboard the mobile bandwagon with an 11% jump in small businesses adopting mobile technology from 2013 to 2014.

Posted Oct 13, 2014

A survey by Publishing Technology revealed an increasing number of people are now using their mobile phones to read ebooks. The survey of 3,000 consumers across the U.S. and U.K. found that 43% have read an ebook, or part of an ebook, on their handsets, and that 66% (59% U.K./ 72% U.S.) of mobile phone book readers currently read more on their phones than they did last year.

Posted Oct 09, 2014

Data scientist and master storyteller are two of the U.K.'s "Hottest Jobs in Marketing," recently identified by Marketing Week. These two careers seem like polar opposites-one generating business insight through an extreme focus on data analytics and the other winning customers' attention through the creative engagement of emotions, interests, and desires. But they are both trying to make sense of a deluge of customer interactions, while translating the internet-enabled fire hose into memorable, meaningful experiences-one customer at a time.

Posted Oct 07, 2014

GetSiteControl provides a set of six most popular types of website widgets-- Survey, Subscribe, Promo, Contact, Follow and Share--that are now fully responsive and are managed from a single control panel. Owners of responsive websites who choose to install GetSiteControl widgets can now stop worrying about how these third-party elements will look on mobile devices of their website visitors.

Posted Oct 02, 2014

You have probably been hearing a lot about mobile payments, lately-thanks to Apple's foray into the market. As much as you may hear about mobile payments, I'd be willing to bet you've never used it-or seen anyone else flick their phone at the register. Apple hopes to change that, but there are still barriers to adoption.

Posted Sep 29, 2014

First fax machines, then email, then smartphones and now "wearables"--a new technological breakthrough that, depending on who you talk to, offers both peril and potential. Some perils: wearables allow employees the ability to easily, quickly and covertly record images and data, which may include confidential information, trade secrets or other potentially damaging information. Wearables also, technically, allow the ability to monitor others' location and physical status, which raises privacy concerns. Add these concerns to issues related to the National Labor Relations Act, and employers are understandably reeling from the potential risk.

Posted Sep 24, 2014

When Merchant Warehouse launched its Genius Customer Engagement Platform-which "supports mobile commerce and traditional payments on the merchant countertop from a single customer engagement device," according to its website-the company was looking for "a glossy, high-end PowerPoint that we wanted to do for presentation decks" that could be used as a sales tool, says Reichenbacher.

Posted Sep 15, 2014

The reported decline in e-reader sales is being misread as an indication that consumption of the ebook itself is in decline. This false conjecture has given authors and publishers hope that the printed book will return to the economic dominance it enjoyed before the technological innovation of the e-reader device.

Posted Sep 12, 2014

As usual the rumors about what Apple's September 9 announcements were mostly right. Ultimately, the company announced the release of two new iPhones, the forthcoming Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and iOS 8. Let's start with Apple Pay, the mobile payment solution that has the potential to truly change the way people shop.

Posted Sep 10, 2014

adjust, an app analytics and attribution company, announced a $7.6 million Series C investment by ACTIVE Venture Partners and existing investors, Target Partners, Iris Capital, and Capnamic Ventures, to boost expansion in the U.S., China, and Japan, and fast track product development. With 40% of total revenue coming from Asia and the U.S., and more than 100 new client sign-ups a week, the funding will allow adjust to establish new regional offices.

Posted Sep 09, 2014

The release of the new iPhone is fast approaching (September 9), and according to WIRED the latest incarnation of the popular mobile device may include a NFC wireless chip to enable more streamlined mobile payments. And as Christina Bonnington points out, Apple is in an unusually good position to really make mobile payments mainstream.

Posted Sep 02, 2014

The number of mobile apps-and consumers who use them on a regular basis-has increased tremendously. A rash of reports suggest app download numbers will continue to break records and hit somewhere between 200 billion and 270 billion in 2017, up from between 70 billion and 100 billion in 2013. Add to that the latest comScore report, which states mobile apps account for more than 50% of all digital media consumption, and it's little wonder that content companies are lining up to launch or revamp their mobile app.

Posted Sep 02, 2014

The new Facebook Messenger App isn't exactly making a lot of friends among consumers. As we reported earlier, it has raised many privacy concerns. Not to mention the anger users expressed at having to download a separate app for something the flagship Facebook app had been doing just fine. Now, Facebook has responded to user concerns.

Posted Aug 28, 2014

Good news for Apple enthusiasts and people who are just too busy to pull their iPhone out of their pockets: Apple is expected to launch its iWatch on September 9. According to re/code, a wearable device-likely a watch-will debut alongside the new iPhones in just a couple of short weeks. This is a departure from the iWatch's expected October arrival date.

Posted Aug 28, 2014

Signiant, a provider of intelligent file movement software, announced the availability of the Media Shuttle Mobile App, which allows users to submit files via Signiant's Media Shuttle hybrid SaaS file transfer solution from a mobile device. With the Mobile App, available for iPhone and iPad, it's now easier for users in the field to securely and reliably send any size file, from anywhere.

Posted Aug 19, 2014