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Consumer products like fitness trackers and smart thermostats are among the most easily identifiable "things" of the Internet of Things. But the IoT also has a buttoned-up side. Many enterprises are deploying sensor-packed devices that gather data and can communicate with other devices through the internet. Their benefits can be wide ranging, and they include the potential for improving decision-making capabilities and creating efficiencies through automation. There's a catch, though: These data-rich, connected technologies can pose security risks. Cybercriminals have their eyes on the IoT, too.

Posted Sep 18, 2015

A just-released consumer survey from 451 Research finds a strong, positive reaction to the Apple Watch among owners. The survey conducted from July 27 - August 4 by 451 Research's ChangeWave service, focused on overall satisfaction, key likes and dislikes, and the impact Apple Watch is having on other markets. A total of 145 Apple Watch owners participated.

Posted Sep 17, 2015

Kenshoo, a provider of agile marketing services, released its second Mobile App Advertising Trends Report, benchmarking key metrics for mobile app marketers. Among the key findings, mobile app installs increased 346% year-over-year (YoY) while click-to-install rate increased 32% YoY, confirming the value of marketers' increased investment (+293% YoY).

Posted Sep 15, 2015

Allego announced global availability of its mobile-first, just-in-time (JIT) sales learning platform, which aims to transform the way organizations create and share sales content from the field. The Allego solution enables companies to collect, curate, and distribute the most valuable sales content, and allows managers and sales representatives to maximize remote collaboration through role play and video-based practice to promote continuous learning and improve sales performance.

Posted Sep 15, 2015

TouchCommerce, a provider of omni-channel customer engagement solutions for brands, announced that it has updated its Conversation Platform, specifically focusing on its flexible integration framework and APIs. As a result, TouchCommerce customers and their end-users will benefit from new integration capabilities and rapid deployment.

Posted Sep 10, 2015

Freckle IoT, a technology company dedicated to mobile attribution for brands, and Postmedia, a publisher of English-language daily newspapers in Canada, announced a new initiative that will bridge the gap between digital and physical experiences. The companies will work together to integrate the Freckle IoT Software Development Kit (SDK) into mobile apps from Postmedia's publisher brands, which represent some of Canada's most historic and best known media brands including The Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen and Calgary Herald.

Posted Sep 10, 2015

Moovweb announced the launch of its Optimize mobile experience optimization (MEO) platform. Moovweb Optimize is a MEO platform that provides device-specific, contextual mobile experiences that the company says convert up to 70% better. The company also launched its free mobile performance tool, MoovScore, to help companies assess their technical performance versus their industry peers.

Posted Sep 08, 2015

New data from Juniper Research has revealed that retailers seeking to capitalize on IoT (Internet of Things) technologies will spend an estimated $2.5 billion on hardware and installation costs, nearly a fourfold increase over this year's estimated $670 million spend. The hardware spend includes Bluetooth Beacons and RFID (radio frequency ID) tags. In the first instance, Bluetooth beacons enable visibility over footfall as well as the ability to push relevant information to consumers' smartphones. Meanwhile, RFID aids in real-time asset tracking, reduced labor costs, and even dynamic pricing according to stock levels and online pricing.

Posted Sep 03, 2015

From apps that blend games and commerce to apps that encourage media consumption in the mobile moment, it's clear that the app economy is on the move. But it's also a marketplace in which competition is on the rise. Nielsen reveales--in the post "So Many Apps, So Much More Time for Entertainment"--that people are spending more time than ever on their apps, but they are also choosing to spend their time using fewer apps. In 2014's 4Q, Nielsen found that iPhone and Android smartphone users in the U.S. spend more than 37 hours with their apps each month, and they use 26.7 apps per month.

Posted Sep 01, 2015

On Wednesday Facebook revealed it is testing out a virtual assistant. A few hundred people in the San Francisco-area who use the Facebook Messenger app are testing out the assistant, known only as M. Like Siri or Cortana, M can perform tasks--at least in theory--for users.

Posted Aug 27, 2015

Get Smart Content, a multi-channel personalization platform, announced that it has raised a round of funding worth $3.5 million. The round was led by Origin Ventures with participation by Chicago Ventures and Virgo Capital.

Posted Aug 25, 2015

Digital Element has introduced GeoMprint, a new reverse geocoding solution targeted at mobile device traffic. Offered as a web service, GeoMprint takes GPS-obtained latitude/longitude coordinates and converts that data into more useful geographic information such as ZIP/postcodes, cities, regions, etc. for businesses. This allows mobile users to receive more localized content, messages, advertising, and promotions.

Posted Aug 20, 2015

MobileBridge is leveraging available data from CRM and other marketing sources in order to make in-app engagement as contextual as possible yet also fun and engaging, and on a regular basis. To make its customers' in-app engagements more fun and engaging, app-based Marketing Relationship Management solution provider MobileBridge is introducing new functionality into its native content creation module.

Posted Aug 20, 2015

Xform Computing Inc., the leader in open-source based cloud-streaming apps for mobile devices, is excited to announce the latest update for its lineup of VirtualBrowser products. This recent update of Virtual Firefox, Virtual Chrome, and Private Browser on iPhone and iPad aims to allow users improved stability and a better UI on all VirtualBrowser apps for iOS 8.

Posted Aug 18, 2015

The recently established Center for the Development and Application of Internet-of-Things Technologies (CDAIT) at the Georgia Institute of Technology announced that AirWatch, AT&T, and Samsung Electronics constitute the inaugural group of founding members. Internet of Things refers to the ability for all types of devices to communicate with each other through networks like the Internet, radio frequencies, and other forms of transmission.

Posted Aug 13, 2015

Leanplum announced it has successfully closed a $11.6 million Series B funding round, with new investment from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), along with additional investment from Shasta Ventures. The new funding accompanies the launch of the Lifecycle Engine, a campaign planning tool specifically designed for mobile that enables marketers to easily build hyper-personalized campaigns on a visual timeline. With the Lifecycle Engine, marketers can trigger a series of orchestrated messages based on time and user behavior, ensuring that the right message is sent to the right person, at the right time.

Posted Aug 06, 2015

Adobe announced the general availability of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS), the next generation of its Digital Publishing Suite, offering new ways for brands to deliver high-impact content to mobile apps. Using DPS, corporations, universities, and media companies can repurpose existing content, empowering marketers, and designers to create immersive apps, without writing code. These apps can be targeted at internal audiences or made available, through popular app stores, for the general public.

Posted Jul 30, 2015

New data from Juniper Research has revealed that the number of IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices will number 38.5 billion in 2020, up from 13.4 billion in 2015: a rise of over 285%. While IoT "smart home" based applications grab media headlines, it is the industrial and public services sector - such as retail, agriculture, smart buildings, and smart grid applications - that will form the majority of the device base. This is due in no small part to a much stronger business case for these types of applications.

Posted Jul 28, 2015

For the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, NBC wanted to introduce a new app that would make it easier for viewers on the go to connect with any one of the show's thousands of sketch comedy pieces. NBC turned to MarkLogic to make the app possible.

Posted Jul 24, 2015

New data from Juniper Research has shown that mobile and online messaging traffic will reach 160 trillion per annum by 2019, up from 94.2 trillion this year - equating to approximately 438 billion messages sent and received by users on a daily basis by 2019. These figures incorporate SMS, MMS, IM, social media, and email.

Posted Jul 07, 2015

If you work in the digital content business there are probably a few terms that are constantly coming up in your world. Among them are "content marketing" and "mobile." But what happens when those terms collide, and you have to start thinking about mobile content marketing? If you haven't already started pondering how to fit this into your content strategy, it's time to start.

Posted Jun 26, 2015

ProQuest launched a beta program for its new ebook platform. ProQuest Ebook Central integrates key elements from both ebrary, and EBL - Ebook Library,along with all-new functionality. Beta users include libraries at Oxford University, University of Michigan, Fordham Law Library and University of Wollongong.

Posted Jun 25, 2015

moBack, a self-deployable MBaaS platform that helps developers build and deploy mobile and web apps, announced that it has joined the GENBAND Kandy Partner Ecosystem. Kandy is a real time communications software development platform built from GENBAND's global telecommunications network and security technologies.

Posted Jun 25, 2015

Limelight Networks, Inc., a digital content delivery provider, announced the results of its State of Digital Downloads research which revealed consumers are nearly always plugged in and are increasingly updating and adding content to their phones and other connected devices. In addition, the research shows that consumers, especially Millennials, expect and demand a seamless and consistent experience when downloading digital content.

Posted Jun 18, 2015

The Apple Watch is here to stay, and depending on how you feel about smartwatches, that may be a good or bad thing. As we learn more about how people are actually using their smartwatches, manufacturers have the opportunity to create devices and operating systems that better address the needs and wants of users. With that in mind, Battery Ventures decided to find out exactly how smartwatches are being used.

Posted Jun 17, 2015