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A subtle shift is occurring in the way we value and manage our office content—those files that constitute 80% of the investments we all make in our mainstream office work: text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Today there are tremendous legal pressures to ensure that we abide by various mandated schedules to keep documents as long as the law requires (but no longer). On the flip side, practices are emerging to selectively destroy many of our documents that we need not keep at all. Destruction provides a measure of protection from widely cast subpoena nets.

Posted Jul 31, 2006

Avalara, a provider of on-demand, web-based sales tax compliance services, has announced the launch of TaxRegions Online for merchants with a ProStores web store.

Posted Jul 07, 2006

Tim Bray, one of the co-creators of XML who is currently the Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, speaks with EContent magazine's editor, Michelle Manafy, about the power and promise of XML--including RSS and Web Services.

Posted Jun 30, 2006

Kofax, an information capture vendor, has announced support for Oracle’s content and records management technology products, Oracle Content Database (Oracle Content DB) and Oracle Records Database (Oracle Records DB).

Posted Jun 27, 2006

Mobius Management Systems, Inc., a provider of integrated solutions for content and records management, has announced the release of version 3.1 of Total Content Integrator (TCI), a web services-based facility that provides access to disparate content repositories, databases, file systems, and email applications.

Posted Jun 27, 2006

Mapsolute Inc., an Internet mapping provider and creator of "Map24", has announced it is offering a free Map24 (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) AJAX API to integrate advanced mapping technology into websites.

Posted Jun 13, 2006

One of the great things about technical journalism is getting to talk to the people who are making the tools of tomorrow and thus changing the way we work. It’s also an opportunity to take the tools out for a spin. In this issue, I do my first comparative review of content-creation software XML Author and Developer tools.

Posted Jun 13, 2006

These days, Tim Berners-Lee’s dictum, “If it’s not on the Web, it doesn’t exist,” may need to be supplemented with, “And if your business is not creating XML content, it may soon cease to exist.” Here we take an extensive look at many of the popular XML content-creation tools on the market to help you navigate the power and potential of XML.

Posted Jun 13, 2006

Syncro Soft Ltd, producer of XML Editor, has announced the immediate availability of version 7.2 of its XML Editor, Schema Editor, and XSLT/XQuery Debugger.

Posted Jun 09, 2006

Altova, creator of XMLSpy and other XML, data management, UML, and Web services tools, has announced the general availability of version 2006 release 3 (v2006r3) of its XML tools product line, which includes the totally revised Altova StyleVision 2006 visual stylesheet designer.

Posted Jun 06, 2006

While enterprise search technology has been capable of searching multiple repositories for some time, it required a great deal of programming overhead and didn’t necessarily allow users to manipulate the results. XML and other Web Services have changed all that, enabling more effectual search results.

Posted May 23, 2006

The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) at the University at Albany has announced the release of the first version of its online XML Toolkit.

Posted May 12, 2006

Up to the mid-’90s, managing content was easy. Records managers cataloged documents, locked them up, and when their retention period expired, destroyed them. The main threats were fire and water. Today, content comes in thousands of electronic formats, including email. Content’s central importance is attracting a new threat: patent litigators, the modern Willie Suttons, because—as Willie famously said about robbing banks—that’s where the money is.

Posted May 09, 2006

NexaWeb Technologies, Inc., provider of a standards-based framework for building and deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), has announced it will expand the capabilities of the NexaWeb Platform with the addition of an Ajax client.

Posted Apr 18, 2006

The Fedora Project has announced the release of version 2.1.1 of the Fedora open-source digital repository system.

Posted Apr 14, 2006

OpenOffice is a suite of free office tools originally developed as StarOffice for Sun Microsystems to compete with Microsoft Office. Microsoft and Sun have both developed XML support for their office suites, with major implications for managing structured content. Advanced content management systems allow contributors to edit in standard office documents, and XML simplifies the ingestion of that content into a CMS

Posted Apr 10, 2006

The Wall Street Journal Online has added “LiveNews” that provides readers with automatic, constant updates to its home page.

Posted Apr 07, 2006

Justsystems US Holding, Inc. has completed its previously announced acquisition of the XMetaL software business of Blast Radius.

Posted Apr 07, 2006

Welcome to an on-demand nation, an emerging Web where users don’t just demand content, they also define its value in unanticipated ways. From the simplest of Web Services, RSS, to advanced database publishing and even APIs that let users drill into your content repository, the emerging service orientation model argues that users not only provide the demand for content but also provide its value.

Posted Apr 07, 2006

Ingenta, a technology provider connecting the publishing and information industries, has announced new digitization capabilities, which enable it to accept hard copy as an entry format to its content processing and enhancement services.

Posted Apr 04, 2006

Composite Software, a provider of on-demand data delivery, has announced that the company has extended its relationship with Cognos, a provider of business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management.

Posted Mar 31, 2006

InterSystems Corporation and LogiXML, Inc. have announced an agreement enabling LogiXML to embed InterSystems Corporation’s CACHÉ as the database engine and caching server for the LGX Info TURBO Web-based Enterprise Reporting solution.

Posted Mar 28, 2006

NexaWeb Technologies, Inc., provider of a framework for building and deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), has announced the availability of the latest versions of its RIA software platform and Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)--the NexaWeb Platform 4.2 and NexaWeb Studio 2.2.

Posted Mar 28, 2006

Alacra, Inc., a provider of online business information solutions, has announced the launch of an Ajax-driven Keyword Search in the Alacra Store.

Posted Mar 28, 2006

Rich Internet Applications increasingly provide access to applications of all sorts—from email to mission-critical ones—via Web interfaces. This article takes a look at the burgeoning Rich Internet Application (RIA) space and explores some of the reasons for its growing popularity.

Posted Mar 27, 2006